Smudge sticks consist of dried plants that have been specially assembled for comfortable use. Their purpose is to give you the opportunity to purify energies. When the plant is burned, smoke with a healing power is released, because the ritual plants contain essential oils, which are released during burning, and their smoke brings out all the good and high-quality properties of the plant. Smudge sticks are made in such a way that the branches or leaves of the ritual plant are cut off and braided with a thread or ribbon that burns easily. The smudge stick is then allowed to dry and it is ready to help you.

You can use smudge sticks during different Moon phases for example, when you wish to cleanse home energies during the Full Moon or New Moon. They are used in magical rituals. With them, you can clean your own Aura Field and activate specific energies in it. You can also clean personal crystals with smudge sticks

What is the difference between different smudge sticks and when to use them?


Sage is something I use several times a month, for example, during the Full Moon and New Moon. This smudge stick cleanses all unnecessary, negative and harmful energies. This is one of the most necessary and effective plants that you will definitely recommend using once you have brought crystals into your life. This is a ritual plant you can use to cleanse the energies in crystals, people or environment (for example at home). Burning Sage releases healing energies that help to get rid of negative energies. Use Sage for cleaning your own Aura field, home energy and crystals. Sage is above all a plant with which to ward off bad souls and energy. Stress energy quickly gets stuck in homes, so it is extremely necessary to make constant energy healings there, and the Sage smudge stick is an ideal way to do that.

It’s a ritual plant that helps to create clean energy for creating any other kind of energy. If you wish to perform different magical rituals create different crystal altars meditate, etc, then burning Sage is very useful. It helps you to grow new energy with its clean energy, let it be luck, peace or whatever you wish for.

Sage smoke is useful in homes with pets, like cats and dogs. Sage can cleanse the dust pets create and are perfect for those with allergies. With a serious allergy, it won't help to remove all the symptoms, but it does give you the chance to cleanse the home so an allergic friend or family member could come and visit for a while.

Spiritually Sage helps to create clarity and helps you to work on solving your problems. If something bothers you, you’re confused, can’t decide something or not certain about yourself, then burn Sage. This smoke helps to heal the minds, see the right answers to your questions, find solutions good for you. Sage is used to cleansing the upper Chakras where the channels of decision making and foresight are located.

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Palo Santo creates positive energy around you and your home and activates crystals to work quickly. Always use with Sage or incenses for the best results. Palo Santo opens intuition for development and improves mood. It is a tree of mystical and mysterious power that grows in South America. Palo Santo has been one of the most widely used plants among the Indians.

Palo Santo tree grows in Amazon rainforests and this tree is under protection. This tree must not be rooted out of the ground or be cut before the dead parts of this tree have been lying on the ground for several years. Only you can use these pieces of wood.

Palo Santo brings joy and creates good energy around it. When you want for your family members to always have a good mood, for you to always enjoy your own home and feel good there, then Palo Santo will help to create that. Keeps away your family members bad mood and makes them happier. Palo Santo smoke helps to get rid of hate or anxiety. Used as soon as there has been a quarrel or some bad event in the house in order to get rid of the fast-moving hurtful energy.

Palo Santo eliminates negativity, then it leaves a mysterious power around you to help invite abundant energy. Therefore, it can be used to invite good luck. Use Palo Santo regularly even if you want to evolve in your soul, strengthen your intuition and be in touch with your inner voice.

This is the perfect plant for cleansing rituals when you want to cleanse your crystals or home. This has a universal effect, therefore you can use it at any Moon phase. Cleanses all the crystal and activates them to give out their energies faster.

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Yerba Santa is a powerful protection shield creator and a creator of protection against misfortune and curse energy. Purifies the energy of utterance and proclaiming evil. It is a ritual plant with a healing and protective effect, which could certainly exist for everyone. Yerba Santa comes from Native American traditions. Yerba Santa or sacred plant has a pleasant aroma, which for many has an immediate mood-improving and healing effect.

This plant is used for a variety of purposes: to protect the aura field, to protect against spiritual attacks, to create a shield against cosmic negative energies, to increase courage, to impose restraints, to create discipline, to highlight spiritual talents such as clairvoyance, to communicate with the soul and to increase the happiness of love.

Yerba Santa is a ritual plant that I use to evoke visions when I need to know something quickly and immediately. This automatically puts me in a position where I can get answers to my questions.


Lavender is a world-famous plant used in the manufacture of various cosmetics and as a home alternative medicine for various problems. Lavender as a ritual plant is one of the most necessary plants for every mystic because it is extremely versatile and its essence can be applied in many different rituals. The most well-known effect of lavender is, of course, the creation of a calm atmosphere, but it can also take the intuitive soul to even deeper waves, the Astral.

