magav naineHaving problems with sleeping problems is hugely exhausting and unpleasant. It often means that when you put your head on a pillow and try to fall asleep, your brain suddenly says, "Hey, let's think about everything that happened today or in the distant past!" Then you are up at night like an owl, tired in the morning, and your body and mind suffer. Say goodbye insomnia and finally relax properly!

I do not recommend sleeping pills for anyone - you will become addicted to them and your body will no longer be able to produce melatonin on its own if you take it as a medicine. Be careful with all strong sleeping pills and deal with your problem only in an alternative way. Alternative healing will help you restore your sleep rhythm so that one day you no longer have to use these healing methods. That is the goal! 

I offer you 100% natural methods with which you can solve your problem. I expect you to be patient, consistent and determined. With these 7 steps, you’ll find a quick and easy way to a deep sleep!  


One of the easiest things you can do for your sleep is to open the bedroom window before bedtime. Let fresh air into the room, thus lowering the room temperature. In a cooler room with fresh air, you will sleep better.  

If you have a blanket that is too thick, replace it with a thinner one. A thick blanket can raise your body temperature too high during the night, which in turn takes sleep away. Try it and see if that could be the case. If you've already tried it all, you're one step ahead and you can move on to the next point. 


Did you know that not only your eyes but also your skin is light sensitive? Your skin cells have light receptors that detect what time it is. Our bodies are designed to live in the sun, not in artificial light created by us. Artificial light is one of the main causes of sleep problems that can cause your internal clock to malfunction. Do not keep your home too light in the evening, make it as dim as possible for several hours before going to bed. Make the bedroom as dim as possible. This activity helps the light receptors in your skin understand that "Aha - it's sleep time!" and the body is able to relax faster and go to sleep. Seeing dreams is important and you need to give your body a chance to sleep. 

kristalli hoidev käsi


If you suffer from sleep problems, you are obviously a sensitive person. Sensitive people also perceive Feng Shui energies better. Therefore you must pay more attention to your bedroom Feng Shui

Do this to improve: 

- Before going to bed, tidy the room, avoid the accumulation of dust or dirt in the bedroom. Put the scattered things together and put them in place. Reduce unnecessary items in the bedroom. 

- Place a Feng Shui sleep plant into the bedroom - the Sansevieria. It is an oxygen producer and protects you from bad and nightmarish dreams at night. The Sansevieria draws disturbing energy out of your bedroom. 

- Create a special crystal set for a good sleep. With Amethyst geode  Ruby-Fuchsite, Moonstone, Lepidolite and Amethyst together will help to heal sleep problems. If you have trouble sleeping, all of these crystals could be in your bedroom. 


Meditate in bed before you go to bed. For example, take meditation crystals into your hands or use an Apophyllite point. Think of good things, clear worries, take deep breaths in and out, and let your muscles relax. You don't have to do it for long, 5-10 minutes is enough. Make it an evening ritual. If you feel that you are relaxed enough and have brought your thoughts to a calm and good state, put the crystals away and try to fall asleep. 


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In alternative medicine, there are many medicines that can be used to replace conventional medicine drugs. I recommend that you drink natural sleeping pills from hops, Montmorency cherry, magnesium and glycine before going to bed. All four components have a sleeping, soothing and relaxing effect. Drink it every night before bed until you get back to your natural sleep. They cannot become addictive because they do not have an addictive effect. These are all-natural remedies that work well together if you have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping soundly. For example, you can find them from the Cytoplan CYTO-NIGHT natural sleeping aid at all La Tene shops. 


Do you drink coffee, black or green tea during the day? One, two, three or more cups? Count the cups you drink a day or the soft drinks you drink and the amount of caffeine. If there is more than one, leave everything for the rest of the morning until 14:00. If you are waiting for sleep in the evening and it is not coming in any way, it may be due to caffeine - it disturbs falling asleep. The effects of caffeine are very individual. For people with sleep problems, caffeine may be what prevents them from falling asleep. For the well-being of your sleep, try to consume caffeine in the form of coffee or tea before 2 p.m. 


Essential oils become your best friends in healing. Many essential oils have an excellent effect on improving the quality of sleep. Burn essential oils in oil lamps or diffusers. Pour water into the oil lamp, place a burning candle in the lower part of it and drip 10-20 drops of essential oil on the water. Sometimes even more when you feel it is especially difficult to fall asleep. Burn essential oils in your bedroom a few hours before bedtime. They prepare you to sleep properly. 

Use these essential oils: Cinnamon, Juniper Berry, Bergamot, Lemongrass, LavenderSage, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Basil, Sandalwood

In addition to essential oils, I also recommend burning Lilly of the Valley or Jasmine incense, which have a great effect on your nervous system and help you to relax deeply.

Essential oils and certain incense have a relaxing, healing nervous system, distracting and sleep-inducing effect, especially when you use them in the evening. Use them regularly to get rid of your sleep problem completely.

I have also written about fighting sleep problems before. You can find more tips on how to improve your sleep quality HERE

I wish you a beautiful and relaxing sleep every night when you go to bed!