Sagittarians are born between November 22 - December 21. Those born at that time carry with them the cosmic energy of Sagittarius throughout their lives. Date of births determine our characteristics, goals and more. The stars indicate who we are and where we are going. Each zodiac sign is special and so is Sagittarius. I'll tell you five things that always come with a real Sagittarius. These qualities must be accepted, and if you do, you will be able to enjoy its charm and authenticity to the fullest.

naine vibuga rannas
Sagittarius is a small attention magnet since birth. He doesn't have to do much himself to attract the attention of others – all Sagittarians are charming and have an interesting nature. It is not difficult for a Sagittarius to get the attention of the person he wants to make contact with. It just happens, quickly and very naturally. He draws attention to himself.

But now comes the tricky part – there are two types of attention grabbers among the Sagittarius. Some are the ones who charm with pleasant traits, kindness and friendliness. Others are, however, those who always find themselves in the grip of problems, conflicts or attention that offers unpleasant tension. If you are a Sagittarius, I hope you are enriched with the first qualities and your charm is pleasant and good.

For those Sagittarius who attract this other side because of cosmic energies, I recommend wearing a Gold Obsidian or Silver Obsidian crystal. Both crystals help bring Sagittarius good luck into his life when good luck does not want to find a place in his life. They help to make energies more favourable for Sagittarius. 


You are not a true Sagittarius if you do not love jokes, laughter and humour. A little silliness, fooling around and unleashing your inner child must still exist in every day. Even better, if it happens every now and then. A Sagittarius who has excellent knowledge, is open-minded and is professional in its field, can be childish and extremely funny. This is one of the highest quality characteristics that Sagittarius can have. This is what others like about him and make others interested in him. Sagittarius, allow yourself to be funny and give yourself a chance to enjoy life through humour.


Sagittarius is not jealous of sharing its views and talking about what they think. They have a natural instinct to be open. The same trait is one of their most attractive aspects, but at the same time, it can pull them into big trouble during their lifetime.

How Sagittarius expresses itself matters a lot here. Is he taking a position where he is open and fair, or is he open and unfair instead? Each Sagittarius is a character, some have great self-expression skills, others do not. One is loved for his openness, the other is feared for it.

A Sagittarius who is a master communicator uses one of the stronger traits of his zodiac sign properly. It will bring him a lot of happiness and success in life. I recommend Sagittarius, to whom his openness brings a lot of problems wearing Turquoise crystal. It is a Sagittarius crystal of luck, which also brings him the ability to express himself lovingly.


Sagittarius reminds me of a small kid who loses interest easily, and in order to be happy, the stimulus must be constantly maintained. There is no need to be offended, Sagittarius, but you know in exactly the same way that boredom can easily occur. You want excitement, new challenges, innovations, adventures, experiences and inspiring conversations with other people. For example, if the other person next to you is the same all the time, does not change much in your life, does not learn or experience new things, then at some point you will feel that you do not have something exciting to talk to and he will not inspire you. You need active people and active life in general. Boredom is your mood breaker and dimmers the most brilliant traits. So – NO to boredom!
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Sagittarius likes to hear, experience and learn new things. If you are a real Sagittarius, you will love exciting news and sharing other life experiences. Life is just so exciting and no Sagittarius should forbid himself from this excitement. Sagittarius likes to have people who share his life stories, experiences and knowledge with him. What's more, they like to share their own, and if he finds someone who is open and sincere with him, that's the best thing that can happen in Sagittarius' social life. He is ready to experience, to know and to listen!

Blue Aragonite is important for a Sagittarius. It helps to highlight the best traits that his stars have given him. This crystal brings out the vibrancy, kindness, loving traits of Sagittarius and makes it attractive. Blue Aragonite could definitely be present in any Sagittarius life so that it would always be brilliant and charming.

Give Sagittarius a chance to be in the best possible version of himself and he will become your best companion, friend and storyteller!

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