In astrology, Pluto is mainly known as the planet that leads Scorpio. Pluto has a strong link with the other side, mysticism and esoterica. This mysterious planet has its own power that can create quite a big mystery on our Earth. Pluto is also linked to death, birth, re-birth, secrets, mystery, power and order. These energies are particularly pronouncing when Pluto is in retrograde.

Retrograde is probably not a new thing for you. It may have been a new thing when I first mentioned the Mercury retrograde and started to talk more about that subject. Mercury retrograde often brings along chaos, but what comes with Pluto retrograde? This mysterious planet undoubtedly will hold its own, but it does have a completely different power over our planet, the way people think and behave.

Pluto retrograde will take place:

In 2021 April 27 - October 6

In 2022 April 29 - October 8

In 2023 May 1 - October 11

In 2024 May 2 - October 12

Pluto retrograde is when you look from the Earth and see Pluto moving backwards. Retrograde brings along an energy flow moving backwards that, in turn, will affect us. Pluto retrograde takes place only once a year and lasts for up to 6 months. Each year the beginning and end move a few days, but all in all, it takes up about 40-45% of the year.

Pluto is quite an aggressive energy changer, creator of transformations, and Pluto is most definitely the one that breaks down old structures to create new ones. Among planets, Pluto is like an atomic bomb. Sounds a bit scary? Don’t worry, yearly Pluto retrograde has its own personal direction and not all its destructive power will be in every aspect of life.

Pluto retrograde differs from year to year, it all depends on the first day of Pluto retrograde, this means it depends on the state of the rest of the planets and stars, for example how things are on the 25th of April 2020 or 27th April 2021. This means that despite Pluto retrograde taking place for six months each year it’s always a bit different.

Almost half of the people are born during a Pluto retrograde. What does it give to our birth chart?

When you’re born during the Pluto retrograde it affects your birth chart. It adds certain traits to your character and certain energy to your path of fate.

People born during the Pluto retrograde must work a lot on Karmic healing which means it has to heal what has been left untreated in past lives. When you’re born during the Pluto retrograde then it’s a glue for you telling about the fact that you have left many things unsolved in your past lives. Another option is that because of circumstances you couldn’t heal Karma, for example, untimely death or unlimited chances.

What does it tell you about your current life?

You’ll have many problems, worries or obstacles you haven’t earned in this life. They came along from past lives so you could solve them. In this life, you’ll need to jump over all the hurdles and deeply analyse problems coming from a vicious circle. Prehnite helps with such analysing. Prehnite is a crystal of spiritual awakening, evolution and clarity, which can solve problems life gives you when you wear it.

Pluto retrograde will also bring another obstacle into the character of that person - the fear of letting go or being alone. One of those traits that require work through the whole life, will definitely be present in that person. I recommend working seriously on that matter. When you have one of those fears in you, then you’re probably born during the Pluto retrograde.

In addition, those people can’t stand control and power directed towards them that is, a person who is born during the Pluto retrograde, wants to be free of limits and shackles. Who are you? Analyse yourself.

They are also people who have strong control needs. This is a character trait that wants order, whether at home or in certain aspects of life. How big of a control freak are you? Does everything always have to be crystal clear? Or can you let go?

What’s positive is that people who are born during the Pluto retrograde have quite a strong intuition, it comes from the mystery and mysticism of Pluto. The reason why Pluto retrograde brings along paying off Karma comes from Pluto moving backwards and its connection to the other side.

When you’re born during the Pluto retrograde, I recommend making everything clear in this life with Karma. I have written and talked about it quite a lot, you can find different self-help articles about Karma HERE. They will help to solve and heal your Karma. Burning Karma incense or Frankincense incense will also help, it opens your eyes and minds to solve Karma.


All Pluto retrogrades are different and so is the one in 2021 with its specific power. Take it with all seriousness and know what awaits you! Everything that will happen to us is written in stars and planets. Let me enlighten you!

2021 Pluto retrograde is affected by Capricorn and the Mercury square to Pluto. This, in turn, will highlight fear about life, future, health, suffering and laws, and this will happen globally. I do not wish to scare anyone but rather explain why things will go the way they go. It’s all written on planets!

2021 Pluto retrograde will put quite a few people and the economy to test. As I said, Pluto is like an atomic bomb with destructive power breaking many old laws and many more. Pluto retrograde will question traditional medicine and alternative medicine will probably get a new chance to stand out.

This period will definitely be stressful for many, which means you need to work on your mental and emotional health. I recommend everyone to go towards spirituality and find help from there. Crystals, plants, incense, self-healing techniques and all rest spiritual is very useful during that time. It’s absolutely the wrong time to move away from spirituality and the absolute best time to get into it, even for the first time. I know you can be healthy like this.

When you feel like 2021 Pluto retrograde may be too much for you, begin self-healing from the very first moment.

I predicted that the whole time Pluto is in retrograde will be needed to recover from the current pandemic, and only then can we start hearing some lighter notes. But the whole retrograde period is confusing.

Perform home cleansings with Titanium Aura geodes or Fire Titanium Aura geodes during Pluto retrograde. Place the geode on a plate when you burn the Sage smudge stick to go through all the rooms in your home with the geode and smoking smudge stick. Or keep a Titanium Aura geode besides incense holders or oil lamps.

Titanium Aura geode is a crystal that helps to connect with Pluto. Both the crystal and the planet are related to mysticism, rebirth and energy changes. Titanium Aura geodes help to bring along favourable changes or to survive changes that at first seem too complicated. Titanium Aura helps to survive complicated periods and bring good luck in times it’s most needed.

I want all of you to work on your inner peace during Pluto retrograde!