I will help you to easily and briefly unravel how to listen to the voice of intuition. Intuition is one of the most confusing topics in spirituality. I am constantly asked how to listen to intuition, how to distinguish between what is the voice of intuition and what is fear, logical thought or disturbing energy in the head. In fact, it is very easy to distinguish between the voice of intuition and anything that interferes. To do that, you just have to practice a little bit of what I will teach you.

Intuition is very modest, mild and gentle, it is like feminine energy within you (also for men, because we all have both feminine and masculine energy). It's calm, peace itself! The voice of intuition is like a tolerant character inside you who has seen a wise life. It does not force, press, dominate or convey any knowledge to your mind by shouting. It is smooth and easily disappears into all other energies/voices.

All other energies, such as fear, panic, logic, and other noise, have a loud voice. They can literally make noise in your mind. They make you listen more and so it's easy to lose the voice of your intuition. So it's no wonder listening to intuition is so hard. Try to hear it when the rest of the energies dominate you.

Despite the fact that fear can make a loud voice, the words of others are echoed in your head, and what is seen in the news adventures before your eyes, intuition still exists there. He's like in the back row, sitting and watching everything. From time to time, he whispers quietly to you something like, "Actually, it's not that bad!" or something like, "Don't listen to them, trust the unbelievable!" That way, these different voices can be constantly mixed, and in the end, you're in a situation where you don't know what to do. These loud voices are often followed. You are lost, but in the end, you will reach the point where you remember that quiet voice within you that told you the whole truth. You just didn't listen, you went with the flow.

What you should all know about intuition is that it is the most peaceful energy within you. It does not shout at you the answers, intuition tells them to you as if the baby is being told a bedtime story before going to bed. It sounds soothing and relaxing.

At one point, if you take the trouble to choose from these voices in your head, then, believe me, you will be able to find that balanced intuition from there. To do this, you need to be able to ignore this noise. It is an art in itself, but it is by no means impossible. You just have to start practising it. Take your time, in a confusing situation you need intuition very much. The more confusing your life, the more all these different energies come to light - I call it a party of the mind where sober energy is always balanced. Remember it! Panic does not always need attention.

If you feel that there is complete chaos in your head and you want to reduce the noise a little, start cleaning the Aura. Use the Blue Sage smudge stick for this, it has a more intense effect than just Sage. Burn it and let its smoke heal. It removes the distracting energy from your Aura, after which the voice of intuition can emerge more. Wear a crystal that activates this chakra near the Throat Chakra (either as a talisman or earrings). Activating the Throat Chakra helps the voice of intuition to be more active, and it also improves your ability to listen to that voice. Examples of activating crystals for the Throat Chakra are Blue Quartz and Aquamarine. Both are suitable for strengthening intuition and listening.

So, remember - intuition is a calm part of your inner voices. It doesn't scream, it doesn't make noise, it just directs and reminds us of the real truth!