During the Full Moon, there are magnetic storms on the Moon that affect our planet. Are you a Selenophile or lover of the Moon or are you unfamiliar with the Moon - you are still affected by it. The Full Moon has tremendous power over us and this planet. It greatly affects our behaviour, thinking and health.

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Full Moon can literally make a person ill, leading to physical ailments, but above all, mental exhaustion, irritability, and mood swings. All because of magnetic storms. Regardless of whether you know the exact dates of the Full Moon, it will affect you. There is no placebo effect where the person begins to imagine the effects of the Full Moon. It just happens!

If you're familiar with the Full Moon days, it's half the battle. You can prepare for magnetic storms by balancing yourself early and blocking negative thoughts should they arise. You can find the Full Moon dates in the lunar phase calendar HERE.

A confusing and disturbing dream world full of visions or not resting at all

The full moon puts the sleep of many people around the world at risk simply because it illuminates the Earth, thus interfering with our sleep cycle and bringing out more REM sleep. In this sleep phase, you will see more dreams, and therefore it is possible to see more prophetic dreams during the Full Moon, which is not bad in itself. The worst part is that if you already have sleep disorders, the Full Moon will have an extra bad effect on you.

All people suffering from sleep disorders should keep an eye on the Full Moon to prepare for themselves for several days before it is created. Such preparations would help you to have a good night's sleep and reduce the stress associated with the Full Moon.

There are many different techniques you can practice to protect yourself from insomnia caused by the Full Moon. If nothing else has worked for you before, try them:

- Drop Palmarosa and Clary Sage essential oil on bed linen before going to bed, that they will help bring you a relaxing and deep sleep. They help block the energies of Full Moon magnetic storms that cause insomnia. In addition, burn these oils in an oil lamp or diffuser before bedtime or even earlier to relax.

- Burn Guggul incense during the Full Moon, to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia caused by Full Moon magnetic storms. You can start using it several days earlier to increase the feeling of relaxation and mental balance. 

- Moonstone is directly related to the power of the Full Moon. This helps to reduce insomnia and anxiety caused by magnetic storms. Keep Moonstone near your bed or bedroom so that it can help you during each Full Moon. Moonstone is especially useful and necessary for those who have sleep disorders or who often have insomnia. Moonstone helps block the negative energy of the Full Moon.

You can find more tips for getting rid of insomnia and sleep disorders HERE and HERE.

In addition to affecting your sleep, the Full Moon also affects your nervous system in general. People with a weaker nervous system, mentally exhausted, stressed or depressed are many times more sensitive to Full Moon than those whose nervous system and mental balance are healthy and in place.

If you are stressed or suffer from a mental disorder, you may feel worse during the Full Moon


If mental health is already fragile, Full Moon magnetic storms can turn it on its head. Those who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety disorder, or any mental weakness are most at risk from Full Moon magnetic storms.

Magnetic storms can be accompanied by panic attacks, depressive thoughts, melancholy, nervousness, anxiety, aggression and mental weakness.

You know your nervous system best. If you are hypersensitive to stress, your "trigger" is very sensitive and you are slightly irritated, help everything during the Full Moon to keep yourself balanced.

Use alternative healers like Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri and others that help to improve the mood.

Full moon magnetic storms also have a difficult effect on those suffering from bipolar or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Gamma-linolenic acid in Borage oil is important for them. With Borage oil, they can prevent mood swings and not feel as bad.

Strontianite crystal is useful for anyone who has problems with anxiety and stress. I recommend keeping this crystal with Moonstone besides the bed to reduce sleep problems and heaviness in the mental body due to the Full Moon.

Full Moon magnetic storms affect us more than people realize. Observe the Full Moon and see for yourself how it affects you!