Calcium plays a big role in the body, helping it to stay healthy and strong. It is needed by the body to allow the blood circulation to work regularly, it contributes to normal hormonal balance, is related to keeping bones and teeth strong, keeping muscles moving, and is useful for many other things. Calcium is definitely a mineral that your body needs on a daily basis, and if it is not available from food, it must be taken as a dietary supplement. 

Because the body cannot produce calcium on its own, it is extremely important to get it from food or consume it as a dietary supplement.

Eat calcium-rich foods or consume it as a 100% natural food supplement 

Calcium-rich foods are dark vegetables and various dark salads. For example, there is calcium in broccoli, spinach, arugula, beans, beets. In addition to these plants, you can get it in very large quantities from white beans, which are also one of my favourites. White beans are very healthy and not only replenish your calcium stores but also help control your weight. You can also get calcium from dried apricots, butternut squash, tofu, bok choy, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds and raisins. Since your body wants a lot of calcium every day, you also need to eat several of them every day or take supplements. As a dietary supplement, I recommend the 100% natural Cytoplan product which you can find HERE and from our boutique in Tallinn.

With calcium, you keep your bones and teeth strong

The main thing that is known about calcium is that calcium keeps bones and teeth strong. Indeed, it is one of the most important properties of calcium and therefore it is important to take it with food/supplements on a daily basis.

Calcium helps keep bones strong, it is also useful for skeletal development in young children. When calcium is not constantly on the menu, human bones begin to thin quietly after the age of 25. Therefore, it is essential to consume it consistently to prevent the loss of calcium from the bones. After about the age of 25, your body will start to use the calcium that is in the bones if you do not get enough of it from food. This can lead to bone thinning. I know it looks very scary, but inevitably this is how our bodies function. Strong teeth also need constant calcium intake so that they do not break down.

IF there is no vitamin D, there is no benefit from calcium

Calcium cannot build bones if the body does not have enough vitamin D. So spend most of your free time outdoors in the sun during the summer, go on a warm sun trip or consume. vitamin D regularly. It is difficult for people in the Nordic countries to keep their vitamin D reserves constantly high, so it is definitely necessary to consume for those whose work is indoors and who cannot take the sun daily or overnight in summer.

Vitamin D helps calcium to be absorbed into the body, it is a means of transporting calcium, so that this important nutrient reaches your bones and muscles.

Calcium plays a major role in children's development

Calcium is essential for a child to develop. This mineral helps the baby's bones to grow and prevents osteoporosis, which is thinning of the bones. Children who do not consume enough calcium may have difficulty growing and may not grow in height the right time. The child's menu should definitely be enriched with the above-mentioned plants, with spinach smoothies, baked broccoli or almonds, for example. There is also a special mixture of vitamins for children, which supports a poorly eating child to get the necessary nutrients. You can find it HERE

Calcium is very important for women

Pregnant women must make sure that they consume calcium-rich foods or a special mixture of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women on a daily basis. Calcium plays an important role in the development of an unborn child, and its lack in the mother can cause health problems and general weakness in the child. You can find a natural food supplement for pregnant women, nursing mothers and women planning a baby HERE. It is a mixture of plant-based minerals and vitamins.

Women who have reached the age of menopause must also monitor their calcium intake. If the body has good calcium stores, the pre-menopausal symptoms are milder and any discomfort is less noticeable. Therefore, calcium is very important for women.

In addition ...

Although 99% of the calcium in our body is in the bones and teeth, it still has a lot to offer us. Calcium helps nerves transmit impulses to our brains, it is related to our mobility, strength and well-being. Calcium helps to relax blood vessels, which in turn helps to improve the general well-being. Calcium deficiency can cause nervousness, weakness and lack of energy. It plays an important role in the work of various hormones, its deficiency can block a lot of reactions in our body that are necessary for your well-being. In addition, calcium helps support heart health by helping to prevent high blood pressure, which is one of the major causes of heart disease.

Symptoms that your body has too much calcium:

If you consume calcium as a dietary supplement or consume very large amounts of calcium-rich foods, constipation, abdominal pain and strong gases may occur as side effects. When they do, the body signals that there is too much calcium. This is not likely to happen if you eat plant-based foods and add a calcium supplement to your diet. Such problems can be faced by people with animal-based calcium on their menu. Lactose irritates the body in this way and, in general, animal-based calcium is obtained from dairy products – it is certainly a source from which I do not recommend obtaining calcium. Animal milk contains hormones that are harmful to the human body and have contributed to the biggest health problems today.

You can find natural and organic Cytoplan calcium food supplement HERE.

Eat consciously, take care of your body and stay healthy!

All health advice, recommendations and information mentioned in this article is not health information. It is not health advice, but Tene's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of Calcium is at individual risk. If needed, please check with your doctor before taking this product.