The peculiarity of the lavender smudge stick is that it can instantly silence the energies that cause sadness, melancholy, illness, mental exhaustion and replace them with a sense of well-being. It is possible to clean all the rooms in the home, your own Aura Field and crystals. Use it as regularly as Palo Santo and Sage. The constant use of lavender also brings spiritual growth, progress and development. It develops intuition and teaches you to listen to it.

Use the Lavender Torch in rituals and magic where lavender is needed. Never miss out on components that are written in rituals and magic. The different elements complement each other.

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Each of the different smudge sticks has its own personal power and therefore everything is special. Each of them is used for specific purposes. For example, there are many ritual plants with sage to provide you with a multifunctional cleansing and healing smudge stick. From such a smudge stick you can get the power of both sage and another plant at the same time.

You can use these smudge sticks when you need the power of both plants at the same time, or when you want the combined energies of burning these plants. I like all these smudge sticks and I use them at different times. If I wish to activate prosperous energies I use Peppermint smudge stick with Sage, if there’s a retrograde, I’ll use another one, and this is how you can also use them in turns.


Use Sage and Peppermint smudge stick if you want to activate the energies of prosperity, money and happiness. Helps clean up bad energy that prevents cash flow. The combination of Sage and Peppermint helps to cleanse the stagnant energy, which prevents prosperous energies from growing. It is a smudge stick of prosperity that activates the perfect movement of the energies of wealth, cash flow, prosperity and happiness. Also use it to clean your home energy, your own Aura Field, crystals and various items. Clean the whole home with it so that the energies of happiness can exist, grow and be active there. This smudge stick can also be used to perform a universal cleansing ritual. It is especially helpful to burn at a time when adversity has turned to you or you need special support to ensure happiness.

Peppermint leaves with sage help to create a positive mood. After using this smudge stick, you can feel how your mood and well-being have improved.

Peppermint is a plant that, in addition to prosperous energies, can also activate the energies of love. Peppermint has the power to heal, improve, perfect and mobilize the energy of love. Peppermint invites love into the life of the person who uses it in one way or another. It helps to cultivate love energies at different levels. For example, Peppermint helps to love oneself or to cultivate that feeling towards one's loved ones, companion, world, nature or animals.

In addition to cultivating the energy of love, peppermint is a great trigger and activator of intuition. Peppermint helps open minds and trigger vision. It is a cleansing plant that can remove misleading messages, visions and knowledge from the mind. Peppermint opens the eyes and perception in the direction of the real answers.

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With the Sage and Eucalyptus smudge stick, you have the opportunity to heal your Aura and home energy. Both are powerful energy cleaners and are a perfect match. The combination of these energies results in the rapid purification of negative energy. If you want a very efficient and effective Aura or home cleansing, use this smudge stick. Ideal for ultra-high cleaning and is especially suitable for you if you rarely burn smudge sticks. Helps to get rid of stuck energies and is stronger than regular sage.

Sage and eucalyptus leaf smoke helps to release negative energy at a deep level by filtering and destroying it. If negative things happen in your home, people are unhappy, evil or unhappy while you are there, this smudge stick will help.

Eucalyptus originates in Tasmania, Australia and the surrounding islands. It is a plant with hundreds of different species. Eucalyptus has many healing properties. For example, this plant heals the respiratory system, helps to get rid of cough strengthens the immune system, is an ideal antibacterial home cleaner, helps against mould and is a cleaner for construction and industrial dust.

Eucalyptus is just for you if you are looking for something that will help release, cleanse and prevent negative energy. It is an excellent destroyer of unfortunate energy. This ritual plant cleanses the Aura Field of energies that someone else has sent to you in away. It is an excellent mental antidote to ward off negative energy and misfortune. Whenever you use the Eucalyptus plant, you are growing your own Aura Field.

In a spiritual sense, using the Eucalyptus ritual plant and inhaling it will help to brighten your senses. Eucalyptus helps to calm your soul and relieve unnecessary energies. For example, Eucalyptus is very useful for those who tend to constantly change their minds and cause unnecessary stress to themselves. If you recognize yourself here, you may have the Eucalyptus ritual plant at home. If you feel that you are becoming your own enemy and you are not able to make your thinking more positive, use it immediately.

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If you want to clean your home, crystals and yourself from stress-energy, then use Sage and Lavender smudge stick. Contributes to peace, well-being and balance. Useful when you are stressed and exhausted. Sage and Lavender are two very potent healing plants, both of which help cleanse stagnant energies. Sage does a great job of releasing even the heaviest and misfortune energies, Lavender replaces it with peace, balance and harmony. Burn a combination of two wonderful plants to release the stress-energy from your home and replace it with happiness energy.

