Hello, I am a psychic and spiritual guide Tene Laul!

Part of my spiritual work is to give those in need and desires the opportunity to come to my private seances. This is a seance where I dedicate myself to answering your personal questions and solving your worries. I have been working with private seances for over ten years now. If you have questions that are difficult to answer, you need my visions, interpretations and knowledge, then I am open to meet you.

To access the private seance, write your request to info@latene.ee, add your full name and you will be provided with additional information about the time and price of the private seance.

What is a private seance with me?

- I organize private seances only in the reception room in Kuressaare, Saaremaa. Over the years, people from all over Estonia and also abroad have visited me. If you live far from here, I suggest you plan your time to come to me in advance. I don't do private seances over the phone or the Internet.

- In a private seance, you will be able to talk to me about exactly the topics that interest you.

- For example, over the years, the most popular private seance topics have been relationships, children, companionship, finding one's true nature, talent, health, family issues, work, soul connections, guardian angel, unhappiness, karma, past lives, aura colours, aura content, life purpose, the book of fate, diet, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, etc.

- I get information through visions. I conduct the seance to evoke visions that will help me clarify your concerns and provide answers to your questions.

- I predict the future on the topics you come to me with. For example, if you want to know the fate of a relationship, I can tell you through visions what lies ahead for you and your partner.

- In private seances, I will also tell you everything I feel I need to pass on to you. Maybe you get answers or solutions to your questions and concerns, as well as the information I see.

- In private seances, I often see what your personal guardian angel wants to tell you. I will pass on all the information when I have contacted the guardian angel.

What should you know before coming to my private seance?

- It's always better if you have this day off. This will give you the opportunity to come to me rested and later to interpret our whole conversation even more broadly for yourself. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, it is simply my recommendation.

- If you want to get information about someone else, bring a photo of him / her (also suitable on the phone). The photo should be taken freshly or no later than six months old. This does not apply, of course, to dead people. If the questions are about a dead person, you need a number of different photos taken of him at different times. If this is not possible, one photo is also suitable. Photo reading is part of my private seance. I apply this when the questions relate to another person, place of residence or object. In a private seance, I talk about third parties as much as I want to do, respecting the privacy of the other person, by giving out information that you may know. I do not share information that is requested for the wrong purposes. For the right purpose, there are legitimate questions that relate to, for example, a family member and his or her health, or your relationship with your partner.

- I suggest that you write down all the topics, concerns and questions that are important to you. This way, you won't forget important topics during our conversation, and you can always look at notes and remember important topics that you definitely want answers to.

It is forbidden to film and record my private seances by any means. In doing so, I treat it as a violation of my privacy and rights.