The ego is an illusory existence that prevents you from being the real you - vulnerable and true. It is a defence mechanism that strikes when there is not enough strength and courage to be yourself. The ego creates the most in those who are not internally strong. On the surface, these people may seem the strongest, but this is not right. Our true strength is reflected in the goodness of the soul and in how we apply it all. A person with a weak character often uses his or her ego-side, letting that side speak instead of the sincere and vulnerable side. Vulnerability equals strength, not weakness.

valges riietuses tantsijaWhen the ego takes over, everything in your spiritual development rolls downhill. The use of the ego must be properly timed, but not in your daily life. You can read more about ego HERE.

I will tell you about these completely normal patterns of behaviour associated with the coming to power of the ego, and I will advise you on why to change your attitude and behaviour when you recognize yourself here.

If you have more ego, you may feel very bad, especially when you are alone. When you are alone, the truth comes out the most, whether you have been conquered by the ego or not. In front of others, you can be a completely different person than being alone. If so, the ego may be your problem.

If when you are alone you feel like an over-thinker, dissatisfied, critical, sarcastic, a victim, lonely, with low self-esteem and constantly feeling fear, then the ego has already pushed you downhill. You have to scramble and climb out of it.

In addition to all this, there is a mind full of negative attitudes and fears. When you feel that you are constantly in a negative rhythm, then the ego has conquered you.

EGO will drop you off your own magical and shining throne with these simple tricks. If you do, stop! Get out of this rhythm now!


The more you suppress something in yourself, the more the ego comes to the fore. The more the fears and panic in you begin to speak, the more dissatisfied and stressed you will be. For example, a woman who does not have the right to decide and choose freely at home suppresses her intuition and the voice of her soul. The more you suppress your intuition and the voice of your soul, the higher your ego grows. The natural instinct disappears and is replaced by the voice of the ego. However, this voice is full of negativity, stress, dissatisfaction and sadness. Suppressing one's desires is very harmful in spiritual development. At the same time, the ego also prioritizes the imposition of its own desires. In fulfilling and following desires, a golden mean must be found to be spiritually correct. There must never be a one-sided approach to this issue.

Self-imposition, or when you make others live according to your own desires, has a terrible effect on spiritual development - the ego makes you aggressive and dominant here. Pushing yourself down makes you sad and being pushy cynical. Both options are terrible.

Give yourself and others the right to experience. Never experience at the expense of anyone else or compromise on others where they are not needed.


The extreme ideals you set for yourself and others are extremely damaging to your soul. They only highlight the ego, and at some point, it will dominate within you so that the voice of the soul can no longer be heard.

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If you set yourself extreme ideals, for example, you assume that you have to be the best in everything (the best in your work and manners, the most beautiful in appearance, etc.), then the end result is that the ego comes to the fore. This in turn causes anxiety, depression, nervousness, panic attacks and many other very harmful energies that interfere with your daily life.

If you set extreme ideals for others, you will never be satisfied with anyone. No one can fulfil them and in the end, you will not see the beauty and good that exists in others. Ideals ruin your intimacy, work relationships, and many other relationships.

No one is perfect and no less can and will not be what you want. Take each person as he is and, believe me, the voice of the ego will become quieter within you and the relationship will become healthier.


The ego is insidious. It comes and goes exactly the way you let it come and go. Uncontrolled ego energy brings with it all sorts of problems. For example, it makes your needs huge. When the ego speaks to you, it knocks you down from well-being that you start to want everything and a lot.

The more you talk about what you are worth and what life should offer you, the more trapped you become. If you constantly reproach that you don’t have enough money, there is not enough luxury, and you need the most gorgeous car because you're worth it, the more unhappy you become.

You have the right to dream and hope as long as they are not toxic to you. Toxic dreaming is demanding and explaining why you should have everything you don't already have. All this makes you unhappy, dissatisfied and injects a lot of stress.

If you want to get something that is not yet yours, work for it and work hard, and the rest will be taken care of. Fate decides one way or another whether you will get this dream fulfilled or not. That is all written in thebook of fate


When the ego takes over and everything rolls down, there is a "villain" in you who scatters prejudice and condemnation everywhere. The result is that you are left alone, become bitter, and a person who is hard to love and understand. It is Karma that follows such behaviour.

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If you've already gone to such a roller coaster, criticizing others will just come out of you. You often feel better, you can do better, and they are weak and stupid. Often you throw prejudice into the air before the situation or the person proves himself. You inject blockades and negativity without letting the person or situation show their true face. You create this face yourself.

Being with the attitude that you don't like a person without even trying to understand and get to know the person is your own greatest doom. The ego speaks inside you and this same ego only hurts you. This is followed by Karma, which I do not recommend anyone to collect in their own lives. If you behave like that today, then, please, change. Try to see the good in the person and give him a chance to show who he is. Give everyone the opportunity and the right to be themselves. You don't have to be better than others, you don't have to be smarter than others. You may be the best for yourself and smart for yourself, but don't compare yourself to others.

To sum it all up, I tell you that the ego makes you an unhappy person if you let it dominate your soul!

Do not let the ego conquer your and erase your beauty and charm. The more the ego speaks to you, the less luck you have. One day people will no longer want to be by your side because you have no love when the ego dominates. People still stay where the voice of love is.

If you want to reduce your ego and come out of a rhythm where it conquers your soul, then I have advice for you that is worth taking.


Hypersthene and Peridot help reshape your ego, helping to get rid of its dominance and bring out the voice of the soul more. Both crystals help to reduce the selfish world of thought and behaviour. They work in your subconscious, helping you to feel better about yourself, others and the world. Both Hypersthene and Peridot reshape your world of thought, helping you to be more loving. These crystals must be allowed to be in your life for a long time, as it takes time to silence the ego voice.

In addition to these crystals, also use Rhodiola, to reduce negative reactions. It prevents immediate irritation and frustration and blocks the melancholy that accompanies the ego. Rhodiola is a great Ayurvedic herb that will help save you from stress and negative thinking. In the case of Ayurveda, I always recommend consuming the herb for several months to release thought patterns and malaise.

Burn Jasmine incense, to reduce stress. It is an incense of love, satisfaction and well-being. Jasmine helps you to highlight the better sides and heal those sides that are harmful to you.

Fighting the ego is a very big job and you have to commit to it. If you do, it will be followed by healing that will lead you to a happier and more contented life - it's worth it!