Zodiac signs have always fascinated me, and the interpretation of their characters and life goals has always spoken to me. The heart's desires of the zodiac signs are understandable, and I have come to the conclusion what each different representative of the sun sign needs most. Here you will get good recognition of yourself and good tips about your partner or potential future partner. Take tips here and notice in your companion what he or she needs. May this also be a handbook for your loved one to fill your soul even more with what you expect most from him.

Each of the twelve different zodiac signs has its own characteristics that strike out to some degree in all people born under these sun signs. That’s why I have summarized the most important points that the companions of these constellations could fulfil.

The most multifunctional crystals for love luck, finding a soulmate, repairing relationships and for romance are Larimar, Rainbow Moonstone, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite and Ruby. However, each zodiac sign accepts crystals differently, so I have written out which crystal will work with your zodiac signs the fastest. These crystals are the most intense crystals that help support the kinship and keep a powerful relationship alive.


Aries is a character who needs fervour in a relationship. He needs the straightforwardness that many fear. He needs someone who would dare to tell the truth and be honest with him in every aspect. He does not want to find out the truth himself, he wants it to be spread out in front of him in a simple form. Aries is quite lazy and finds that intuition does not need to be used in places where the other party can do that part of the work. What I want to say is that Aries does not stand lies or twists. For him, a good companion is one who is 100% true, sincere, open and that all the cards are spread on the table. So, all of Aries' dear ones who are reading this, take your inspiration here - your dear Aries doesn't bother to play the chase game!

Aries will not stand if his ambition or goal is suppressed. Aries' ideal companion is someone who can take him as he is. He is controlled by the fire-element and the permanent flame of the Aries shall not be extinguished. His energy is what fascinates and must be allowed to be. Aries also likes someone who is independent, confident and hardworking.

For ARIES the crystal of love and finding a soulmate is Rhodochrosite. I recommend keeping it close to Aries so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Tauruses are those who need stability in their lives, and that is something they expect from their relationships. Taurus works very hard to create a stable life, and his companion needs a similar view on the world, which includes the desire to constantly create a secure and strong structure around him. It is very disturbing for a Taurus when its companion is unpredictable. Yes, one part of Taurus needs excitement, but the other half needs a sense of security. These two opposing desires are constantly circulating in him, and his companion could also be an intermediate version of these two energies. A person who adds to the excitement of everyday life and at the same time needs a secure feeling of home and quality time where only the two of them are.

It is natural for a Taurus to see things only from the end of its own rope, and he could need someone to broaden his world view. Someone who shows Taurus new ways of seeing life and is intellectually attractive. However, Taurus is a mega-analyst whose ideal companion is someone who could develop him with his knowledge.

For a TAURUS the crystal of love and finding a soulmate is Larimar. I recommend keeping it close to Taurus so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


The Gemini could use a set of wings to be drawn to this zodiac sign, as it is a completely free soul. If it were up to me, I would add that detail. Gemini does not tolerate limitations, restrictions - he is free and he wants to be in a relationship. Not in the sense that he would not agree to commit to one person, but he wants to be himself in a relationship. Gemini is one whose ideal companion allows him to be as he is. This is where unconditional love comes to the stage. If you love Gemini, you can only love him unconditionally. He is a bird that cannot be caught by the most beautiful side of him when kept in a cage.

The Geminis ideal companion accepts his changeable mind, impulsive behaviour, super-energy, and sometimes chaos. Obviously, it must be a person who is calm and a master of balance. However, soul mates are opposites of each other.

For a GEMINI the crystal of love and finding a soulmate is Moonstone. I recommend keeping it close to Gemini so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Cancers are one of the most complex representatives of sun signs, who love so deeply that they can hurt themselves with their own feelings. He is committed, fully engages in the relationship and gives his maximum. If his feelings are not answered, it will still hurt him terribly. He is a loving soul who needs someone beside him who can express love in words and deeds. Someone who would be with him when he feels bad when he needed comfort or inspiration. He needs a person next to him who shows love with gestures and physical touch. Let's just say that Cancer's ideal companion comes from the most romantic love film, without mistakes, of course. But life is not that simple, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. A good companion for cancer is a person who is able to admit his mistakes and who has a desire to improve and develop. When Cancer sees these traits in his companion, it is attractive to him and he is able to cope with the stress that may arise.

The crystal of love and finding a soulmate for CANCER is Rainbow Moonstone. I recommend keeping it close to Cancer so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Leo is the one who expects fun, humour, good company and, most of all, a good attractive friend in love, who is also a romantic companion for him. Dedication is of the utmost importance for Leo, so he needs a sense of security from his companion that they are on the same wavelength. If Leo loves, his companion is in his domain and the boundaries must be in place. The companion is 100% or not at all in his life, the Leo does not want anything vague. For him, joke and laughter are a part of life, and the ideal companion could be with him on a wave of humour. He can make inappropriate jokes and show his inner childhood - this too should not be unacceptable to his companion. He will remain a lion cub forever, so his Leo companion will always be playful. Physical intimacy is extremely important to this constellation, its companion should definitely be open to intimacy, hugs and everything else

A crystal of love and finding a soulmate for an LEO is Larimar. I recommend keeping it close to Leo so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


A Virgo is like an old soul who wants a partner in her life who is mature, intelligent, with very good manners, and with whom everything can be solved sensibly. Of the zodiac signs, Virgos are the ones who seek spiritual maturity in their lives. Many Virgos who have chosen younger companions may have been hurt because they do not have the maturity they are looking for. An older companion is often found who has the wisdom of life and a lot of skills. For a Virgo, there is an attractive spiritual energy that radiates from a person. If it has wisdom, strength, and power, this sign is sold. The Virgo wants someone by her side to act with her at the same pace, not to be inferior to her. The Virgo's intellectual side is extremely strong and she does not have time to waste her soul on someone who is not yet on the same wavelength as her.

