Eclipse is very important for all spiritual people who love astrology and mysticism. It gives us opportunities to make a difference in our lives, to perform various rituals of sending wishes, and to do many other good things.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Earth and the Sun. During this time, a powerful wave of energy is radiating to the Earth, darkening or shading the Sun. In the case of a complete solar eclipse, the sun is not visible at all.

If the Eclipse is during the New Moon, then the energy that the Eclipse creates will send us for half a year. While it is generally the case that the power of the New Moon affects us for 2 to 4 weeks, the Eclipse has colossal power over us all. It is wise to know the moment of the eclipse, as well as its cosmic energy because at that time we are all facing a greater kind of change.

The most powerful is a total Eclipse - the greater the extent of the Eclipse, the greater the chances it will bring. While a complete Eclipse can bring with it a wave of energy that affects us for six months, an annular Eclipse is almost as intense in power. An annular eclipse is when the edge of the Sun may shine out from behind the Moon. However, a partial eclipse is when part of the Sun is visible. This energy wave can cycle for up to five months.

A complete eclipse usually does not last more than 7 minutes. This is followed by the declining phase of the Eclipse, but seven minutes is enough to give everyone a chance to share that energy.

People who are more sensitive to energy will recognize the Eclipse several days earlier. They may feel the need for something new, to innovate, and to update something in their lives. When the Eclipse is coming, analyze how well you subconsciously perceive it all.

If you want to perform various rituals, magic and send your wishes during the Eclipse, it is not important that you capture the peak. The day when the Eclipse takes place counts and you have to watch it on the calendar. So you have time all day for all this.

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In 2020, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer will be June 21.

Each Eclipse takes place in a specific sun sign, which changes and shapes the effect of the Eclipse. Cancer gives it its own power, and it goes straight into the Aura Field of humans the moment the Eclipse occurs. Be it night or day for us. Eclipse is not always visible to everyone, as it can happen to us at night, or, to put it more simply, while there is a day on the other side of the planet. Nevertheless, we all feel the power of the Eclipse and it reaches the energy field of all people.

Primarily the Eclipse takes place during the New Moon, which means that it brings about great changes. While the New Moon usually retains its power for about the next 28 days, the New Moon with the Eclipse reaches even a six-month phase. So it is extremely important on this day to observe your own behavior, celebrate the Eclipse, perform magical rituals, that will help you bring good luck in the next half year. Celebrating the Solar eclipse is an important event for the spiritual person, don't miss it!

Solar Eclipse in Cancer triggers emotional baggage

It is like a purifying light that opens a person's subconscious to heal the emotional baggage in it. You may feel confused during the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, emotions may go up and down, and confusion is common. You may at some point be in euphoria about what is and has been in your life right now. At another moment, you may be struck by a painful memory of the past and it may knock you down. Eclipse in Cancer is always very unstable in nature, which strongly affects your emotional body. It's not really a bad thing at all, it has a good purpose - the purpose of an eclipse is to activate your subconscious healing phase.

Whatever negative memory hits you that day, let it out. Say goodbye to it! Tell yourself that this is the past, but I want to live in the moment and think about the future. This way you release something that may have sent you for years.

On this day, perform the ritual of liberating and healing the past. Let go of everything that burdens you and can hurt you!

To do that, you have to find yourself a Black Tourmaline, Tektite, and Chiastolite crystal. There must be one of each crystal, it would be good if they are in tumbled form. You'll also need a black bag and a Sage smudge stick. It’s good if it’s a mixed torch with Lavender or Eucalyptus. In addition, a fire tool to use the torch.

Be sure to do the ritual during the day. When the weather is cloudy, it is nothing, because behind the clouds the power of the Sun still radiates on you.

