On a spiritual level, the bathroom symbolizes spiritual development, progress and cleansing. When you see a bathroom in a dream, it is the topic that the dream is talking about. Seeing a bathroom in a dream means that something is going on in your spiritual body. It can be a completely conscious movement or activity that you do in yourself. However, it can also be a subconscious change.

Before you dive into the more detailed explanation of bathroom dream interpretation I've written to you here, you need to clarify one thing.

First of all, was it a new, clean and beautiful bathroom? Or was it a dirty, old or dilapidated bathroom? The water that was in the room also counts. Was it clean, clear, or black and muddy?

Purity and luxury symbolize good luck and moving in the right direction in this dream. Dirty, black or dilapidated symbolizes the exact opposite, i.e. unhappiness and movement in the wrong direction. Now, remember them and explain your dream further through my article on the dream interpretation.

A bathroom is a place where we primarily relax and wash. If we find ourselves in the bathroom in our dream, then washing and relaxing is equivalent to being free in the spiritual world, moving forward, creating clarity and progress that should bring good. Especially when the bathroom in the dream was luxurious, beautiful and the water was clean.

Any dream of a bathroom with a negative undertone suggests that you need to get in the right direction and change course to find success.

The rest of the dream interpretation below is only about the dream where the bathroom was clean, luxurious and where the water was fresh and clear. 

The bigger the bathroom in your dream, the bigger change is waiting for you or the bigger the process of change. The more spacious, the higher the ceilings or the more luxurious the bathroom, the more significant the result. The smaller the bathroom in your dream, the smaller the spiritual change and happiness that will befall on your life. So when you explain your dream, try to remember the size of the room you were in.

Searching for a bathroom in a dream indicates that you want a change in your life on a particular topic. Once you find the bathroom, you will start to change, you will find the necessary knowledge and opportunity. If you can't find the bathroom, then you don't.

A dream where someone else is in the bathroom with you indicates that you will soon need to help him or someone else (the person you dream of does not always have to be the person you need to help – it may be a hint to a similar person). You have something you can pass on, teach or support in some way.

If you dream of someone else in your bathroom, it is your responsibility to give something that will help them get from one stage of life to another. This can be useful information or just the need for your supportive shoulder.

A bathroom without soap or other detergent suggests that you need something to help you move forward in life. You need the support of someone or something to support you.

You can read about the bath separately in my previously written explanation of dreams, which you can find HERE. If you dreamed of both a bathroom and a bath, both of these articles will help you.

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