The Virgo does not like to solve puzzles, everything must be clear. At times, he reminds Aries who does not stand the dark sides. The same is true of the Virgo - for her, the relationship must also be clear, without any hidden side.

The crystal of love and finding a soulmate for a Virgo is Ruby. I recommend keeping it close to Virgo so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Libra needs someone to accompany him, who would be a superhero in his eyes. I'm not kidding! Whoever is a representative of Libra understands what I mean here. Libra is an idealist, a hardened romantic, the most fragile soul among the sun signs and someone who is waiting for a real queen or king in their life. Someone he can be proud of and someone he feels truly valuable next to. If Cancer is the one who is waiting for his ideal partner, then the representative of Libra competes quite strongly with Cancer.

Libra needs someone to inspire, motivate and make them live. He can be a great companion if his other half is his fortress and refuge. Libra does not want to accept less, he is the maximalist here. Whether all or nothing - that's his attitude. So all you want to enchant your Libra companion, be that hero to him.

The crystal of love and finding a soulmate for a LIBRA is Moonstone. I recommend keeping it close to Libra so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Only with complete honesty and confidence can one enter Scorpios heart. He absolutely does not tolerate a person who cannot be trusted. This is the number one thing about a relationship, and only then will all the other qualities he needs from his companion follow. The natural scepticism, cunning, and betrayal of a Scorpio are easy to uncover when present in his potential companion. There is no point in carrying him by the nose, he will understand what is going on at some point. Scorpio needs a soulmate by his side, he doesn't want to accept less. If Libra is maximalist, then in Scorpio this side also exists, but in a slightly different way. A beautiful illusion is not important to him, a real reality is needed for him. This zodiac sign is passionate and he also needs the ultimate passion from his companion. Someone who would weaken his knees and make him feel - I need you!

The crystal of love and finding a soulmate for a SCORPIO is Rhodochrosite. I recommend keeping it close to Scorpio so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Sagittarius is active and they expect the same from their companion. A lazy companion who stays away from routine lovers and excitement may be a good sense of security for him at first, but in the long run, it will tire the Sagittarius. He needs excitement, fun and adventure in his life. What could be better if all this was brought into his life by a romantic companion? If a soulmate is Sagittarius's best travel friend or discoverer of new tastes, he has found the greatest happiness. He needs the attention of his companion, but he does not tolerate jealousy. Jealous lovers can pass the Sagittarius. He has a natural flirting ability and charisma sends him everywhere. If you are jealous of his brilliance, it is a big mood breaker for Sagittarius. He wants to live and enjoy, his companion lets him do it, and he joins Sagittarius.

A crystal of love and finding a soulmate for a SAGITTARIUS is a Larimar. I recommend keeping it close to Sagittarius so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


The Capricorn has its own boundaries in everything, it knows exactly what it needs in a relationship, but all this is sometimes difficult to achieve. This constellation is a great lover of order, who must be clear about everything. He expects the same from his companion. The ideal companion is hard-working, knows what he wants from life, wants to fulfil himself, is committed and a promise holder. Capricorn does not stand the evasion of promises, it is unattractive to him. If it is agreed at the beginning of the relationship that they will meet on that date, at that time, that must be the case. If not, it will have a repulsive effect and immediately raise a lot of questions in the seemingly confident Capricorn.

When Capricorn is in love, it is intense. He wants him right now, here and now. Capricorn is impatient, he likes things moving fast. The faster the relationship moves, the more exciting. Capricorn is a fan of the roller coaster - the more you can get out of a relationship, the more interesting the other side is to him. After the love phase, it is important for the Capricorn that his partner wants to create a home and family with him. He wants a sense of security from his companion.

The crystal of love and finding a soulmate for a Capricorn is Ruby. I recommend keeping it close to Capricorn so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


If you want to book a place in the heart of Aquarius for a longer period of time and, at best, for a lifetime, ask yourself: "Am I spontaneous?" If the answer is that sometimes you are or not at all, you may have a hard time with Aquarius. This constellation loves spontaneity, he is himself like this and he wants the same from his companion. Doing something completely like lightning from a clear sky, without planning in advance, is interesting and makes the heart of Aquarius beat faster.

Aquarius loves good conversations and definitely needs a person next to him who wants to talk, open himself up, talk about the soul, but also talk about utopia, politics and everything else that flies into his head. In addition to physical intimacy, Aquarius also needs spiritual intimacy. Strong body chemistry is not enough for him, he needs even stronger mental chemistry. Aquarius gets bored when the other person next to him is not rich in the inner world.

The crystal of love and finding a soulmate for an AQUARIUS is Rainbow Moonstone. I recommend keeping it close to Aquarius so that the happiness of love be with this sign.


Pisces has been stuck in the most romantic century with its romance and love. For this zodiac sign, the expression of love is number one, and then everything else can come. Above all, the representative of this sign wants to constantly feel and hear from his companion that it is important to him. The use of words and spontaneous gestures by a partner is very important. If you are a Companion of Pisces, constantly find ways to confirm your oath of love. This is the sense of security that every representative of Pisces needs.

A Pisces represents the water-element who loves deeply, just like Scorpio and Cancer does. All or nothing. For Pisces, the ideal companion is someone who can anchor him, be good support and personal refuge. Pisces is a romantic soul who needs someone next to him who wants romance in his life in the same way.

The crystal of love and finding a soul mate is Larimar. I recommend keeping it close to Pisces so that the happiness of love be with this sign.

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