Your health should always be a priority, especially when you eat. Selenium, as an important mineral, can be obtained from food if your diet is varied. However, the regular menu is relatively low in nutrients and a selenium deficiency can easily occur. It is an important mineral that is often overlooked and not given much emphasis. I want to bring this mineral to the forefront and help you understand why it's important to make sure you have enough selenium on your diet every day. If this is not the case, then an alternative way to consume selenium should be found, such as bringing it to life in the form of a quality food supplement. 

Calcium and magnesium are minerals our bodies need daily in large quantities, especially magnesium. The body needs less selenium than the previous two, but on a daily basis, and its lack causes a lot of different health problems. Aim to bring selenium into your life! (You can find Cytoplan’s calcium and magnesium from HERE and HERE.)

An antioxidant that helps fight diseases

Selenium is a great antioxidant that helps your body cells fight free radicals on a daily basis. At every moment, free radicals form in your body that must be fought. They are a source of disease and selenium supports the overall health and healing of the body.

It can play a major role in fighting cancer and slowing it down

Selenium supports your body in fighting and stopping so many types of cancer. For example, selenium is very useful for men in preventing prostate cancer. Prolonged selenium deficiency may be one of the reasons why men may suffer from such a health problem.

In addition to prostate cancer, low levels of selenium in the blood have often been found in people with breast cancer, lung cancer, or bowel problems. This may suggest that selenium helps ensure the health and regular functioning of these organs. If your diet is full of selenium-deficient food, this is why it could be absorbed daily through food or supplements. 

DNA damage repair

Selenium is a mineral that helps repair DNA damage. If you consume selenium regularly, you will give your body the support it needs to heal itself where the damage has occurred. Its ability to repair DNA may be one of the properties that prevent the development and formation of cancer cells.


Radiotherapy causes great trauma to the body, and many who have been exposed to it may experience diarrhoea, nausea, significant worsening of their well-being, and many other complications. Selenium is a mineral that can significantly help a person who has been exposed to radiotherapy to improve their well-being. Selenium helps to recover and provides the body with the necessary nutrients to repair the damage caused by it.

An immune system booster that helps build a strong shield against viral and bacterial diseases 

The most important mineral for boosting the immune system is, of course, zinc. It could be consumed as a food supplement on a daily basis, as food is low in zinc and eating grain products blocks its uptake. In addition to zinc, selenium is also an important mineral. Selenium increases the body's resistance and helps prevent viruses and harmful bacteria from entering the body. By consuming selenium, you can provide yourself with a strong defence mechanism, especially if you also consume zinc at the same time. (Cytoplan Zinc can be found HERE.)

You can find Selenium from these plants:

- Brazil nuts
- Banana
- Kiwi
- Grapefruit
- Mango
- Dates
- Mushrooms
- Asparagus
- Garlic
- Broccoli
- Spinach
- White beans
- Coconut 

Selenium is necessary for thyroid health

The thyroid gland contains the most selenium of all other organs, and this mineral is essential for the health of this organ. Selenium protects the thyroid gland from disease and helps it produce essential hormones for the body. Selenium is especially needed by those with hypothyroidism.

In addition, low levels of selenium in the body have been found to cause autoimmune diseases related to the thyroid gland. Therefore, it is important for each of us to make sure that selenium is on our daily diet.

Consumption of selenium can allow the thyroid gland to heal and reduce its symptoms in case of health problems. Give your body a chance to recover with selenium!

Great help for asthmatics

Asthma is a chronic disease that must be constantly relieved so that it does not interfere with life. For asthmatics, selenium is a great helper in helping to reduce the symptoms that can make life difficult. The most common asthma symptoms are shortness of breath, sneezing, itching and being out of breath.

In addition to using selenium, asthmatics could also burn lemon tea tree, tea tree, eucalyptus, clove or lime essential oil. They have a great effect on the respiratory system and also help to reduce the reactions that occur in the body due to asthma.

Your mental body will thank you for selenium!

Food plays an important role in how well you feel spiritually, what your mental health is today and in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to bring healing nutrients to the mental body. Selenium is one of many that can ensure strong mental health.

Selenium deficiency can lead to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Anyone who has come into contact with these diseases knows how terrible these health problems are. Selenium is a mineral that helps to slow down, stop and prevent mental health problems, including the aforementioned diseases, by having a great effect on the work of your brain and prolonging the life of your brain.

In addition, selenium helps to slow the progression of Parkinson's and also sclerosis multiplex when these diseases are detected in the body. These are irreversible diseases that can be slowed down.

Selenium intake can save your heart health

Your heart needs the mineral selenium. Therefore, it is very, very important to consume it daily through food or to provide the necessary amount of selenium as a dietary supplement. 

Selenium is extremely important for heart health because it helps reduce inflammation in the body, which in turn allows your heart to be healthy. In addition, selenium is an excellent antioxidant that protects the heart just like any other antioxidant.

Use selenium wisely!

If you consume selenium as a food supplement, always choose the highest quality source of selenium that is plant-based and is not synthetic. The selenium sold in La Tene stores is of high quality. You can find it HERE.

Selenium should definitely not be overused and therefore the recommended amount on the product should be followed or a doctor should be consulted.

All health advice, recommendations and information mentioned in this article is not health information. It is not health advice, but Tene's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of Selenium is at individual risk. If needed, please check with your doctor before taking this product.