Your well-being and good quality of life start with strong health. Much needs to be done to strengthen health. Firstly, you need to be positive and stress-free, secondly, be as active as possible and keep body-friendly, organic, organically grown food on your table. However, harmful toxins enter our bodies through poor quality food, polluted air, household cleaners, cosmetics and many consumer products. Unfortunately, poisons are found everywhere in today's world and are often hidden. Foods that are filled with pesticides, herbicides or hormones leave a big mark on our bodies. Even if you try to live as healthy a life as possible, there may olla still be something hurting your body. That's why I've put together a very simple and daily plan to detoxify the body. These extremely comfortable techniques will help cleanse your body of toxins and give you the opportunity to live an even healthier life. I use these tricks too, they work well for me and why shouldn't they work well for you too? Try, experiment and enjoy the freshness that strikes you after trying these techniques. 

There is a great deal of well-being associated with the removal of toxins from the body, and that is what I am pursuing, for example. I myself try to eat as much organic food as possible, avoid processed foods as much as possible. But this is not always possible. For example, when I'm travelling or in Tallinn, I can't always guarantee myself the best food. This means that I give my body the opportunity to consume toxins. Of course, always making sure that this does not happen. So I need to keep my body in a constant cleansing mode to cleanse my body of toxins that might somehow get into my body. I don't really like fasting, which is the most effective way to detox, so I've created a regimen where my body is constantly releasing toxins. It's convenient and happens in passing, so to speak. 

Detoxifying the body helps to ensure beautiful and healthy skin, without problematic acne and redness. Did you know that your skin is constantly releasing toxins that are trapped in your body? If you keep your body in a cleansing mode all the time, the skin does not have to do it and create beauty problems that everyone wants to stay far away. In addition to beautiful skin, the toxin-free body also helps your soul feel good. Mental overload, stress, nervousness and all the other bad feelings - you can tell them a good time. Good detox treatment! 


Lemon water tastes great, and if you've been drinking it for a while, you can't imagine your mornings or evenings. I know many of you are lemon water fans, just like me, and this is a great way to do a daily detox. Lemon helps to remove toxins from the body that the body itself cannot. Drinking lemon water daily is also beneficial because it helps to improve the digestive system. I drink lemon water before eating to signal to the body that food is coming and ready to digest. It improves metabolism and speeds up digestion. This, in turn, helps food to break down properly, nutrients to enter the body and toxins to escape, not to get stuck in the body. 

I strongly recommend consuming organic lemons, avoid the usual beautiful yellows and large ones, which even invite you to buy. These lemons are generally not organic. Look for labels, they are usually in separate nets in the store. These are the best for your health. I also recommend it because you can make lemon water even better by peeling lemon zest in the water. Lemon essential oil nests there, use it to heal yourself. Be sure to burn in a diffuser also lemon essential oil, it is good for your lungs, helping to release toxins from your lungs and preventing lung cancer, for example. 


Psyllium husk is one very interesting plant that belongs to Ayurvedic medicine. If it is one of the healing plants, it must be good. You can also get the Psyllium Husk from me, you can find it either in this website, in the boutique of Tallinn or soon in the new boutique of Kuressaare in the Auriga centre. It is a plant that is high in fibre. This helps to trigger digestive activity, which in turn helps all toxins to leave your digestive system and body. It is a so-called internal cleaner. If you cleanse your Aura Field with Sage and other ritual plants you can cleanse your body internally with Psyllium Husk In addition to providing fibre, Psyllium Husk will also help heal your digestive problems. If you have food allergies, you obviously have a bigger problem in your body than you may know. This is a sign that certain bad bacteria are nesting in your digestive system. You also need to cleanse your body so that good bacteria can help you live. Psyllium Husk has an antibacterial effect, helping to get rid of harmful bacteria and create a good environment in your digestive system. How to consume Psyllium Husk? I prefer to consume it as a dietary supplement made 100% from this Ayurvedic plant. Convenient and easy. You can find it HERE


Have you ever wondered why Peppermint leaves are often put together with green tea leaves and sold as a blend? In fact, there is a good reason for this - they work great together. My favourite teas are connected for a reason and I drink them every day. I gave up drinking coffee a long time ago and replaced it with a mixture of mint and green tea. Since then, I have felt better. I saw visions of how coffee just doesn't fit me anymore and has a very bad effect on my stomach. When I see visions of myself that are recommended, such as this, I make the change that the vision was about in a day. I never regret it and I always see the truth in my visions. In addition to the fact that this tea tastes very good, it is also a great detox treatment. Peppermint and green tea, alone or in combination, are antibacterial, helping to release, excrete and protect against toxins. These teas are above all good for your mind and spiritual body. 


I have diffusers and oil lamps working in my home all the time when I am awake or spending time indoors. Essential oils have strong healing properties and the plants from which the oils are made also have their own healing properties. Steaming all the different oils is helpful. 

Essential oils have always fascinated me, and of all that I believe in and whose power I use, I write about them and recommend them. Since I use essential oils on a daily basis, this was also the reason why I brought 100% essential oils to La Tene boutiques so that you too can use their healing power. Essential oils all have toxin-releasing effects on the body. Each oil works differently and is aimed at healing different organs, but they are all good. Universal detoxifiers are, of course, lemon, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils If you have another oil at home, use what you have on the corner of the table Don't just let good stuff sit in the bottle. I really adore oils. In addition to the good aroma, mood and feeling they give, they heal you, me and us all. 


If you're not vegan, maybe beans, peas, and lentils are a little unfamiliar to you, or they're not on your daily menu. Nevertheless, add them there! First of all, they are great sources of healthy protein, but they also protect you from toxins and expel toxins. These are great body cleansers that are good to eat. If you're not a big fan of them, I think you just haven't gotten good food from them. I probably have to invite you to my kitchen! 

These plants have good proteins and I will immediately explain what is good protein and what is bad. All of today's most feared diseases largely begin with eating the wrong proteins. Animal protein is toxic, milk-derived protein is very, very harmful, and eating gluten-rich foods is also very bad. They create a favourable environment for cancer cells, and so-called cancer grows from these proteins. 

When we eat protein, what does our body do? Bacteria in the digestive system immediately begins to ask, "Is this protein food or is it a virus or some bacterium that is harmful?" If you didn't know yet, viruses are proteinaceous compounds. Vegetable protein is well received by the body, so beans, peas and lentils are great for you. Animal protein or gluten is taken by the body as an invader. This creates inflammation in the body and in turn, creates a favourable environment for cancer that needs to be treated, for example, with curcumin

If beans, peas and lentils cause you digestive problems, you have not soaked them long enough before cooking. Plant-specific protection factors that occur in nature must be extracted from them. Therefore, they must always be soaked before cooking. Be sure to remember this. 

If you eat beans, peas and lentils every day, you will feed your body with energy and keep it free of toxins, as these plants excrete toxins and other proteins add them to the body. 

Bon Appetit! Eat yourself healthy, drink healing tea and enjoy aromatherapy with essential oils!