Have you looked at the clock at exactly 22:44 or seen the number combination 2244 somewhere else, and it somehow enchanted you, caught your attention or just stopped you for a while? For example, if you randomly look at the clock and the time is exactly 22:44, your thought is stopped, then this message was sent to you by an Angel next to you. It is mystical to notice such a number on the clock or elsewhere, and if it is accompanied by an emotion that suggests that it is not just a normal time, then that emotion was given to you by the same Angel who was next to you at the same time, and of course message.

I have previously talked a lot about how Angels try to contact us, and the stronger your connection with the Angel world is, the more Angel crystals there are in your life, the more Angels will start to connect with you. The angels still send you combinations of numbers so that you can read out the message in their secret language you need to know at that very moment. I remind you again and again that the Angel messages must be translated for themselves immediately so that they are not lost in the translation. It is very difficult to try to understand them later.

I will help you understand what the number 22:44 means in the world of angels, and its meaning applies only to this combination. The meaning of 22:44 also applies simply to the number 2244 if it appears in another context in your life.

You can see the Angel message 22:44 as a time, for example. When you see this number, someone from the Angel world is calling you to be especially attentive and patient today.

Seeing this number, do not make hasty decisions – weight, analysis and digest what is going on properly in your life. Impulsivity is of no use to you. This message comes when you need to make a decision. If so, listen to the Angel!

You can also see this Angel message if you are wasting your time on nonsense or topics that really do not deserve your attention at all. Think carefully about who and to whom you dedicate yourself. Is it all worth it?

With the message 22:44, the Angel wants you to look inside yourself and analyse your life. Maybe there's still something out there that doesn't deserve your attention, and maybe you're really in a hurry to make a decision. Think about what the Angel is drawing your attention to. He's not going to pass that message on to you. If you see 22:44, there is still a greater reason, especially if you see it daily.

For a better connection with the Angels, keep Angel Agate near your bed or wear it around your neck as a talisman.

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