Spirulina has become very popular for its healing and detoxifying effects on the body. Spirulina is one of the medicinal plants of Ayurvedic medicine and is a plant that can prevent many serious diseases, complex health concerns and problems. Ayurvedic medicine is largely preventative medicine and Spirulina can make your body sturdy against quite a few health problems.

Spirulina or blue-green algae is an important source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, microelements and carotenoids.  The blue-green colour is due to its high chlorophyll content. Spirulina helps to reduce allergy symptoms and make the body more resilient to allergies and allergic reactions. It is used for detox and one of it’s best qualities is removing toxins. For example, spirulina helps to eliminate heavy metals like arsenic. Spirulina lowers the levels of bad cholesterol, supports the heart and liver. Good for weight loss as it helps to accelerate fat burning process. As Spirulina removes toxins makes it into a good helper for beautiful skin as many skin problems come from toxin levels.

Have you ever used Spirulina? Are you using it? Are you using it for smoothies or as a food supplement? If so, you’re doing the right thing! It has a lot to offer to your body. If you haven’t tried Spirulina yet or have left it sadly alone in a cabinet somewhere, then right now this very instant is the right time to start using it!

For example, I use Spirulina several times a year for long periods in a row. I recommend consuming it daily for several months in a row, then taking a break for a few weeks and then taking it again. Why the pause? This way the body won’t become immune for the medicinal plant.

I’m sharing 10 reasons to take spirulina daily and explain what will happen to your body after that!


Spirulina is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary nutrients for your cells and DNA. Spirulina antioxidants protect against inflammation which in turn, may create a good ground for cancer cells. Spirulina prevents it in the whole body and in all the organs. If you wish to prevent cancer, then with Spirulina you can.


You have all probably heard of "bad cholesterol" and maybe your cholesterol levels are too high? When you want to keep your bad cholesterol levels low, then using Spirulina daily may help you to achieve this. If you wish to have cholesterol levels fully under your control, then you have to give up on animal-based foods, like meat and dairy as these are the cause of bad cholesterol. Spirulina helps the cardiovascular system to stay healthy and it really is good to use it daily for that cause. Healthy heart = better life.


Your body needs nutrients to keep you healthy. Using Spirulina daily gives you many very important nutrients. Use Spirulina to give your body plant-based protein, iron, copper, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, magnesium, potassium and manganese. All these will help you to feel vital. The deficiency of these nutrients will give you stress, make your hair fall out, make your skin age quicker and give you many different health problems.


Like I mentioned before, Spirulina is what keeps your body free of inflammations. How do cancer cells grow? When you give them good ground and nutrients. With Spirulina, you remove the home environment and the food suitable for cancer. It nourishes healthy cells and helps them grow in the body. Spirulina can prevent cancer and it’s definitely a useful supplement for those who have overcome their cancer to prevent the disease from returning.


Many adults and children suffer from various allergies. For example, many have dust allergies, dog or cat allergies, some can’t eat nuts, some can’t eat strawberries. Daily use of spirulina helps to reduce allergies. Spirulina improves respiratory health, and if your allergy strikes the airways, you may be more likely to benefit from the healing effects of spirulina.


High blood pressure or blood pressure fluctuations are a concern for many people.   The more stable your blood pressure is during your lifetime, the longer your heart can last. Lowering and regulating your blood pressure is very important if you want to ensure a long life. Spirulina helps to lower and normalize high blood pressure. It helps to produce nitrogen oxide which UVA rays can usually produce when exposed to the Sun. It is important to have something that can replace the formation of nitrogen oxide in the absence of the Sun. This, in turn, helps to regulate blood pressure. Many Nordic people who do not spend much time in the sun during the year, suffer from blood pressure problems due to this deficiency. Spirulina helps the people of Nordic countries as an alternative to the healing power of UVA rays


Many women have an iron deficiency. This because they have a monthly period during which they lose part of their iron reserves. Therefore, it’s very important for women to monitor their iron intake to prevent anaemia. Spirulina contains iron which helps to strengthen and heal blood. Daily use of Spirulina helps to prevent iron deficiency and reduces the risk of anaemia. Spirulina is also good for vegetarians and vegans, helping to increase their iron intake. In addition to spirulina, you can also increase the iron level with iron capsules, which you’ll find HERE.


Spirulina is a superfood that cleanses your body of toxins by consuming it daily. You can get toxins from the environment, for example by inhaling polluted air. If you use chemicals to clean your home, they will also poison your body. Toxin fumes of household chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Therefore, I recommend cleaning the home with essential oils, water, lemon, soda and vinegar, but not with chemicals. However, the body can get the most toxins from the food eaten. Very many people are unaware of the toxins that can be found in foods and therefore accidentally poisoning themselves can be even a daily thing for someone. Spirulina helps cleanse the body of harmful E-substances, a lot of hormones in animal food, heavy metals in fish and pesticides in GMO foods.

Use spirulina daily to cleanse your body of toxins that contribute to your illnesses. Consume organic foods, avoid animal foods and do not consume GMO foods.


Have you ever felt that sometimes you simply don’t have the strength and stamina? You can’t be physically active for very long? If so, taking spirulina daily will help you to change yourself. It increases endurance, helps to be active and full of energy. Spirulina is especially useful for you when you do sports or workouts. It will help you feel better during workouts. Even if you go for a walk on a daily basis, it still helps you feel energetic after the walk, not sluggish and tired. In addition, spirulina helps to protect your muscles during exercise by protecting them from damage and injury.


Who doesn’t want to have radiant skin and a beautiful complexion? Skin health is crucial and with daily spirulina usage, you can heal your skin. Did you know that skin problems often come from toxins in our body or from hormonal imbalances? Spirulina helps to reduce toxins that can lead to premature skin ageing and acne. At the same time, it helps to get rid of the excess estrogen that many vegetarians and carnivores get into their bodies with animal milk. One of the main health reasons why I’m a vegan is that I don’t want to poison my body with huge amounts of estrogen that comes from animal dairy products. Butter, yoghurt, kefir, cheeses and many other products made from animal milk are very harmful to health. As a vegan, I have replaced them with plant-based cheeses, butter and other traditional products. However, Spirulina helps to get rid of excess estrogen and I recommend it to anyone who suffers from skin problems.

Be healthy, give your body a natural healing daily and keep your body protected from diseases!

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All health advice, recommendations and information mentioned in this article is not health information. It is not health advice, but Tene's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of spirulina is at individual risk. If needed, please check with your doctor before taking this product.