To move on with your life, you need to set yourself thinking in a certain direction. In a direction that helps you achieve what you want, what you dream of and what you want. When and how to get there? As long as fate allows, and so that you give your best. I will share with you how I move forward step by step and gradually in life. It can also become the key to your personal success. 


If you want to make your dream come true and achieve something that you have had in your heart for a long time, you have to take the right steps!

I have always believed that just dreaming and wishing is not enough. These are the cornerstones, but from there you need to climb on, jump and make an effort, overcome something and do a lot more to reach physically what has long existed in the soul as visions.

First, you set the vision or the end result. Then we need to take action and make the right steps for it all.

Make a plan to help you achieve everything that exists in your dreams. Ask yourself, what do you have to do to do this? Wait? No! This is definitely the wrong answer. Does anyone else have to help you do this? No! This is your dream. In fact, you only need yourself. You have to be the one who works the hardest for all this, others can only support you.

- To achieve something, you have to constantly dedicate yourself to it.

- To reach the desired end result, you need to work hard and stay on track.

- To get results, you need to think carefully about whether your actions today will help you achieve them or whether they have moved you in a different direction.

Most importantly, do your actions help you achieve results or not? It's quite complicated. Sometimes you can do a lot, but your actions will not help your dream come true. You need to analyse the consequences of your actions. 

Let me give you an example: you want to lose weight and exercise, but you don't change your diet. One link is missing, that is nutrition. Weight loss starts with changing the diet. Training alone may not take you far, as it only compliments your body. Be honest with yourself, no matter what your wishes and dreams are. Ask yourself, are you making enough effort or not? If so, continue in the same spirit, if not, change your attitude and actions.


The common keyword of these three sharp words is whining. If you want to go further in life, it must not exist. These are traits that need to be improved, changed and corrected.

If you have a target in mind, your excuses, accusations, and complaints can be a total poison.

You automatically slow down on reaching your dream if you find excuses for not working hard. Constantly finding excuses for yourself and others will not take you far in life. Every time you do this, you stand still while time continues to fly. 

Blaming someone or complaining about something has exactly the same value – a total break. The behaviour of others does not have to be a personal obstacle for you. If someone has taken away your motivation or wants to tell you that you can't or won’t able to do it, they don't have to have so much power over you. There are all kinds of people and we are on different spiritual levels, you don't have to let yourself be subjugated by the toxic emotions coming from others. Stand straight on your track, don't let yourself to be pulled from that path.

It's exactly the same as complaining. "Things are difficult, it’s so complicated, I don't have the resources, I can't pull through, I'm stressed, I'm sleepless, I'm hungry, I've hurt a lot, I'm afraid, etc.." At this point, I can keep writing these complaints that have no more value than blocking all your success. If you want to go further in life, you have to overcome yourself. If you feel it is difficult, you will put in more effort. If you feel there are no resources, you will start creating them yourself. If you feel sleepy, tomorrow may be different. If you feel stressed, offer your body something to help it relax. We must act, always and constantly!


This moment here, now and now is the key to success. If you fall asleep, success will not become a physical and living vision.

If you want to succeed in life, make a dream come true and realize your desires, then you need to make the most of this moment. Use the moment, act on it, commit and be in constant motion.

Laziness, waiting, and stepping back will not help you. Ask yourself: "What I can do today, right now to be more successful?". Maybe it's time to boost your health to get more energy. Maybe it's time to stop sitting on the couch all the time and get up so you have more time to create your dreams. Ask yourself at any moment: "Am I making the best use of this time right now?". If the answer is no, then find a way to live in the best possible way of your life at that moment.

Rest and enjoy while on vacation, don't worry. If you have free time, fill it with your own goals.

Tiger’s Iron and Carnelian crystal will help with the motivation needed to achieve personal success. Tiger’s Iron increases self-confidence and helps keep you on track. Carnelian motivates and brings success. Both crystals give you the strength to make dreams and desires come true. I recommend holding these crystals together so that they can help you to the maximum.

You work on yourself and shape yourself to be successful. To do this, you need to make the most of your time and know where it is useful for you to invest your energy.