You will begin to see Angel messages when someone in the world of Angels, for example, your personal Guardian Angel, has something important to say to you, or when he or she has come to help you. Angels come out for two different reasons - you are either in great danger and it is their duty to help you, or you are doing something very right and you have fully earned their attention and help.

8383 päikeseloojang ja mäedAngel messages can start haunting you. This happens when you constantly see Angel messages consisting of specific numbers. For example, you will only see 8 and 3 combinations in different forms. You will see the number 83, then you will see 8883, or at another point 838. In that case, you need to respond quickly because you are not fulfilling Angel's prayer.  

Every time the Angels start massively showing you specific numbers, it means that you are not acting as they ask. This may be because you do not understand the meaning of the message, cannot fully interpret it or react to it 

Today I will help you explain why the combinations of 8 and 3 are haunting you and how to understand this message. 

The haunting message of 8 and 3 from the world of angels has a positive meaning. You don't have to be afraid of it, it's motivating and encouraging. 

The constant repetition of these two numbers will be brought before you by the Angels if they want you to keep moving in the same direction. Stay on this track, don't deviate and keep an eye on the target! It is both a praise and a motivational speech that comes from the world of angels. Maybe you see it so that your faith and hope do not disappear. Or for the reason that the Angels just want to praise you. Anyway, seeing these numbers over and over again is great for you. You are on the right track! 

If you want to be in stronger contact with your Guardian Angel or the world of Angels in general, keep Sunset Sodalite and Blue Aragonite close to you. Both crystals work wonders for you and help you maintain a very strong telepathic connection with the Angels.  

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Keep going, move in the right direction, keep the target in mind!