The start of the Metal Ox year is February 12, 2021, and will last until January 31, 2022. The Ox year is the second year of the 12-year cycle. It was preceded by the year of the Metal Rat, and the Ox was followed by the year of the Water-Tiger.

pühvel mustal taustalIf the Rat year is what unleashes new and fresh energy, creates chaos, gives room for innovation, and gives up everything that no longer works, then the Ox year creates new ground. The Ox always helps to balance the chaos, clutter, innovations and changes caused by the Rat. The Ox sets future plans and changes and brings a lot of innovation. If the Rat is the one who gives everything new a chance to emerge, helping to get rid of the old energy, then the Ox is the great work animal that puts everything the Rat year set in place to work. The Ox also is a balancer, a harmonizer of energies and a healer. For those whom the Rat year was too stressful who could not keep up with the year, Ox gives him a chance to recover. For whom the Rat year provided many opportunities for self-development, will rise high in the year of the Ox. The astrological years are interconnected, one always creating a transition to the other. Looking back, analysing the previous year, you will get a little idea of ​​what the next period will be.

The sequence of astrological years is as follows: year begins with the Rat, which triggers a 12-year cycle, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit / Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat / Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

The more you work, the more you get – that's the rule of the Ox year!

The Ox has a very simple nature, there is nothing complicated in this year. You either work or you don't. From there comes to your prosperity, success, happiness, wealth or, conversely, problems and poverty. So already at the beginning of the Ox year, set yourself in place so that you are ready to jump over your shadow this year. The harder you work, the bigger your contribution, the more active and full of will to work you are, the greater the opportunities you bring to your life. It seems simple and logical, but I'll tell you, there doesn't always come wealth through work. You must also be lucky to do so. But the Ox Year offers you that luck, you just follow it.

For people who are used to comfort and go along with things, the year will be extremely difficult. If you simply wish to get, do as little as possible and rest instead, then, of course, you have that right. But there is also a consequence to this right, which is either the loss of a job or the loss of material luck.

In an Ox year, one must get one's own wheel of money in order for the rest of the period to be materially successful. If the previous year, the year of the Rat, opened your eyes to new energy, then the Ox will make your prosperity move in one direction or another. If you wish good luck for the next 11 years, you will have to work extra hard in the Ox year.

The year 2021 together with the Ox will create a lot of competition

The Ox Year brings with it a lot of competition, and if you think that your position is fully secured this year, believe me, it is not! To maintain your position or even strive for a higher position, put yourself in full swing, show that you are ready to change, develop and be capable. The position of everyone who sits in their usual position does routine work and does not want to develop or change is in immense danger.

The year 2021, together with the Ox, will give many people an insanely motivating and inspiring impetus. Those who catch it are the ones who are a great threat to others. A person full of work will be like at war this year. I want you to decide for yourself whether you want to do what you are doing today or not. If you want, work hard for your position.

pühvel sinisel taustal kuudega

There is a very high risk of losing your job this year, and that is why we need to work hard. Many major changes take place within the company and jobs are not guaranteed to anyone.

The prosperity, wealth, money luck and success crystal for the year of the ox is PICTURE JASPER.  It will bring you a lot of good opportunities and success this year, protecting you from competitors. The overall luck crystal for 2021 is MOONSTONE, which together with Picture Jasper suits perfectly to support and help you.

PICTURE JASPER, which is the biggest crystal of luck of the year, wear it as a piece of jewellery or hang it somewhere where you want to bring good luck - it's a wealth talisman. It is especially convenient to carry it with you on a daily basis, for example as a keychain or bracelet. It is also useful to wear Picture Jasper for children so that they will only have luck in the Aura Field this year. For example, children could wear this crystal as a talisman. All prosperity crystals also protect against misfortune

In order to amplify the prosperous energies of the Ox year, I have also put together a La Tene crystal set "PROSPERITY CRYSTALS FOR THE OX YEAR". These three crystals in this set will support you throughout the Ox year with energy that’s prosperous and brings money luck and success. In addition, they increase success and luck, especially professionally, in business and professionally. 

Financially, the Ox Year is a success for those who work hard. Attract luck into your life at the beginning of the year so that you can make the most of the whole year. The Ox symbolizes the withdrawal of the earned reward. He who has earned something has something to gain this year as well.

