Have you ever fought with someone in your dream? Started a quarrel with someone? Has anyone scolded you or have you witnessed fighting? This is an extremely popular topic to see in a dream. Since many people have turned to me to find out the meaning of this dream, I decided to talk about it in more detail. It will definitely help you to better understand the dreams where quarrels take place.

First, before you start explaining this dream, remember a few things. Remember how the quarrel ended, who was right, who started it, and remember what the content of the quarrel was. This will give you a clear idea of which issue is causing the dispute.

Seeing a fight, or quarrelling in a dream, is most likely a predictive vision, i.e. such a thing can happen either immediately after seeing this dream or in the near future. You can be sure if this is a predictable dream if you have not had a personal conflict with anyone just before you see this dream. If so, you may, unfortunately, wait for a similar situation to arise.

Why do you have such a dream?

If you have not had a conflict with anyone in the near future, it is most likely a prophetic vision. Your own intuition or Guardian Angel will let you know that danger is imminent. Take this as a warning and you may be able to prevent it. Maybe you will be able to behave better and still solve the matter painlessly. There are many things we can avoid. Sometimes, however, such a dream just needs to inform you so that you can be mentally ready and not be surprised later.

Conflict, quarrels, fighting and disputes

Seeing such a situation in a dream indicates that the problem has become apparent and is in it. In any case, it is a dream that makes it clear that you are facing obstacles or setbacks.

A dream where you had a row with a loved one indicates that the problem is personal or internal. It may be related to something in your private life.

A dream of quarrelling with a stranger may indicate a problem that is not of a very personal nature. This may be a problem with someone else or something you are not strongly involved with.

If you started the fight yourself, it's up to you. You may not be happy with the way things are going in your life at the moment, or you may not be happy with a particular person or situation.

If you didn't start the quarrel yourself and you were involved in it, then someone else may have something against you or you may not be happy with you.

If you witnessed a quarrel but did not participate, you may soon hear someone's problem or quarrel. You may be an eyewitness or a witness, but you have no personal role to play.

If there was a fight for you, someone may soon have a conflict over you. It can be about a misunderstanding, jealousy or misunderstanding things.

The dream of wanting to be in the fight and not reconcile points to a problem that will not be solved soon. If you don't want to find a solution to the problem yourself, it's up to you. If, on the other hand, things are stopped and blocked, then it is not you, but the other side.

In a dream involving quarrel and row, the other side usually occurs. The people you dreamed of don't have to refer to those people 100%. Maybe they don't have to be the ones with whom this situation arises. These people may symbolize the whole nature of the situation or be similar to the real person (s) in the situation.

If you stop a row in a dream, i.e. intervene to protect something or someone, it shows that you have a personal opinion about something. It can also be literally translated, like all fight-related dreams, and you protect someone specific from someone else.

Arguing, in general, indicates that you are not happy with something or someone. It shows your own inner restlessness and dissatisfaction. If you see a quarrel in any version of the dream, first ask yourself, "What am I not happy with", "What am I not happy with", "What can irritate me?" You can get an answer before the real event comes out. It will help you better understand what is ahead of you, and maybe you can avoid it or think things out for yourself.

Arguing can also indicate that you feel pushed away, ignored, and misunderstood. Anyway, it most likely predicts a problem for you to deal with and face.

If you see a quarrel in a dream, start immediately wearing agate crystal. It is a crystal that protects against conflicts that do not have a good way out or gives you the opportunity to turn conflicts to your advantage. In addition, I recommend doing an Aura cleansing with a ritual plant, for example with a sage and eucalyptus smudge stick, to prevent attracting negative energy.