Have you ever felt like you have been hit by misfortune? Do you have a particularly difficult person or topic in your life? Do you feel like you are often in a vicious circle and life doesn't go forward at all? In that case, you may be dealing with bad Karma. This Full Moon ritual is meant to heal bad Karma and release misfortune. It is a universal ritual, which means that with this ritual you can heal and release any kind of misfortune.

The ritual can be performed for healing a specific Karma energy as well as for the general cleansing of Karma. If you know that you have done something that has led to bad Karma, and you want to correct it and learn from it, then this ritual is just for you. However, if you feel that something in your life is going downhill for some reason or in a particular direction, it may be due to bad Karma. In this case, this ritual is also very good.

This ritual, like all the other Full Moon rituals, can be done for 3 consecutive days (choose the day that suits you). These days include the day before and after the Full Moon and the day of the Full Moon.

This ritual is performed on the Full Moon because it requires the most powerful force from the Moon. Karma is a difficult and complex subject and requires a more external force to activate the ritual. During the Full Moon, the most complex rituals are usually performed.

For the ritual, you need certain items and crystals to help activate the healing of bad Karma. Find a suitable place in your home to perform this ritual. In warm weather, you can also perform the ritual on the terrace or in the backyard (in calm weather or in the evening when the wind has stopped).


1. Karma incense or Yerba Santa smudge stick

2. Frankincense incense

3. Boswellia candle

4. Black Tourmaline crystal

5. Hawk's Eye crystal

For the incense and incense holder or a heat resistant base for the smudge stick, a candle holder or a fireproof base for the candle. In this ritual, the crystals may be rough in addition to the tumbled variant.

Heal your bad Karma...

In close proximity, place a Karma and Frankincense incense smoke. You can also use more than one incense. The more of them at a time, the more effective the effect of the ritual. If you are doing a ritual indoors, be sure to open a window or windows in the room. If you smoke incense, you want it to free you from bad Karma and help heal your bad luck. Both incense are Karma's healers.

Then set Boswellia candle burns in front of you (place it on a candle holder or heat-resistant base). When you light a candle, wish for bad Karma to be freed from your Aura field and Karma to be healed.

If the incense is smoking and you wanted to also use a Yerba Santa in the ritual, then light it from the Boswellia candle flame. Let it burn for about ten seconds, then shake it off and move around yourself with the smudge stick. It cleanses your Aura field efficiently and quickly. Yerba Santa is especially useful when the misfortune is great and there are a lot of problems in life.

Now pick up the crystals. Place Black Tourmaline to your right and Hawk’s Eye to your left hand. Squeeze your hands together and start meditating. Close your eyes and hold the crystals in the palms of your hands at the same time. Focus on having bad Karma released and healed.

Now, this is where you can make a specific wish. Focus on the misfortune that has haunted you and ask for its healing and release. Meditate until you feel that you have been able to convey your desire. If you want to heal Karma in a universal sense, then during meditation wish Karma to be healed.

When you have meditated long enough, place the crystals by the candle and clean your Aura field again with Yerba Santa, setting it on fire again and shaking it. If you do not use Yerba Santa in the ritual, the ritual is over.

The crystals must be taken under the forest in the evening of the same day. If you give up the crystals, focus once again on getting the bad Karma out of your Aura field before taking them away.

Full Moon rituals are some of the most powerful and are always good for your well-being!

Dates for the Full Moon can be found from the Moon Phase calendar HERE or from the three-week horoscope HERE.