The year 2021, together with the Ox, will help eliminate the chaos

The Rat of 2020 came to turn everything upside-down that needed more attention. That is what it achieved. Now the year 2021 and Ox will start to eliminate this chaos together. The economic balance is starting to improve every month. By the end of the year, major changes may have been made, and only for the better. The next month, the brighter the picture will be this year. If the Rat year deprived so many people of a clear sense of the ability to see the future, it could be restored by the summer of that year. This is only a positive message!

There will be a new type of discipline and innovation will get a greater impetus

The Ox invites everyone to step out of the routine. It will be an extremely difficult year for those who want to continue the old way, not change and live according to their habits. However, if you are prone to change, open to innovation and more of a go-with-the-flow person, this is by no means a difficult year for you. On the contrary, it is a good and happy year.

This Ox year increases discipline in every area and aspect. The more there is, the better results you can achieve. If self-discipline is a weak point for you, then, believe me, this year you will feel a lot about it due to stress. Rather, start developing it on your own, overcome your weaknesses and try to achieve better self-discipline. You really need it this year.

This year, very big changes are coming in various areas. Life is changing and greatly. Life is changing, both personally and globally. By the end of the year, you'll understand exactly what I mean by that.

Responsibilities and workload

The year of the Ox is certainly not an easy year of sleep and rest. Ox brings many responsibilities in life. However, there are those who have to reduce last year's workload, deal with unresolved situations, free themselves from the Year of the Rat, and there are also those who are buried under the workload. The load is the main message this year carries. The more active you are, the less you will take this year's commitment to the Tiger year.

The Ox year brings added value and happiness to relationships, bringing opportunities to even the most hopeless hearts!

The other side of the Ox year, which is not linked to achieving work-related and economical well being, is working on relationships. Be it a romantic relationship, a friendship level or a partnership - there will be change. Congratulations to single people who have long wished and waited for the right one in their lives. For them, this may be just the right year to find a relationship. It is worth keeping your eyes open and your heart opens - luck of love can come your way. Wear Picture Jasper heart talismans with you to open the love energies of the year of the Ox. You’ll find a selection from HERE.

The Ox requires tactful communication, cooperation, consideration for others and suppression of self-centeredness. If you take these keywords and are able to shape your interactions based on them, you are in luck. Any intrigue comes from the opposite behaviour. The Ox will not leave you if you are self-centred or narcissistic. Be open, love and share and luck will come your way.

The one who is flexible will win

The Metal Ox must teach us all one very important trait - flexibility. Those people who are not flexible this year, unable to keep up with change and drive to where they really need to open their eyes to the new, will lose a lot this year. This year requires you to be as flexible and up-to-date as the Pisces sun sign, as hardworking and ambitious as Aries, as resilient as Taurus. To have the curiosity of Gemini, Cancer's need to develop and grow, Leo's inspiration and Virgo's discipline and need to fulfil his desires, Libra's ability to find the best solution for himself, Scorpio's heart and energy, Sagittarius's need to innovate, Capricorn's economic thinking and Aquarius' ability to live with one foot in the future.

If you are interested in what 2021 will bring to your character, then be sure to read my big annual horoscope. You’ll find 2021 horoscope HERE. I have also put together a set of lucky crystals for each character, which will support you this year and give you extra energy to successfully pass the year. You will find the crystal sets HERE.

In addition to the general interpretation of the year of the Metal Ox and 2021, I will also tell you what additional energy awaits you according to your astrological year. Find out the year you were born and you will definitely find something exciting in addition. My message to you is as follows...


For those born in the Rat year the Metal Ox year is favourable for self-development. Rats should be able to fulfil more of their desires and dreams. There is a wave of inspiration in them, and now is the time to put it all into practice. Listen more to your gut feelings, make the seemingly impossible happen. The Ox offers you a lot of support and good luck. This year is definitely not for wasting or resting, it is an action.


kuu ja naine roosil istumas

For Ox itself, the year brings the opportunity to make its family life and romantic side flourish. Any investment in home and family is worth it. The right year to focus all your work and effort on increasing your well-being, a great year to start a family or relationship, or to innovate at home. Ox, get the spirit ready, your personal relationship needs you!


