Mercury retrograde in Cancer has significantly milder irritating power than all the other Mercury retrogrades. Usually, Mercury's retrograde puts all things on its head and there is definitely a feeling of confusion and sudden behaviour. They will come, people become more nervous and patience is in the background. However, Cancer Retrograde is not very devastating if you try to keep yourself as balanced as possible.

Cancer retrograde has the worst impact on those who are depressed or suffering from severe stress. Cancer is sensitive, emotional and vulnerable. Mercury retrograde irritates those who are already in trouble. This is the biggest warning I can give for this period. Those people whose mental bodies are weak and have been for a long time could certainly focus their activities on self-healing at that time.

This is where meditation, vacation, reading a book, spending time in nature, being in the sun, Ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri, l-theanine, magnesium, Siberian ginseng and many other Ayurvedic antidepressants will come to aid. White Opal and White Agate are helpers among crystals that help with depression and strong stress. These crystals should definitely be worn with you, preferably as jewellery, then they are in constant contact with you and can work with your energy field.

The rest, whose mental balance is good, who enjoy life and are optimistic, are not so shaken by the stress of this retrograde. There is a little anxiety, a little patience and impulsivity, something else. Others, however, must be careful.

Public speaking, communication, self-expression and standing up for yourself – very difficult!

Mercury retrograde in Cancer directs confusion directly to the Throat Chakra. You may be great in conversations, a good communicator, the best performer, and the bravest in the company, but now during Mercury's retrograde, it's all a lot harder. It is especially difficult for those who already have difficulty expressing themselves or finding the right words to express their feelings. Mercury retrograde in Cancer directs its complex energy directly to the Throat Chakra.

Knowing this, I recommend that you consciously strengthen your Throat Chakra during this period. One possibility, for example, is to wear Blue Quartz, during this period, which is one of the best healers of the Throat Chakra. This crystal is helpful for those who find it difficult to establish themselves, express their thoughts and feelings.

The Blue Quartz is especially useful during this period for those who have to speak publicly, give lectures or do performances. This crystal encourages, helps to align words and improves self-expression in every way. A confident speaker catches the eye and inspires. Alternatively, also Blue Chalcedony or Blue Lace Agate is also useful. At this point, you need to know for yourself which of these three crystals could be your crystal companion during this retrograde.

A good time to build, furnish a home, do homework and strengthen family ties

Retrogrades generally have a negative undertone, but there is also something good about them. For example, a cancer retrograde is a great time to do something at home and spend time with family. If you want to stay away from the stress of retrograde, during this period, direct your energy to homework and arrange meetings with family members.

Many people also have an intuitive need for all of this. If the Mercury retrograde is in Cancer, then you subconsciously want to get more intimacy from your family members, you long for home, you want to spend more time at home and you can enjoy it more.

People who are away from their homes for one reason or another at that time may be particularly longing for the warmth of the home.

This state of the planets and stars highlights the need to create a sense of home. If something is left behind in the home or you need to warm up a relationship with a family member, the Mercury retrograde in Cancer will immediately let you know where you need to focus your energy.

You’ll give good luck to your home and family relationships if you take the time to dedicate yourself to these aspects during this period.

The dates for the Mercury retrograde can be found  HERE. There you can also read about the general nature of this retrograde and find an explanation for why there is a lot of anxiety around the world during this period.