Hair loss is a big problem for many. But it’s a problem not many talks about and something that’s hard to find solutions for.

There are different reasons for hair loss. For example, everyone’s hair changes in every 6 to 8 years and will then grow slowly back. There are those who notice it, and those who won’t notice it at all in their lifetime. Some may see it as something very drastic when hair falls out in big glumps. This may concern their confidence or make them worry. But, it’s all-natural.

But, there is a situation where hair falls out, there are large bald spots on the scalp or hair fall out is so massive that it starts to worry you. The reason for hair fallout may not be because of hair change, it can also refer to nutrient-deficient or to some serious disease.

I’m telling you about who to stop massive hair fall and what your body needs to grow hair back quickly. Remember hair reflects the state of your body or mental health! Hair is made of the things you consume daily. Therefore, to get beautiful thick hair you need to nurture your body and soul with the things your hair needs.

It’s normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day.

What may be the cause of bigger hair fallout?

Hormonal change, long term stress, depression, state of shock, mental trauma, physical trauma (for example, surgery, for women child birth), menopause, sudden weight loss, using hormonal preparations, vitamin and mineral deficiency, insomnia or a grave disease. The reason may also lay in thyroid problems or problems with the scalp.

Hair fallout may also be inherited and it’s more common in men than in women. Inherited hair fall can somewhat be stopped.

For men, one thing that helps to stop hair loss is using Siberian Ginseng. When men wish to improve their hair growth and stop balding then I recommend using Siberian Gingseng as a treatment lasting a few months, leave a few weeks off and then repeat. Siberian Ginseng has a positive effect, it helps to regulate hormones and give nutrients for hair. Siberian Ginseng also helps to stop inherited hair loss if there are some hair still there.

How to prevent hair loss?

- Don’t use straighteners, blow driers, bleaches, toxic washing agents and colours and don’t style your hair the way it would pull your hair.

If you still want to use them, then it would be good to offer enough nutrients from the inside your hair needs.

1. Reduce stress and fight with depression

Easy to say, hard to achieve but not an impossible thing! You have to work on stress and depression. To come out as the winner you have to battle. Stress and depression can be the cause for hair fall and that’s why it’s important to keep your spiritual body strong.

Natural antidepressants are Bacopa Monnieri and Ashwagandha. These two are Ayurveda medicinal plants used for stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, tension, depression, nervousness and panic attacks. Ashwagandha, for example, helps to regulate hormones linked to hair growth, and using it may be directly linked to hair growing back. Bacopa Monnieri supports Ashwagandha.

Read also by article "10 steps to overcome depression", where you can find more good tricks to fight with depression.

2. Nutrients for hair

Pantothenic acid is one of the most important B-group vitamins your body needs to grow hair. Without it, hair can’t grow and be healthy. Pantothenic acid deficiency may come easily as eating habits today are poor and people don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you wish to stop hair fall, increase the consumption of pantothenic acid. You can find pantothenic acid and other important nutrients for your hair, skin and nails from a natural food supplement found HERE. It contains the daily necessary amount of pantothenic acid and other nutrients. I recommend using this food supplement when your diet is poor.

In addition to pantothenic acid, your body also needs selenium, iodine, copper, vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc. Zinc as a food supplement can be found HERE and Vitamin CHERE.

Iron and protein are also important for hair growth. When the diet is poor, the food today may not include enough iron and proteins. For example, tofu is a good protein source and nuts are good for iron.

3. Plants that help to make hair grow fast and stop hair fall out

In addition to food, supplements make your daily menu richer. Fill your diet with foods meant for hair. Eat at least four different plants mentioned here:

*Cantaloupe melon (orange)
*Sesame seeds
*Dried apricots
*Brazil nuts
*Pumpkin seeds
*Beetroot shoots
*Leaf lettuce

4. Good sleep and fresh air

Many health problems arise from lack of sleep and spending too much time inside. People are meant to sleep at nights, act during the day and move around a lot in the fresh air. Today’s lifestyle has made people stay up at nights and spend most of their time indoors.

Find enough chances to spend time in the fresh air. Walk around, enjoy different kinds of weather, try to walk more or use a bicycle instead of a car. Go to bed before midnight to have a good sleep rhythm.

Insomnia may be caused by very many different factors. To improve your sleep quality, burn lemongrass essential oil in your bedroom before bedtime, as it has a relaxing effect.

5. Clean and heal your scalp with essential oils

Essential oils
efficiently clean the scalp, help to cure skin diseases, reduce dandruff and quicken hair growth. Different oils do different things but I have pointed out the best oils for hair.


Rosemary essential oil
helps hair to grow faster and better. If you have a problem with hair growth, the hair is falling out, the scalp is oily or has dandruff, and you want to get a solution to all this, the use of Rosemary oil may be the solution to your concern. When washing your hair, drip 1-2 drops of Rosemary oil into the shampoo and thoroughly wash your hair. Avoid getting shampoo and oil in your eyes, it shouldn't happen. If this happens, quickly wash your eyes thoroughly. Essential oils should never come into contact with the eyes. Wash with Rosemary oil for as long as the problem is gone.


Research has found that Lavender essential oil promotes hair growth, so it is useful for anyone who feels that their hair is not thick enough or has problems with thinning or hair loss. Massage Lavender essential oil mixed with, for example, olive oil, on your scalp, let this mixture stay there for ten minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly. Repeat this procedure when you wash your hair next time.