Lavender is a world-famous plant used in the manufacture of various cosmetic products and as a home alternative medicine for various problems. Lavender as a ritual plant is one of the most necessary plants that every mystic needs, because it is an extremely versatile plant and its essence can be found in many different rituals The best-known effect of lavender is, of course, the creation of a calm atmosphere, but it can also take the intuitive soul to even deeper waves, the Astral.

Lavender smudge stick is useful for cleansing home energy and crystal energies. Lavender releases stress energy that is attached to the home of crystals. The use of Lavender is most suitable for those crystals that bring peace, balance, relieve stress and are related to improving mental well-being. Lavender is useful for healing home energy when all family members are constantly tense, nervous and have constant wars of words while at home. Lavender helps make the home more stress-free. After a more stressful or negative situation, it is always useful to burn Lavender at home so that this energy does not stick to the home and does not cause similar problems in the future.

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Use Sage and Sweetgrass if you want to bring positivity, happiness and abundance to your life. Sage cleanses the negative energy and the Sweetgrass replaces it with a positive one. Use this smudge stick regularly because it has multifunctional properties that can heal yourself, your home and the Aura Fields of crystals. Sage and Sweetgrass form an excellent energy duo that is deep cleansing and sets positive energy to grow.

Sage cleanses the most harmful, stressful, uncomfortable and unhappy energies. However, sweet grass automatically replaces all bad energy with new energy at the same time, helping to restore, improve and enhance energies.

Burn Sweetgrass when you’re performing rituals, aimed at sending wishes and prayers. It is a ritual plant that helps the rituals to function perfectly, making every place where this plant is burned sacred. Sweetgrass brings happiness and makes happiness energies move. You consciously create happiness energy where you burn it. For example, if you burn sweetgrass in your child's bedroom and if he dreams in his room, those dreams will gain more strength to come true at some point. Or, for example, when you burn Sweetgrass with Angel crystals near, your prayers to the Angels will reach them and be heard. By this, I mean that sweetgrass is useful to burn everywhere. Do this completely consciously to increase your happiness energies and opportunities.

Sweetgrass is burned to purify unnecessary energies and replace them with healing and useful energy. If you feel that you need a cleansing ritual, then Sweetgrass is a very good choice.

Burning sweetgrass helps to attract useful energy, so there is no direct reason to burn it needed, it always brings good luck. Sweetgrass can be a multifunctional choice if you want to burn a ritual plant, but don't know exactly what it is for.


With the Sage and Rosemary smudge stick, it is possible to cleanse your senses, body, home and crystals. Use this smudge stick if you want to cleanse the energies that hinder the movement, growth and development of the energy of love. Above all, this smudge stick is useful in healing relationships, feelings and emotions.

Sage has a deep cleansing effect, helping to eliminate all the energies that prevent happiness energy from existing or growing. Rosemary is associated with relationships, love, feelings and emotions. Thus, sage cleanses the negative energy and rosemary helps to activate good luck to move on just these topics.

This smudge stick can be used regularly. I especially recommend using it during the period when you need good luck in love.

Burn a smudge stick if something very bad has happened to your family or yourself. It helps relieve tension, stress, problems and heals the energy of fighting. Burn it to prevent bad luck from spreading.

Use this smudge stick to activate or purify love crystals. Its regular use helps to keep good energy of love around you and in life all the time.

Use a sage and rosemary smudge stick in magic or rituals where it is necessary. The combination of plants is powerful and the energy generated by their burning them together is unique.


Sage and Yerba Santa smudge stick is great for creating a strong shield. Creates and cleanses a strong Aura Field around you or your home. Yerba Santa makes this smudge stick intense.

Sage and Yerba santa are two ritual plants that help purify the energies that prevent the use of useful, necessary and positive energy. There are two power plants in this smudge stick. Use to use the healing power of both plants at the same time. It can replace Yerba Santa in rituals. Sage gives Yerba Santa an even stronger impetus for its active ingredients to come out. In addition, Sage helps cleanse negative energy so that Yerba Santa's power can be stronger and more effective.


Sage and Juniper smudge stick is intended for regular use. It is a multifunctional bad energy purifier that combines the forces of two very powerful energy purifiers. This smudge stick can be used in different lunar phases and I always recommend using it before performing rituals and magic. The smoke of this smudge stick cleanses the obstructive energies that prevent rituals and magic from working.

