You will begin to see Angel messages when someone in the world of Angels, for example, your personal Guardian Angel, has something important to say to you, or when he or she has come to help you. Angels come out for two different reasons – you are either in great danger and it is their duty to help you, or you are doing something very right and you have fully earned their attention and help.

lilla 27Angel messages can start haunting you. This happens when you constantly see Angel messages consisting of specific numbers. For example, you will only see 2 and 7 combinations in different forms. You will see the number 27, then you will see 2727, or at another point 772. In that case, you need to respond quickly because you are not fulfilling Angel's prayer. 

Every time the Angels start massively showing you specific numbers, it means that you are not acting as they ask. This may be because you do not understand the meaning of the message, cannot fully interpret it or react to it.

Today I'm going to help you explain why the combination of 2 and 7 is haunting you and how to understand this message.

Repeated combinations of 2 and 7 appear in front of you when someone from the Angel world points out that you do not value yourself and your time enough. You are worth more than you or others offer you. Raise your stakes, think bigger and see yourself more spectacularly.

Angels will come to haunt you with these numbers if you need to devote more time to yourself. Take a moment for yourself, treat yourself to something joyful and good. Take care of yourself and don't let yourself be exploited. Dare to live for yourself!

If you listen to the Angels, they will come to your aid. Repeated messages from angels are like a cry for help. Take action and enjoy a better life!

For even a stronger connection with Angels wear Blue Aragonite and Aquamarine. These two crystals will telepathically connect you with the Angels and help them receive more signs, messages, and support.

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