People feel the effects of the Venus retrograde very strongly. It’s a very rare retrograde, but its influence is difficult to overlook due to the great blow it inflicts on relationships and financial affairs. Venus retrograde does not favour beauty changes and therefore it is not a good time to make drastic changes. Relationships that begin during this retrograde are most likely relationships between fate companions, where it is necessary to teach each other a lot, change each other, or settle something. Such a relationship is often overwhelmed by nervousness, have a difficult start or are like a roller coaster. I will explain to you why this is all the way it is and how to deal with Venus retrograde.

In 2021 Venus retrograde takes place between December 19 - December 31

Of the planets, Mercury is in retrograde most often, Venus the least. Thus, we are the rarest in Venus retrograde. It happens almost every year, but certain years are missed. Planet Venus enters the retrograde every eighteen to nineteen months and is in retrograde for about forty-two consecutive days. I have also written down some Venus retrograde in the coming years to you can be ready.


In 2021 December 19 - December 31
In 2022 January 1 - January 29
In 2023 July 23 - September 4
In 2024 there is none
In 2025 March 2 - April 13
In 2026 October 3 - November 14

A retrograde is when a planet moves backwards in relation to the Earth in the sky and it never brings along anything great. Rather obstacles and anxious energies. However, each planet’s retrograde has a different effect, and it is good to know it all. Everything that is happening around us is largely related to the cosmic energy that is directed to Earth. If you know the states of planets, then you’ll also be able to understand the period of life in which we exist, and this will give you the advantage of being over certain energies that are not the most favourable. We can reduce the influence of the planets if we are aware of the situation and do not just go along with the negative current.

During the Venus retrograde, worries, problems, or obstacles arise with relationships, love, money, and confidence.

Venus retrograde can lead to seemingly impossible unsolvable problems, either in matters of love or money. One of the two may be in a particularly difficult position during this period.

Many fragile and questionable relationships can find their end during the Venus retrograde. There may be job losses, financial worries, loss of money or blocked opportunities to earn money.

Venus as a planet is associated with relationships, feelings, romance, abundance, attractiveness, and finances. When Venus is in retrograde to Earth, it blocks the positive energies of that planet and sends a negative version of its power over our Earth.

On the positive things of all the confusion that Venus brings up, maybe that you can get a better picture of these topics. Maybe you will understand what to do with the relationship, how to improve it, how to move forward, whether together or not, maybe you need to change. All this can be a positive way out of the Venus retrograde. In the same way, you can find solutions and ideas for the future in financial matters.

When Venus is in retrograde, your relationship and finances will be handed over to fate!

In this time, it is very difficult for you to express your good feelings, love, and more romantic side. For example, when you are in a relationship, it is difficult for you to offer intimacy to your partner and for your partner to you. When you are single, it is hard to open to new people. It is difficult to accept love during this period, and if you are usually a very closed person, the harder it is for you during this period or the harder it is for other people to make contact with you.

Old Karma, old relationships, or unfinished connections from a previous life may enter your life

Venus retrograde can connect your path with an old love or friend from this life with whom you no longer have a friendship or bring forward a Karmatic companion from a previous life. Venus retrograde brings such people into your life if you have a problem unresolved. Venus does this so that you can cleanse your Karma. People who appear into your life during this period need to be broken up with, not let them into your life again. You need to forgive them and release the problems you may be holding on to. If a new love comes into your life during this period, you fall in love and want to have a relationship with someone, that person comes from your previous life. You have something unresolved in a previous life with this person and in general, it is something that is problematic. Many relations have taken place in different years during the Venus retrograde. These are relationships where we need to make peace with each other. Usually, the relationship is very intense, and controversy and passion go hand in hand. The goal is to learn to accept and respect each other. Pink Moss Agate crystal teaches to love unconditionally and accept each other the way you are.

Venus retrograde is like highlighting relationships that give you the opportunity to learn the lessons you need. They do not just come out just like that!

Burn Yerba Santa when the Venus retrograde is affecting you too intensely

Yerba Santa
is one of my favourite ritual plants that helps to keep negative energy away during the Venus retrograde. It is a plant that helps to create a protective shield around you so that the negative power of Venus cannot turn everything in your life upside down. If you feel that this retrograde is creating problems for you in matters of love or money, clean your Aura field with Yerba Santa.

Pick up the smudge stick, set it on fire. Let it burn for twenty seconds, then shake the flame to extinguish it and let the Yerba Santa smoke come. When the smudge stick smokes, move it around your body. Clean your whole body with smoke and this will also cleanse your Aura field. It releases the cosmic negative energy you have already absorbed and creates a strong defensive field that prevents negative energy from entering your Aura field.

Yerba Santa can cleanse the Heart Chakra, which is related to the relation karma of human affairs, relationships, feelings, emotions, and past lives. By purifying your Aura field with Yerba Santa, the negative energy in the Heart Chakra and even the Karma of previous lives are also purified. It is certainly a plant to perform at least once, if not more, a self-healing ritual during the Venus retrograde. With one smudge stick, you can do Aira cleansing dozens of times during this 42-day cycle.

You can replace Yerba Santa with Sage and Lavender smudge stick. Sage and Lavender are two very potent healing plants that both help cleanse stagnant energies. Sage works hard to release even the heaviest and most miserable energies, Lavender replaces it with peace, balance, and harmony. With this smudge stick, it is also possible to perform an Aura cleansing ritual, which removes the interfering power from your energy that can lead you astray. Do the Aura cleaning like this: set the smudge stick to smoke and move around yourself. Start from the head and move up to your legs. Do this until you feel you need to clean the Aura. Sage and Lavender smudge stick helps to unleash illusions, misunderstanding and guide people on the right path.

It is not a good time to invest and spend big

During Venus retrograde, avoid making major investments whenever you have the opportunity. If you risk it, you could lose your money. If you need to buy something important, essential, and useful, do it anyway. However, if you want to take a business risk, then the time is not good. Venus retrograde may not bring you the kind of benefits you dream of. To have luck with money during this time, carry a Pyrite crystal with you. Pyrite protects against financial collapse, bad financial transactions, and risks that can lead to misfortune later. It is a crystal that helps you sense better about where to direct your energy and money.

Not everything is so black and white during the Venus retrograde, there is also something good about it

During the Venus retrograde, it is possible to come to terms with one's feelings. Use this time to pick out the places that need your input and healing. Work on correcting your own negative aspects, try to be a better companion, friend, mother-father, sister-brother, daughter, or son. Try to be the better version of yourself than you are today. The Venus retrograde highlights so many problematic traits in all of us. If you just allow yourself to be moody and pessimistic, it will hurt you more than when you are trying to get out of these traits. During this period, try to notice your loved ones more, give them love, share your attention and friendship.

During the Venus retrograde, find the strength to be the best version of yourself!