With the Sage and Juniper smudge stick, you can also clean an old house or a long-standing home and home or place with bad energy. Clean your home also if there is an accident, someone has been traumatized or very bad news. Such cases carry bad energy to the house, which is very difficult to get rid of. The power of juniper together with Sage helps to release strong stagnant energies. Clean the bedroom with this smudge stick as soon as you experience a nightmare.

If you suspect that someone has chided you, you are constantly being chased by bad luck, or you feel very bad in the company of a person, then cleanse your Aura Field with this smudge stick and you can feel great after that.

Always use the Sage and Juniper smudge stick in the magic and rituals where it is noted. In addition, it is well suited for use during prediction, as it prevents the appearance of false visions, speeds up the appearance of visions and improves the quality of the prediction, and helps to get the right answers.

Juniper has a spiritual block-releasing effect, helping to get rid of the blockages above the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. Also, use this smudge stick during meditation to see visions.


Sage and Cinnamon smudge stick is a strong home and energy healer. When you use this smudge stick, it first cleanses your, home or crystal energies and then activates the energy of happiness to grow. Sage has a great and deep cleansing effect, helping to cleanse even the most negative energies, while Cinnamon brings with it rich, abundant and loving energy, helping to replace negative energy with something good and positive.

Burn this smudge stick regularly if you are looking for something that will help you feel happy, positive, and loved, and if you want to keep prosperity and cash flow active in your life. Burning cinnamon releases positive and prosperous energy, which brings a wealth of good luck and activates the flow of cash, it has a similar effect on the Peppermint and Sage smudge stick. Cinnamon helps to increase the growth of happiness energy and therefore it is wise to use it regularly. It gives you the opportunity to constantly keep the energy of happiness active in your life.

Burning cinnamon also triggers the energy of love and optimism. It increases hope, well-being, brings good happiness and a good understanding of relationships. Burn it between the walls of your own home to improve your personal relationship or family life, it will help increase good interactions between people who live under the same roof as you. Cinnamon has a positive effect on life, helping to make you happier. Use the Sage and Cinnamon smudge stick to heal energies even when you feel constantly moody or living with someone who is pessimistic. Burn it regularly to improve your mood and mood.

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CHAKRA smudge stick

The Chakra smudge stick is made of white sage and various flowering ritual plants, which in turn are assembled according to the ceremonial plants of the Indians. These plants help cleanse the entire chakra system by removing energy that causes inconsistencies, creates negativity, attracts misfortune and various other harmful energies. This smudge stick is a multifunctional self-healer that could be used continuously for spiritual prophylaxis. If you're feeling unwell, you're not in a mood, you're not motivated, you can't find inspiration, or you're sick, this is for you.

Healing the chakras is important for all people. Failure to do so can result in emotional imbalances, negative thought patterns, weakness, fears, or anxiety. If you want to heal from them, you have to start healing the chakras. This smudge stick is ideal for this. If you have fallen victim to a negative mind, this smudge stick will help purify your energies so that your thought pattern can change. Before you can heal, your energy needs to be cleansed of negative, repressive, and problematic behaviours. The Chakra smudge stick is a powerful self-healing tool that could be used from time to time for prophylaxis in spiritual practice. It aligns your entire Chakra system and contributes to self-healing.

Also, use the Chakra smudge stick in-home cleansing, it is a multifunctional home energy healer. It also allows you to cleanse the crystals, activate them and activate their happiness energies.

White sage or sage contributes to the activity of other ritual plants and makes them extra effective, releases negativity and helps the healing energies of other plants reach the chakras.

How to store smudge sticks?

Keep the smudge sticks in a dry place for better preservation. These are dried plants that absorb moisture and then may not burn quickly. It is best to find the driest place for them in their own home, for example, to keep them inside a box.

When you use smudge sticks for energy purification, you often do not burn the torch at once. They can be used over and over again. Therefore, you need some space to store them. If you have different smudge sticks, you can use them exactly when the feeling comes or the time is right to use them. It is a good idea to keep supplies of smudge sticks at home so that they are available at the right time.

How I use smudge sticks?

I have a special Agate candle holder, where I keep a white tea candle I light when I start to cleanse my home. From this same candle burning in the Agate, I take a flame for the smudge stick to set it on fire for a moment and then shake the smudge stick to extinguish it. It then starts to emit smoke. This same smoke is healing. In this way, I go through my entire home with ritual smudge stick smoke, while holding Agate candle holder, from which I can light the smudge stick again at any moment.  Agate has a protective effect and adds value to energy recovery. You can also use other crystal candle holder for such energy healing rituals.