If you are familiar with what I have written, you probably already know that my biggest goal is to help people find positivity in their lives, to help them understand themselves better and that in addition to self-healing on a physical level, everything is related to spirituality. Spirituality is important to everyone, it goes with us, of course, but how we develop spiritually is up to us. Spirituality is not a joke, it is related to understanding our own journey, self-development, learning, achievements, goals and much more that is related to our journey. 

He who grows in a spiritually healthy direction finds deep personal happiness and satisfaction. So it's not a joke or anything superficial or just empty. I want to draw your attention to the fact that you will continue to grow spiritually, grow and grow again. If you do, your life and outlook will change over time, and you can say to yourself years from now, "I'm not the person I was then!" If you can say that and you are happy about it, then you have progressed in the spiritually right direction in your own sense. A person who is exactly the same over the years, who thinks and behaves the way he did 15-20 years ago will not evolve spiritually. Think about it.

I will tell you how to evolve spiritually. It's not hard if you can decipher it for yourself and see opportunities rather than obstacles. Don't be a spiritual commuter - one day you work with yourself, the next you lose sight of spirituality and come back in half a year, for example, to interpret dreams or cleanse your home. They are also a large part of activities that promote spiritual development. There are many commuters, but you lose very valuable time. Apply gas and start moving! The one who wins the most is you.

naine templi trepil mõtlikult istumas


For spiritual development, cleanse things in many different levels in your life. Any distracting confusion you carry with you or at home will interfere with your spiritual development. The condition of your Aura field determines how easily and quickly the puzzle pieces can move into your place. That is why Aura cleansing is important for you and the home you live in. Cleanse, purify and let the energies move freely. Where there is energy purity, there are no obstacles to learning and development.

I am often asked when and how I clean my home. I always say I do it all the time, regularly. When I'm home, I always burn in an oil lamp and diffuser essential oils, when I write and use my mind for your good then I burn incenses and candles. At least once a month I cleanse my whole home with different smudge sticks that it would be good to live here, in my home, so that I would feel good and my development would not be hindered by stagnant energy. The same spiritual routine will help me move forward, and since I know how well it works, I encourage you to do it constantly. 

Simplicity also lies in how well you can release something that has outlived its time!

Spiritual development can be a big boost if you can let go. You should constantly focus on what is nourishing you and what is not. If there is something that goes around and does not change, then it may be out of date and you should consider moving forward. Think about it. There may be something like this in your life! Get rid of the vicious circles and go with the flow of progress.


Ego is a necessary part of our soul. It protects us when we need to face a situation where we are going to be harassed, violence will be used, we are manipulated or lied to. The ego is a self-defence mechanism used by many people around the world for the wrong purpose. The ego could only emerge if you have been cornered and you have to save yourself from a dangerous situation. The ego makes your own existence important and crucial and is useful in situations where we are hurt and need to find a way out. The same idea that we are very important helps to do this. Other times, you can leave your ego in the background, otherwise, it will ruin your relationship and much more. There is no need to think of the ego as something evil. Everything can reflect evil if we misuse it. Extremes exist everywhere you look. Rather, I remind you that the right energy should come out at the right time!

The ego can mislead you in a way that creates illusions in you. Spiritual egoism is, for example, a topic that can also be addressed. Spiritual egoism is when one overemphasize one's spiritual capacity. A person who is spiritually developing does not compare himself with others and does not show off his abilities. It is one thing to share one's point of view, another is to immerse oneself in it. If something has an undertone of showing off, there is always an ego out there. Follow your thoughts, feelings and words spoken. Make sure that the ego does not get a lot of say and you are on the path to spiritual development. The ego is not equal to spiritual development, the ego is equal to survival. Use it when you really need it.


Use this idea anywhere and any time, it's always important. Spiritual development is favoured when you listen to your inner feeling, not someone else's words or opinions. We see the world so differently because we all have very different backgrounds and spiritual levels. We see from our point of view where we are. The other person may not be where you are. I don't mean to not listen to anyone. On the contrary, listen to those who have something to share with you, something with which your soul fits. If suggestions and tips are uplifting, inspiring, motivating and boost positive energy, these are the people who have something good to give you. Accept the gift. However, if you feel intimidated, pulled down and have a negative energy-boosting effect, step out. Listen to yourself! There is a difference between fear and fear. Ruing your mood is not the right way. When a path is blocked, intuition can see through the correct blockade. When someone puts you on the right track, you get the feeling, "Actually, I know that I just didn't want to think that way because I was hoping things would go differently." There is recognition, not a disappointment. Intuition is a powerful tool, use it more. Listen to your feelings, they tell you so much!

päikeseloojang ja naine


Because we have two bodies, physical and spiritual, we need to use both in this life. Spiritual development means the development of the soul, but it is facilitated by your own physical body. You can practice spirituality, and that is extremely important in that development.

Meditating, working with crystals, cleansing Aura fields, learning spiritual wisdom, walking in nature and using alternative healing techniques - these are all practising spirituality. Today's world is made up of artificial energy and the Earth's own balanced energy. In order to be spiritual in this world, you have to step out of artificial energy and connect with nature itself. Earth's energy balances and harmonizes our souls. To understand how strong nature’s energy is, think with me a little. You walk in the woods, you can smell spruce and pine (actually their essential oils, that create the good aroma), there is silence, you can hear the birds singing and the pine bark crunching under your feet. It's soothing, it reduces nervousness, and you can't be upset. On the contrary, it is so calming. You don't consciously think of it as something beautiful, it happens by itself. This alone shows how great the power of nature is. Spiritually, you evolve most rapidly through the power of nature, and that is why it is important to surround yourself with nature.

One important reason why my home is filled with crystals, why I wear jewellery made of crystals and why I am opening their world to you and many others is that crystals are part of nature’s energy and are a very strong version of it. Crystals contain balance on one level or another. They make me move in the right direction.

If you don't have the opportunity to live in the woods or on a quiet beach, bring nature to your room. Fill your home with crystals, bring plants, food from plants, and create a balance with artificial energy. The less you are in contact with nature, the slower your spiritual development. Therefore, many who have switched to veganism have confessed to me that something has started in them, spiritual development has taken on a completely different pace. It's so good to hear that you can tell the difference. Animal food is dead food and the energy of death has a debilitating effect. Why animal food inhibits spiritual development is spiritually simple and logical.


All you need is yourself to develop spiritually. You are the one who makes choices in your life. Tells yourself that now I eat and consume it. You give yourself permission to communicate with certain people, you forbid-allow yourself. All the power is in your hands. You either control your power, discipline yourself to eat something or not consume it. You are the one who sticks to a toxic/degrading relationship and you are the one who is with the people who truly love you. All power is within you and you must be reminded of it.

Use this power properly. Let what helps you, what is good for you, and helps you to function exist in your life. Allow yourself the food that will heal you and help you be both mentally and physically strong. Allow the people who inspire you to exist in your life, and always allow yourself to leave when you feel that your journey is over. Communicate more with yourself and ask yourself what you really want.

I want you to soar spiritually and that this magical wind will only carry you to heights!