New Moon is the best time during the whole month to do rituals and send out magical messages to Angels when you want something new for your life or open the necessary gates for it. On that day it’s very good to do love rituals or a ritual to find a soulmate.

During this time the Moon gets a new power that helps things to go for the better. When you do a ritual like this one or similar to this then they will get a lot from the New Moon. New Moon is on a different day each month, you can find the date from my article “Moon phase calendar” HERE.

On the New Moon, you can do a ritual with what you can help a new spirit come to you who is destined for you by fate, or you can give yourself a chance with the ritual to change your fate for the better in the romantic sense.

A ritual I have written helps with the following:

- This ritual is meant for healing positively the energies related to love and relationship-misfortune.

- Helps to release the blockage in your Aura that prevents love coming to yours.

- Helps a companion soulmate, soulmate or life partner spirit to find you and you to notice him.

When you have done a love related ritual before, then you can do this one too, because this ritual is part of the cleansing rituals that helps to create favourable energetics to your Aura. As I deal with white magic and healing magic then I believe that bringing love to your life works through you. Cleaning ritual is like therapy that helps you to find the right way and to notice the right person and won’t bring anyone by your side forcibly.

Why is this ritual good for you?

- Ritual helps to heal your Heart Chakra through what you can allow someone to your heart, love somebody and be loved.

- Cleans the Aura from negative energy that brings misfortune for the relationship.

- Helps you to be happier and believe in love. Believing in love helps to heal the Heart Chakra that, in turn, brings good people closer to you.

When is the best time to do the ritual?

Do the ritual when you feel it’s meant for YOU and when you feel you need some extra energy to strengthen your Heart Chakra. Rituals only work when you want to do them from the bottom of your heart, then they will usually have a very quick effect. This specific ritual is done exactly on the creation of the New Moon. This day is on a different day each month, you can find the date from my article “Moon phase calendar” HERE.


- Rose magical candle

- White bag / white cloth

- Rhodochrosite, Lava, Rose Quartz

- Dried / fresh rose petals

- A glass of water

- Knife/ magic knife (something you’re not using in cooking)

For the ritual, you have to do a little love altar that ideally should be situated in your bedroom but it could also be in other rooms. Find a small cupboard or table for the ritual. Of course, the best place for the ritual would be on the vanity, because mirror gives only positive strength for the ritual.

You can perform the ritual in the morning, during the day or at night. Do it exactly when it’s best for you and when you can relax. Love rituals are done only when you can be calmly with your thoughts so your Aura could be as open as possible to let new love into your life.

First step

The night before take Rose Quartz and keep it in a glass of water for the night by your bed. During the night, Rose Quartz gives its loving, Heart Chakra cleaning and unconditional love energy to the water. In the morning, when you wake up, drink the water as the first thing in the morning. This water-elixir helps to open you to perform the ritual. Later, take the Rose Quartz from the water and place it with other ritual things when you start to perform it.

Second step

Take the Rose candle on a suitable time and place it on the table. Around the rose candle place dried or fresh rose petals, exactly as much as you feel like. Take three magic crystals and place them also in front of the rose candle.

Third step

Sit in front of the ritual place and create yourself a meditative state, rest, relax and let other thoughts go away from you. Focus only on love, picture your future lover and focus on positivity. Think how misfortune goes away and love comes. When you’re relaxed enough, take the  knife and scrape your first and last name on the candle, and the Rune ANSUZ under the names. Suzann draw exactly as shown in my rune article. While drawing the Suzann keep repeating the same thought in your head: "Let love come and misfortune end". This last sentence can be repeated for as long as you want, even during the whole ritual. When you have drawn the Rune, then light the candle with a match and repeat again and again "Let love come and misfortune end".

When this part of the ritual is done then you should definitely rest for an hour or two at home and deal with spiritual things, reading, etc. because you should feel as good as possible during the ritual. This is important for the ritual to work 100% and results to come.

Fourth step

Ritual candle could burn for as long as possible on that day and when you need to put it out in, then you need to light it again repeating the same sentence. Candle is not blown out, the flame is dripped in wax for a moment (you push the burning part into wax for a moment).

Candle needs to be burned before the next Full Moon comes, but it can be burned in a couple of days. Candle is burned as much as possible and then crystals, Rose petals are taken and placed inside the white bag. White bag has the magic that helps to bring love to your life. This bag needs to be kept under the bed for as long as love comes. When, on one wonderful day, you’ll find your soulmate, then open the white bag and you can add the crystals there to a love crystal set. Throw away the rose petals. Until you’re alone keep the ritual.

Rhodochrosite, Lava and Rose Quartz are the crystals that together help to remove misfortune from love, bad karma and help love come to your life. Ritual crystals are important and they can’t be replaced with something else or leave one of the out because otherwise, the ritual won’t work. Rose candle and Rose petals are very important because they are the details that help to bring love to your life. White bag/white cloth symbolises purity and a new beginning. ANSUZ rune in this magic helps new love to arrive.