Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, insane fears, sleep problems, restlessness, self-doubt, not trusting others, overeating, poor habits, and many other debilitating and devastating problems exist everywhere. There are many who have many of the problems at once that make their quality of life poor and break their mental health. Anxiety, and sometimes even unexplained anxiety, is a very big problem here, and it is often not even understood where it comes from. Because I have so much contact with different people, their personal lives and their health, I know that these problems occur very often. If you feel you are at this point or your loved one is having some of these problems, then this article is for you. I will share with you ways you or someone close to you can stay mentally healthy. These activities help you gain control over yourself and provide support to get out of very poor thought patterns or routines. My greatest wish is that you or a loved one be healed.


Have you ever watched what you think about and how your thoughts move from one topic to another? If you haven't done so, take a moment and just let your mind think, and you'll discover how much information your mind is digesting. Often this information is not related and topics can be wall-to-wall.

It is important for mental health that you are able to concentrate, silence and direct your thoughts. If this seems too difficult or impossible for you to achieve at this point, then, in fact, the power is in your hands.

In order to be able to control your thoughts, you have to practice them. It's not as easy if you haven't learned it. But this does not mean that it is impossible. It took me years to gain that strength, and I still polish it every day. It is part of spiritual development. If you start now and today, you will get there faster. So why wait?

Take at least a quarter of an hour each day to practice gaining control of your thoughts. All you need is a moment with yourself. To speed it all up, use a meditation or reiki incense. The presence of the Blue Lace Agate is also useful. Keep this crystal close to you at that time, for example in your hand or as a piece of jewellery. Blue Lace Agate promotes spiritual development by helping to reduce stress and bring out a sense of well-being.

Take a quarter of an hour to direct your thoughts. If something bothers you about your thoughts, focus on something else right away. Try to gain control of the thoughts that are bothering you during these fifteen minutes. For example, if an idea comes up that is full of fear or negativity, focus immediately on something good. Replace negative with positive. Practice it every day and you will see that at some point you will be able to control your mind in those moments where you need to move away from bad, self-destructive, sad and melancholy thoughts.

Why do it and why is it useful?

If you can control what you focus on, you will be able to help yourself in moments when you feel bad. When past problems, worries, and bad feeling start to weigh on you, coming out of it depends on how you can control your mind. If you are used to doing this, then in these moments it is beneficial to practice it.


Your mental health depends largely on how you treat yourself and what you think of yourself. Self-criticism is useful for moving forward, but everything has its limits. Constant self-criticism will break you spiritually and at some point, your physical body will collapse. If you offer yourself more love, you will heal yourself in every way.

If you are the one who constantly reproaches yourself, is harsh and unfair to yourself, then jump out of this pattern. Try to notice when you start acting against yourself. If you notice this, it will brake automatically. Then remind yourself of my recommendations. Instead of defaming and harming yourself, forgive yourself, offer yourself support and love.

Focus on being worthy of good and luck. To do this, offer yourself the treatment you would offer to the person you love most in this world. Give yourself a chance to be pampered. Make yourself happy with something that nourishes your soul.


If you feel that there is too much of everything, the pace is high and your mind is going crazy inside it all, then time must be taken. I'm not talking about hours, days or weeks. If you are in a hurry, you need to find some time to ground yourself. Sometimes a quarter of an hour helps to rest, sit, relax or meditate. Allow yourself to take a moment to ground yourself when you feel like you're about to collapse. It will prevent this and give you the strength you need for the rest of the day to keep up. Don't think that a quarter of an hour will make your day even harder, but think that it can help you stay on track longer.

Meditation, for example, is very useful. Close your eyes and focus on something good that you like or love. It is also a great benefit to feeling gratitude here. Focus on the people you love or the moments that have made you very happy.

Drink green tea, especially matcha-tea, or consume Siberian ginseng, to provide long-term energy. Siberian ginseng acts like caffeine, but without the nervousness. However, if you are a crazy coffee lover, always consume L-theanine with coffee (it can be taken with coffee and it is even recommended to do so). Ecosh Meelerahu food supplement also has L-theanine in it. L-Theanine helps to highlight the energy-giving properties of caffeine and at the same time blocks the nerve-causing properties. It is a coffee balancer.

After a quarter of an hour of rest, rise and shine. You can even see how this short time can make the rest of the day easier, and many nervous activities now seem much easier.


Rhodiola is an Ayurvedic herb with properties that relieve stress, anxiety, panic and depression. Bring this herb into your life to support your spiritual body. It helps to cope better with stressful situations. In Ayurveda or Indian folk medicine, Rhodiola is used to bring the mind under control. This makes it easier to meditate and control confused thoughts. It increases your mental stamina and gives you the opportunity to focus on what is really important to you.

In addition to effectively and quickly reducing stress levels, Rhodiola also provides energy. If you feel that you cannot cope, you are powerless and you do not have spiritual energy, then this is the best Ayurvedic herb to bring into your life.

Rhodiola has many other good properties, such as improving memory, boosting concentration, strengthening the immune system, and it works well for muscle tension. It works in a similar way to magnesium, helping to reduce heart rhythm problems, such as irregular heartbeats, which can be caused by high levels of stress.

Your mental health determines your quality of life. It is something to constantly encourage, strengthen and take care of!