I have written long and thoroughly about Aquarius in my book but here too I open a door to the heart of Aquarius and talk openly about what they really need. You can, of course, read more in the book!

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign in the zodiac sign system, who is unpredictable in nature for itself and others. They are both flexible and inflexible at the same time. But what is it that they really need, and how can other sung signs that live next to them better understand the needs of Aquarius? Maybe even offer them what they really need? Are you a Leo, the Gemini, or Aries next to Aquarius, or you are an Aquarian yourself, I will help you understand that.


Aquarius is kind of creative, they constantly need creative stimulation. They want to do something themselves, thereby learning new things, and it would be even better if they could try something exciting themselves. Aquarius constantly needs something new, something he has never experienced before. With all this, his other side opens up, excitement and fantasy come together. Offer Aquarius new experiences and he will be satisfied!

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He may be in a serious relationship with you, but at the same time, he wants to be completely free. Routine scrapes his soul the most, the most that others impose on him. Aquarius is a decision-maker himself, he wants to make choices according to where he has come with his own. He can be completely faithful if you let him breathe and allow his life to be spontaneous. Today I will do this, tomorrow I will that, the day after tomorrow something extra special - this is the theme of Aquarius.


Aquarius can keep all private things behind an iron-tight door. If he doesn't want to talk about certain things, his mouth won't open. If you want him to open himself up to you a little, or you want to know about his concerns, you have to be patient. Aquarius does not blindly trust everyone, he is not blue-eyed. Sometimes he can be paranoid and need time to trust people. To those whom he trusts, he tells all of his soul. But first, give him time to build that trust.


Aquarius does not want to copy anyone or go along with mass hypnosis or popular things. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, he still wants to be unique, original, exclusive and stylish in his own key. He wants to do things differently, just as others do not. At least not like the people around him. He wants to be different, so he has to be allowed to be like that.


Aquarius simply cannot handle quarrels, fights and disputes when it happens to someone he cares very much about. He just can't stop, say the right words at the right time and make peace. Therefore, he does not really want to get into disputes at all. He prefers a peaceful and balanced environment where he does not lose his self-control. Aquarius, who is otherwise a great problem solver, cannot do this in a toxic environment. It deprives him of all self-control and self-control.

A crystal of positivity, happiness, well-being, joy and prosperity for Aquarius is Mookaite. It is worth keeping this crystal by his side for the rest of his life. It highlights his best traits and always helps him to be cheerful. Give Aquarius a Mookaite crystal, this will give you the opportunity to give him something he really needs!

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