In addition to hair growth, this procedure helps to cleanse your scalp from dandruff. When you have a problem like this, use Lavender essential oil to get rid of it.


Sage essential oil
may be the solution for your hair fall problem. If the hair falls out, there are many different reasons for this to happen. First and foremost, Sage helps when it comes to hormonal problems. To do this, add a few drops of essential oil in a small bowl and remaining fill with olive oil. Apply all the oil to your scalp and massage well. Let the healing oil stand for about ten minutes and then wash your head thoroughly with shampoo. Do this once a week to give your hair the power to heal. In addition, Sage helps to remove the oily scalp and it removes dandruff.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage
helps with hormonal balance. It’s good when you have problems with hair fall for which the cause may often be hormonal. Clary Sage helps to fight with this problem, thinning hair and blocks stress hormones that favour all of this.

The stress hormone called dihydrotestosterone linked to stress may be the cause for hair fall in men and women. When the body produces too much of this hormone, then the body will let go of the hair and this may cause going bald and thinning hair. When you use Clary Sage essential oil in hair wash, by putting it into shampoo or conditioner every time you use it, then it may make this hormone active.

I recommend doing a mask with Macadamia and Clary Sage essential oil before every time you wash your hair. Put 15 drops of essential oils into 5 tablespoons of carrier oil (with normal hair), with thin hair use 3 tablespoons and 9 drops. Massage the mixture into your hair (avoid eyes) and keep it in your head for 20 minutes. Then, wash your hair carefully. Repeat it at least once a week, until hair fall has stopped.


Wintergreen essential oil
is very good for hair. Firstly, it helps to clean the scalp from dirt, like dandruff, also hair dye, shampoo or conditioner stuck on the scalp. Wintergreen essential oils are especially good for people whose water at home is very hard. This will give you the feeling that your hair is really clean and well washed afterwards. Hard water won't allow shampoo and conditioner to leave the hair, this, in turn, will create a layer of dirt on the scalp and make your hair feel like it’s still dirty. Wintergreen will help to get this dirt out of the hair. For that, add 1-3 drops of essential oil into the water and wash your hair thoroughly. Avoid eyes, be careful to not get essential oils in eyes or mucous membranes. Wintergreen also helps to improve hair growth. Use it together with Cedarwood essential oil to get an even better result.


Research has shown that Cedarwood essential oil helps to heal the scalp, helping to regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands on the scalp and improve the overall skin cell regeneration. This, in turn, means that Cedarwood essential oil helps to prevent a condition where hair cannot grow. It improves your scalp in every sense and supports hair growth. If you have problems with hair loss or your hair grows poorly, try cedarwood essential oil. To do this, apply about 10 drops of essential oil with 8 teaspoons of olive oil on your scalp. Hold this mixture on your scalp for about 5-10 minutes and then wash your head thoroughly. Repeat this procedure with each subsequent head wash until you feel that your scalp has become cleaner and your hair stronger and more beautiful. Continue as long as your scalp feels good, stop as soon as irritation or discomfort occurs.

Another way to get the healing properties of cedarwood essential oil is to add it to the shampoo or conditioner during the main wash. In both ways, you can offer healing to your scalp, doing it with a mask or using it in a conditioner.  

Juniper berry

Most essential oils are good for both the skin and scalp. Juniper berry essential oil cleanses the skin deeply and is therefore good for hair. Add it to the shampoo or do a hair mask with a carrier oil before washing. When you use essential oils, for example, Juniper berry essential oil in hair care, then avoid water getting to your eye when you wash as essential oils could harm your eyes. When you’re careful, then Juniper berry can do you a lot of good. Juniper berry essential oil is suitable when you can’t cleanse your scalp fully when you wash your hair or different shampoos don’t suit you and leave a residue behind and that’s why you may feel that your head is constantly dirty after you wash it. Juniper berry essential oil releases residue and stimulates blood circulation that in turn is good for hair growth.

Deep moisturizing mask with Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is good for the health of your hair. It can be used to make a deep moisturizing and cleansing mask for the hair. Aloe Vera also helps with hair loss. Before washing the hair, apply aloe vera to the whole scalp and, if you wish, to the entire hair. If you apply aloe vera to your hair, gently massage your scalp at the same time. Keep it on your head for at least half an hour and then wash your hair normally. Repeat the procedure two to three times a week until the hair begins to grow again. You can also do this procedure regularly. Aloe Vera has a deep moisturizing and cleansing effect, helping to nourish the hair, protect it from loss and improve its appearance.

The spiritual message of hair fall...

When hair keeps falling out then spiritually it’s a sign of major cleaning process. This may refer to you moving into a new place or phase in your life. When hair has begun to fall out, then you can be in a place in your life where you need big changes or big changes await for you This can also be a premonition.

There may be many great changes and stages in one lifetime. Sometimes hair will begin to fall put between these two stages. As hair symbolises the past, experiences and knowledge of a person, then moving into a new stage requires letting go of the past you’re carrying with you. This can be the spiritual reason behind hair fall.

If you wish to find out more what hair in a spiritual level symbolise, then I recommend reading one of my previous articles "Hair - wisdom, lessons and spirituality".

Beautiful natural hair is the result of strong physical and mental health!