A child is the greatest treasure, and a child's well-being is certainly the most important thing for a loving parent. However, life itself is not always free from danger and worry. If you feel that your child has little protection, is easily in trouble, is being bullied by someone, or you simply want to protect him from danger, then this ritual will help you achieve this.

When to do this magic?

Full Moon rituals are always one of the most powerful, so it's best to do that magic during the full Moon. After every about 28 days, a new Full Moon arrives. You can do the ritual of the Full Moon for 3 consecutive days, i.e. you can choose a suitable date for yourself. Full Moon rituals can be performed on the day before, on the exact day and after the Full Moon. From the Full Moon calendar, you can find the exact dates. 

Do this ritual when you feel that you want to protect your child and create a strong Aura shield for him. If you have several children, you can do the ritual on several children at once. The magic can be repeated over time. Do this if you feel that your child's Aura has weakened.

Where do perform this ritual?

Perform the ritual in a place that suits you and is chosen by you. The total length of the magic is about 30 minutes. If you do the ritual on several children at once, you can count on more time.


1. Sage and Lavender smudge stick (or alternatively Sage and Lavender incense)
2. Blessings incense
3. Lemurian Jade 
(1 crystal for each child)
4. Black bag (1 bag for each child)
5. Picture of the child on paper (as new a picture as possible)
6. Matches
7. White candle
8. Fireproof base
(for the candle)
9. Incense holder (for the incense)

To send out the magic...

1. For the ritual place the white candle to burn and place the Blessing incense to smoke on the incense holder. It is an incense that helps to send prayers and wishes to another person's Aura Field. This is a very important incense for the ritual to work.

2. If you have made the incense smoke, take a photo of your child/children.

3. Place Lemurian Jade on the photo. If there are several children, place one crystal on each photo. Lemurian Jade is a crystal that helps to increase protection, the Aura Field, remove misfortune and protect from evil. It is a great crystal for this magic.

4. Once the crystals are placed on the photo, take a smudge stick and make it smoke from the candle flame (if the smoking stops, light it up from time to time). Clean the photo with the smudge stick i.e. move on the photo with the smudge stick by making circular movements with your hand. At the same time, wish for your child to be cared for and protected. Then set the smudge stick aside.

5. Now, take your left hand and place it on the photo so that the crystal and photo are under your hand. Close your eyes, focus on your child and wish for him or her to be protected and cared for. You can also ask for help and security on a specific topic, such as protection from someone who does too much. If you do the ritual for several children at once, repeat it for the second picture.

6. When you have finished sending the wishes, light the smudge stick again. Make circles over the photo and focus on the child being cared for and protected. When you are finished, set the smudge stick aside and move on to complete the magic.

7. Now let the photo and the crystal stay in place until the incense is completely finished. When it has finished smoking, fold the photo and place it with the crystal in a black bag. To complete the ritual, light the smudge stick again and make circles around this bag. Then the magic is confirmed.

8. Keep the magic bag in a hidden place in the child's room. It must not be visible to the eyes, where family members can see it. Keep the magic bag until the protection works. It can work for months and years. If at some point you feel that you want to do magic for your child again, do it with a new photo and crystal. You can remove the crystals and the picture from the old magic bag. You can take the crystals to the forest.

9. If your child lives away from you, for example, you want to do magic on an adult child, you can keep the ritual bag at home.

Children are the most precious treasure that must be protected and cared for with all your might and power!