Mars retrograde is not a regular retrograde, as it takes place about every 26 months or every two years. Mars retrograde lasts about two and a half months in a row, and in this short time, it can affect us quite a lot. Retrogrades are always powerful, no matter what planet is in retrograde. In short, retrograde means that this planet will move backward in relation to us in the sky. During the retrograde, the energies always become more intense, and, according to the planet, certain energies become more prominent. Mars retrograde is a very rare phenomenon, and another planet that goes very rarely to the retrograde is Venus next to Mars. Mars retrograde has a huge negative impact and also creates confusion that you have to deal with. I will help you understand what the Mars retrograde gives us or takes away if you allow it to happen.

Mars retrograde lasts about 80 days, which may seem like a very short period at first glance, but if you're immersed in its meaning, you'll realize that this time can seem like an eternity.

Mars retrograde dates:

2022 October 30   -  January 11 (2023)

2024   December 6 -  February 24 (2025)

2027 January 10   - April 1

2029 February 14 - May 5

2031 May 29 - June 13

Think before you act - otherwise, chaos is guaranteed

This is a time to think first and then to act - otherwise bad decisions or bad situations can happen. Everything that is done impulsively brings suffering and difficult situations. If you want to save yourself from all this, think carefully about what you do, what you say, and how you express yourself.

In the world, hasty decisions can lead to disasters, unnecessary restrictions, problems, and chaos. It is very important that large organizations do not make hasty decisions at this time so that people do not have to suffer altogether. In all likelihood, someone somewhere will make a decision that is not well thought out and will lead to chaos.

How does Mars retrograde affect you personally?

Blocked self-expression

Mars retrograde reduces the ability to express and understand oneself. This makes it difficult for you to listen to your inner voice, listen to your intuition, make the right choices, or make a decision at all. Mars retrograde makes it difficult for anyone to express themselves. Now, how well you were able to express yourself in general (before the Mars retrograde) plays a big role here. Are you more closed or open? The more closed you are, the more difficult the Mars retrograde will be for you. The more open you are, the less it affects you. So you can decide for yourself how insanely this part of the Mars retrograde will affect you.

For better self-expression and increased personal achievement, wear a Pyrite crystal. Pyrite increases your personal happiness, ability, and skills. Pyrite is useful if you want to improve your personal strength. This will help you achieve the desired results faster and easier.

Obstacles to achieving the desired results

Mars retrograde makes it difficult for you to fulfill your desired desires, achieve great results, and shine in your best condition. Even if you have all the charm, power, and skills, this retrograde lowers self-expression, performance, and ability. This is the worst time to compete and achieve complete success in various projects.

If possible, I do not recommend any major projects during this period. Be it a competition, finishing something for the deadline, etc. If this has been planned in advance, there may be setbacks, delays, or postponements. Be prepared for that, and if that happens, know why it happens. Don't be overwhelmed by this, keep a positive attitude, trying to see that the glass is half full and not half empty.

If you have a very important thing on hand during the Mars retrograde, you want to burn Sage and Peppermint smudge stick during this period. This increases the energy of happiness and helps to prevent misfortune from the outside. This will help slightly reduce the influence of the Mars retrograde on you. Be sure to do this if you need to achieve something important.

Switches the time to a standstill or makes it move very slowly

Another important thing you should know about Mars retrograde is that it silences the passage of time. It has a tremendous effect on the Earth's energy, setting back the perception of the speed of time.

When you're in a Mars retrograde, you can sense how things just drag on, time doesn't move fast, days go slower, answers may be delayed, as well as the results you want - everything just gets slower. It all lasts two and a half months (see date above).

Stopping time can either affect you well or put your patience to the test. If you are expecting something, the waiting time seems especially excruciating at that time. If you want to take time off, your vacation period will be extended. You just perceive time differently than usual.

When Mars is in retrograde, you can feel for yourself how time takes on a different meaning.

Sexuality and love life

During the Mars retrograde, many may give in to someone who doesn't value you at all. If you are single and looking for a relationship, building a relationship at that time can be very risky. For example, you may come across someone who may only have a sexual interest in you.

True love, unconditional and pure communication - it is difficult for a single woman or man to find at that time. It's not impossible, but the dangers are great and you can fall victim to a person who wants nothing but your body.

Be careful, try to create a feeling, and not immediately jump into a relationship with a new acquaintance. Give yourself time to reach greater clarity.

For those in a relationship, this period is also problematic if you are not spiritually loyal to your partner. Relationship violations get wind in the wings during the Mars retrograde. If you are flirting with others, you want attention from outside the relationship, you may end up cheating.

If you want to protect your relationship from this, keep Red Tiger’s Eye crystal at home during this period. Recommended with other love crystals. It is a crystal that helps prevent relationship breaches and third parties from the relationship.

Anger and depression

I have nothing good to say about the Mars retrograde. As much as I'd like to do that, I can't do it because it is a complicated retrograde.

Mars retrograde brings aggressive emotions, feelings, and self-expression to the surface. Insults, irritations, panic, dissatisfaction, sadness, melancholy - they can all hit you or someone else.

How mentally healthy have you been before the Mars retrograde? If you are strong, it will not affect you so much. If not, all the poison will come out of you. You show what you consist of to all the loved ones or people you come in contact with.

Great recommendation! If you know that you are mentally weak, then all these two and a half months you have to deal with self-healing and offer solutions to your stress. Ayurvedic herbs Ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola, and Siberian Ginseng come to your aid Consume L-theanine and give it pampering to your mental body. Burn Tulsi incense, to reduce your stress levels.

If someone gets mad at you, insults you, treats you disrespectfully, don't fall to the same level. Get over it, step away, step aside and get out. Do it for your health and well-being. Do not go to war at a time that promotes hostility. This brings you quite a Karma. Let this other party fight alone, he earns personal Karma with it. You have the right to withdraw, exercise your right.

Tiger Iron crystal helps protect you from other people's outbursts of rage. Wear a Tiger Iron to stay away from situations where someone else is pointing you to toxic words and using vile techniques. Tiger Iron creates a strong Aura Shield around you that can remove you in time from the person who is bringing you a lot of trouble. 

What is a person like born during the retrograde of Mars?

It is difficult for this person to express himself openly all his life. Something is holding him back, and one of the tasks in this life is to constantly try to make sure that all feelings are expressed. This person often keeps stress within himself, problems and sadness that at some point are triggered from a clear sky. It is difficult for him to deal with his own stress right away, instead, he pushes it down and it manifests itself in cycles where he really lives it out. It does not lead to a good relationship, because in general, a dear person close by has to experience or get it in them. It is the energy that is carried on the birth chart and it shapes his character to some extent.

During the Mars retrograde, a lot of effort must be put into keeping the mood good, positive, and optimistic!