Lysine is one of the first nutrients to turn to if you want beautiful hair, beautiful youthful skin and a strong mental body. Lysine is an amino acid that your body cannot produce on its own, but it is necessary and also very useful for the body. If it is not part of your diet, it should definitely be consumed as a food or food supplement. L-lysine is a form of lysine the body can use as a good supplement and that’s why this is what you can find from La Tene boutiques. You can find it HERE. Lysine contributes to muscle function and is involved in transporting fats and burning energy.

People who do not consume enough lysine may experience the following symptoms:

- feeling unwell;

- nervousness, irritability, stress, depression, bad mood, mood swings, constant bad mood;

- hair loss and hair growth problems;

- poor blood supply, weakness and lack of energy;

- slow wound healing and sudden onset of ageing signs.


Hair loss has become a big problem and I am often asked what it could be. This is a very cunning problem because there can be many reasons, and it can be difficult to come up with where this truth is.

One reason may be the low consumption of lysine, as it plays an important role in hair growth and hair root formation. You may not have this important amino acid in your body and as a result, your hair may fall out or its growth may be slowed down. Lysine consumption is extremely important during the period when hair is changing. Hair usually changes every 7-8 years, during which time you may experience months of massive hair loss. Sometimes this period can be as long as six months. During this time, it is important to consume lysine and other nutrients necessary for the hair. You will find a great dietary supplement that will give you shiny hair, as well as healthy skin and strong nails. You can find it HERE.

Try lysine and see if it can solve your hair growth and hair loss problem.

I have also written about the causes of hair loss and possible solutions in the article "Hair loss – what causes it and how to recover." You find this article HERE.


Lysine helps prevent overreaction, over worrying and is very useful for anyone who has problems with nervousness. This amino acid is essential for those who are depressed or mentally very exhausted. Lysine helps to change your own response to stress, helping to prevent overreaction.

A person whose nervous system is weak or who has been suffering from great stress for a long time is unable to remain calm even in the slightest negative situations. A response is good, but an overreaction is not. A person who suffers from stress knows exactly that it is easy to go crazy over small things or even panic. In this case, there may be a lack of lysine in the body and this may be one of the reasons for this reaction. When you take lysine, you may feel how you’re above various situations that may have easily upset you in the past.

Lysine can be one way out of stress, depression and other mental problems. It can be a supportive treatment or preventative treatment.


Lysine is a very important amino acid that helps to restore traces of colds on the skin or mucous membranes. For example, with a runny nose, the skin under the nose often becomes red, stinging, tender, and in some places, the area even becomes swollen. When the body is low in lysine, the skin cannot heal quickly and the painful areas remain bothered for a long time. The situation is especially crazy when you sniff your nose and thus break the skin under the nose even more. Lysine is used during the cold to provide your body with the necessary amino acid to help the body and skin recover. The same can happen with the corners of the mouth, and lysine also helps to improve them.

Lysine has an anti-herpes effect, helping to protect the body against such a viral disease. Many people are susceptible to herpes, and when exposed to cold and wind, they can easily develop this problem on their lips or face. Lysine deficiency in the body contributes to the release of the herpes virus. In this case, the consumption of lysine is also beneficial, as it also helps to prevent herpes.

Lysine also helps reduce swelling in the throat, helping to recover more quickly from angina and other respiratory illnesses. In case of illness, it is important to feed your body with the right nutrients and lysine is one of them.


Collagen is essential for the health of the skin, hair and nails, but also for the rest of the body. You definitely associate the word "collagen" with beauty, and you're absolutely right. As time moves on, the harder it is for our body to produce collagen. Age plays a big role here, because the older you are, the less your body produces it. Collagen helps prevent wrinkles or their premature appearance. The more your body produces it, the more youthful you look. Lysine activates collagen production and is a good supplement for those for whom external beauty is important.   When taking lysine, make sure that your vitamin C levels are good. If lysine produces collagen, then vitamin C is the substance from which collagen is produced. Due to the collagen-producing property of lysine, it also contributes to faster wound healing.


Calcium is important for strong bones and teeth. However, a lot of calcium is lost, even though we eat it with food. This can be caused by consuming coffee, tea, soft drinks and sugary drinks, as they remove calcium from the body. In addition, food today no longer contains as much calcium and it can be difficult to get it. Lysine also helps to improve the body's calcium levels by helping the body to retain calcium. This, in turn, helps to protect your bones and keep them strong. Consumption of lysine can be beneficial for those with weak skeletal problems. It can therefore also be a preventive measure against bone loss.

Lysine plays a role in transporting calcium in the body. This means that lysine helps calcium get to the bones. After the age of 20, it is extremely important to monitor calcium intake to prevent future bone loss. Lysine and calcium together can be very useful.

In addition, lysine helps prevent excess calcium from being stored in the blood when it is consumed in excess. This helps prevent this risk for those who consume large amounts of calcium-rich foods.


The risk of tick-borne infection is high when living in the Nordic countries. Especially if you live in the middle of nature or enjoy free time in beautiful forests and by the sea. Ticks carry toxins that are toxic to humans and can cause fatigue, cold symptoms, back and joint pain, headaches, mood swings and severe weakness. It is a disease that no one wants to get. However, these are tiny insects against which you cannot always defend yourself. In case of poisoning, this poison should be expelled from the body.

Lysine has the potential to become tick toxin-free. It is an unpleasant ingredient that acts as an antidote. By taking lysine, you can gradually release the toxin from your body that causes all of the symptoms listed above. In case of illness, take Lysine 500 mg twice a day (Be sure to consult your personal doctor before. Especially if you are taking medication.) A larger amount helps to expel the toxin from the body better. In addition to lysine zinc, vitamin C and Siberian ginseng help the body’s cleansing process. You can consume lysine until your symptoms start to go away.

If possible, keep the ticks away from your body! To do this, always drop a little lemongrass or vetiver essential oil to your socks or darker clothes. These oils help keep ticks away. When I visit the forests of Saaremaa, which are best known for their abundance of ticks, I always apply essential oil to my body with a carrier oil or drip essential oil on clothes. These oils are toxic to ticks and healing to humans.


If your body has consumed too much lysine, you may experience diarrhoea. This is a sign that the amount of lysine needs to be reduced, either at the expense of the food supplement or at the expense of the food. This does not mean that it should be completely eliminated, but your body signals that the amount has exceeded your body's need.

What kind of food do I get lysine from?

Lysine is found in lentils, beans, wheat protein (which makes a wide variety of vegan products), various nuts, soybeans, spirulina (you can find Spirulina from La Tene selection HERE). Because lysine is an essential amino acid for the body, it is important to eat at least one of these sources of lysine on a daily basis. If you eat them occasionally, your lysine stores may below.

Cytoplan L-lysine is 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans. It is a body-friendly food supplement that you can use to support and stimulate your body with lysine. Be healthy and cared for!

All health advice, recommendations and information mentioned in this article is not health information. It is not health advice, but Tene's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of lysine is at individual risk. If needed, please check with your doctor before taking this product.