Trust your gut feeling, so the power of your intuition grows. My goal is to help you and many others develop spiritually, to see the world with open eyes and a heart. I will tell you about six inner feelings that should never be ignored. These are strong signs from the universe when the gut feeling needs to be heard especially quickly.

First of all, I have to tell you that intuition has developed at different levels for all. There are those who perceive very strongly and quickly and can listen to their perceptions. There are those who have an inner feeling and hear the voice of intuition from time to time, and of course, there are those who have no contact with intuition. How strong your intuition depends on the level to which you have developed in previous lives or already in this life. It is a lifelong instinct that you can and could develop on a daily basis. The more you engage in intuition development, the more you gain from it. This can be developed by wearing the right crystals, for example wearing Kyanite and Iolite daily as jewellery, in addition, many different spiritual techniques, such as mediation and rituals.

naine ja lõvi

Gut feeling and intuition are often defined as one and the same, but they are slightly different. Indeed, they have the same goal, to guide you on the right path, but they come from different sources. Intuition is spiritual wisdom that may be sent to you by Angels or that you receive from somewhere in the universe. Gut feeling, however, is a primitive instinct that you carry within you. Both work for your well-being, but their sources of knowledge come from different places.

The voice of intuition is much calmer, more balanced and has no hasty energy. The voice of gut feeling, or primitive instinct, has a loud, deterrent effect that shakes the physical body and emotions. Let us now move on to these six shaking gut feelings that must never be ignored.

1. This is it!

Please don't ignore the feeling that suddenly tells you YES! and gives you the green light! It's an extremely valuable feeling that tells you to move on, that's it, this is for you, it's right. You can feel it when you meet a new person (a soulmate etc), finding the right place when looking for a home, or in any case when you’re looking for something. If you don't hear it right away, logic or fear will distract you from it. Listen to it now, react to it and bring it to life. In the case of a person, start communicating with him and listen to your gut feeling.

2. An insane need to help someone, tell them something or share something with them

You may get a sudden feeling that you need to contact a certain person, give him something, share, talk or just see him. Or you see a stranger you feel an insane need to help. Listen to your gut inner feeling, react to it because you have something the other side needs. Don't think about what he might think of you, and don't think about whether it's right or wrong. If you feel you want to share or help, do it now. Your gut feeling doesn't lie to you, you have something valuable to give away!

3. Something is wrong with my body

An inner feeling that suddenly makes you feel afraid of your body and health may not be from paranoia and unfounded fear. If something specifically tells you that there is something wrong with your body, react immediately. If you feel the need to change the menu, do so now. If you feel you need medical attention, see a doctor. The gut feeling that speaks about your body shakes you and causes anxiety must be responded to, then there is no time to wait. You only have time to act.

4. I'm in danger or it's dangerous

If you have an inner feeling that comes on suddenly and makes you anxious, telling you that something is still very, very wrong, and therefore a sense of danger gradually emerges, you need to react to it. Your subconscious already knows that something is wrong and you are in a situation that may not end well. React, try to get out of it, change direction and do everything to make the danger pass you by. Otherwise, something may happen that cannot be repaired later and can be very devastating.

naise siluett, täiskuu ja kakk

5. This is not the right decision!

If you feel pressure, emotions start to shake your body, and you feel that the decision you made is not the right one, react immediately and change course. Especially when you are not doing something seemingly inappropriate or bad. If the decision seems like a good thing, but the intuition tells you the exact opposite, then the decision is not really right for you in the end. For one reason or another, this won't do you any good. Change course immediately before it's too late.

6. I need help!

The gut feeling will not only come to you if you make the wrong choice or you are in danger you need to escape from. The gut feeling should also encourage you to seek help when you need it. This instinct arises when someone else may have valuable advice and the ability to help you. If you feel that you cannot cope alone or that the path you have already travelled no longer helps you, then it is time to seek help. Dare to ask for help, especially if your gut feeling guides you. Often, people come to my private seances precisely because of listening to such a strong inner voice. Many have said that they have had such a gut feeling for a long time and it pushed them, and they thought of coming to me. Listen to yourself, your gut feelings are valuable!

How to distinguish between gut feeling and fear?

This is, of course, the most difficult place, and I am always asked about this. We are constantly faced with a problem where one cannot distinguish between one's gut feeling and one's fear or intuition. Fear is the opposite of both gut feeling and intuition. There is one way to differentiate, but you need to do it as soon as you feel like it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to define later, in retrospect, what energy it had to do with.

If you feel intimidated, ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. If the answers are YES to everything, it was a gut feeling, not a fear.

Haven't I thought about it before? Did that feeling hit me completely unexpectedly? Did I have no previous influence on feeling this? Have I not had a related trauma before? Have I not been intimidated by this before? Have I not listened to or read the news on this before? Haven't I been afraid of that before?

If you haven't experienced, focused on, or been influenced by this before, it's not just a matter of fear.

Regular Aura cleansing helps to strengthen the gut feeling. Aura cleansing is extremely important for spiritual development. It helps to remove distracting waves of energy from your soul, creating confusion when listening to gut feeling and intuition. Use a smudge stick, for example, Blue Sage or some other strong smudge stick for aura cleansing. Let the smoke heal you!

Gut feeling is your personal guide, it is your tool for coping. Develop yourself spiritually and the gut feeling will not let you down!