Find a convenient and suitable place to perform the ritual. When you have settled in, take the crystals and put them in a black bag. Put it in front of you. Make the smudge stick smoke and use it to cleanse your entire energy field. Move the smoke back and forth around your body. As you do this, focus on everything you never want to take with you into the future. Relieve sadness, problems, pain, experiences, and be grateful for the Eclipse to relieve you of this burden. Perform the ritual until you have released all your worries. If the ritual torch goes out in the meantime, set it to smoke again.

If at one point you feel that you have released all your worries and asked the Eclipse to lock them in forever, grab a crystal bag. Close your eyes and focus on all these thoughts again. Then clean the bag with a smudge stick, keep the smudge stick slightly close to it, or circle it. Then the ritual is complete. Carry a crystal bag with you that day and put it under the bed overnight. The next morning, go to nature and release the crystals. These crystals carry your load and should not be left at home.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer makes you move in another direction...

Solar eclipse makes you think about the people who are important to you. It creates longing and the desire to be loved. You may feel how you remember someone. This may be a sign that you and he still need to continue together. This is especially true for those with a distance between them.

Solar eclipse in Cancer makes you want to be in a safe zone, and this same energy will last for months in your life. After the Eclipse is gone, you may feel how careful you are for the next few months, and the desire to start a home or family will emerge. You may also want to build a relationship or add your own contribution to the relationship.

Some people may feel that they are no longer compatible. This Eclipse also echoes all kinds of releases of relationships. Usually, relationships that are running out of time are released.

Remember, Cancer is very sensitive, it will embrace you when you value it, and it will set you free from your heart if you show otherwise. Everyone begins to analyze relationships with such a view. Relationships with quality remain, and relationships with falsehood and emptiness are released. After the Eclipse, your social circle may look very different.

During the Eclipse, burn Blessing incense, that will help you confirm your desires and prayers for someone. If you want your loved one to do well, burn this incense and ask them good luck. If you want a stronger bond or good luck in your relationship with your partner, focus on yourself and him. Burn the Blessing incense also to wish your child good health and happiness, for example.

If you are single and want love to come into your life...

Solar eclipse in Cancer is ideal for single people who want love in their lives in the future and find a connection with their soulmate. Cancer symbolizes profound love, and Eclipse can bring new possibilities to your life.

Start wearing Larimar, Mother of Pearl, Rhodochrosite or Rainbow Moonstone crystals on the day of Solar Eclipse. I recommend this crystal as a piece of jewelry so you can wear it every day. Start wearing one or more pieces of jewelry made of these crystals, and on the day of the Eclipse, wish to find a soulmate. Wear this jewellery for at least three months and, if you prefer, even six months in a row. These crystals are associated with making a connection with a soulmate and are love talismans.

If you start wearing several different crystals that day, you can change them continuously for the next six months. One day you wear a Mother of Pearl, the other day Larimar, etc. These crystals store the desire of your heart through the Solar Eclipse in Cancer and help you find your way to love.

It is also very useful to perform various love rituals on this day to help you connect with the love of your life.

However, why is this Eclipse good?

All in all, this is a great Eclipse, giving us the following:

- An opportunity to be free from the pain of the past, bad memories, and experiences. This is the time to deal with the healing of one's own subconscious. Eclipse provides an opportunity to make the present and the future more beautiful. In particular, Solar Eclipse in Cancer deals with the removal of internal conflicts. Strengthened by the ritual of liberation that you have the opportunity to do on the day of the Eclipse.

- Improves the course of relationships. The right and necessary relationships are set for the future, while non-selective relationships are released. This process is longer, it doesn't just happen on the day of the Eclipse. On this day, everything will get a boost and major changes in the relationship may take place in the next six months.

- There is a need to create and feel safe. Many people are starting to think about the safeness of their lives, taking steps in ways that would help create it all. We start thinking more about the well-being of loved ones, family, and oneself. It can lead to starting a family, finding a partner for single people, creating a home and much more related to the family.

Every Eclipse must be received with great gratitude. It gives you the opportunity to change the course of your life!