For those born in the Year of the Tiger, the Ox is especially extravagant. This year brings together all the old ends, projects and activities that have played a big role in your life over the years. Tiger draws a line for many things, things get done, achievements get achieved, and at the end of the year, Tiger feels great relief. This is the end of a period in his personal life. The year of the Ox is followed by the Year of the Tiger, which means that a new 12-year cycle will begin next year for himself, and this last year will be for clarification. Globally, however, a new 12-year cycle began last year.


For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, the Ox can bring many obstacles to the accomplishment of one's own desires. Dreams are big and high, and Ox keeps throwing obstacles in the way. The desired results come in a completely different way if Rabbit himself has planned them in advance. So a big recommendation - you strive, aim and work hard, the result will come, but it will come with a twist. You don't get stuck and don't let the setbacks discourage you.


Those born in the year of the Dragon need to make a difference in their routine lives. Although everyone else has to do the same, the Dragon has to do it a lot and just in order for this year to be worldly successful. He can't wait for the pot of gold that Ox is ready to bring. The Dragon has to educate, reshape, hone his work skills and work hard. The greater the transformation he carries out in himself, the more successful it can be. So - all the Dragons, get up from the couch and take action!


For those born in the year of the Snake this year of Ox is especially important in personal life. For the Snake, issues emerge that are particularly important, especially in a relationship. Although the Ox mainly symbolizes work, it also has its romantic side. The Snake can feel it largely on its own skin. He finds the answers to who he loves, where his home and place are. Family and relationship issues will be especially important.


For those born in the Year of the Horse, this is a year of professional success. Horses shape, improve and evolve their skills and any learning is welcome. This is the perfect year to take courses and put yourself to the test. The Ox provides inspiration and the Horse must now make the most of it. They should definitely not allow the routine to take over, it is dangerous and will not allow self-development to take place.


The Year of the Goat faces the year of the Ox, which means that the Ox is the year of slow progress for the Goat. If others have to make dramatic changes in their lives, Goat must, on the contrary, approach a well-thought-out strategy to achieve prosperity. Resilience, constant progress, implementation of last year's ideas and thoughts are welcome. The Goat has to look to 2020 and find the answers it has to do in the Ox year. Listen to your gut feeling, it spoke to you already last year, and take it into consideration.


poleeritud piltjaspis

For those born in the year of the Monkey, the year of the Ox in the year of ending things with the past. The Monkey is visited by many shadows of the past, so that he gives up them, reshapes them and creates a completely new reality for himself. He has the right time to let go of anything that doesn't work for him anymore. There will be big changes in his life, a big turning point and a possible change of job or place of residence.


Those born in the Year of the Rooster likes to compete, be at the forefront and get its will. The year of the Ox requires and supports ambitious thinking. But here's one "but" - Ox doesn't like self-centred and narcissistic behaviour. If Rooster is able to carry out his wishes in such a way that he does not walk over others but instead walks next to them, then Rooster will have a successful year. There are two types of Roosters this year - those who are achieving great success, and those for whom this year will be filled with drama and intrigues. Rooster - choose your behaviour wisely.


A person born in the Year of the Dog can have a lot of setbacks this year because he or she wants to rest more, take life more freely, spend more time on entertainment. Dogs, I have a big call for you - be good and turn on your activity monitor. In Metal Ox year, success is achieved by people who are willing to work and work hard. Working hard is the message of the year. Since the Dog desperately wants to move back to the comfort zone, those born in the Year of the Dog may find themselves moving up and down this year and up and down again.


For those born in the Year of the Pig the year of the Ox is for starting new material projects. Be it starting your own business, succeeding in a new job, acquiring new skills or building a house. Any worldly investment is welcome and the year is right for you. Therefore, Pigs, if you have long had a sense of some investment in yourself or your work, please make them a reality.

Keep this year's lucky crystals close to you and make the most of Ox Year!

This year’s intuition crystal is the Moonstone. It helps you make the right decisions, get on the right track and increase your ability to make the right choices yourself. Prasiolite and Anthophyllite offer you support this year, helping you avoid making the wrong decisions, and keeping the dangers away. Picture Jasper is, however, a crystal of prosperity and success, which fully supports the opportunity offered by the Ox to become successful and rich this year.

If you’re born in the year of the Ox then you’ll find a lot of interesting to read from HERE.

This year is full of opportunities, self-transcendence, competition, work, hard work, innovation, stepping out of routine, luck of love and change. It's a great year!