Recently, immunity and the importance of strengthening one's own health have come to the fore. With the whole corona pandemic, the keyword 'strengthening immunity' is very good. All people should and could devote more time to self-healing for their own well-being. Any preventive therapy and constant prophylactic assistance will not only protect you from the flu but will also help prevent many other diseases. The immune system needs to be boosted every day as it is our body's defence mechanism against viruses, bacteria and many other pathogens that can properly traumatize our bodies.  

You will find various articles where I talk about boosting immunity and fighting viral diseases HERE. Now I'll give you 4 more ways to boost your immunity.

1. Work to reduce your stress levels

Stressed body and mind weaken the immune system. You cannot have a strong immune system while you are stressed, panicked, anxious, nervous, suffering from sleepless nights or depression. The very first step is that you need to help your nervous system and mental body. Restore it with different solutions.

Meditation, for example, relieves stress. Set incenses smoke around you or burn essential oils, enjoy their relaxing effects. Close your eyes and let your thoughts calm down. Release stress, sadness, anxiety, or anything that torments you at the moment. Meditation is very important in creating balance. I recommend using Wild Mint essential oil, which has a great effect on the spiritual, mental and emotional body and improves mood and creates a sense of clarity. In addition, Wild Mint helps keep away viral diseases and boosts the immune system. One of the best essential oils for stressful periods is Clary Sage - it helps when you feel emotionally weak, and it's hard to focus on helping to get rid of the stress-energy in your home's Aura Field. I recommend using essential oils daily in oil lamps or diffusers. Of the incenses, I recommend the strongest stress-relieving incense which you can find HERE.

In addition, offer alternative healing methods to combat stress and anxiety, such as using Ashwagandha, which makes self-healing more effective. Give them time to act, meditate and engage in hobbies that will make you happy. Support your body with various power plants, for example, rose-hip gives vitality during a stressful period and increases the body's resistance, blackcurrant strengthens the immune system, and blueberry is also a highly valued supporter of immunity. For example, you can find these plants from the Ecosh Vitaboost blend HERE.

2. Work out and be active

Your body is not designed to sit constantly, stand still or be on the couch. Your body actually needs a lot of activity and exercise. If you are not exercising, walking or running outdoors, make a personal exercise plan. Try to exercise at least 4 times a week to keep fit both physically and mentally.

Exercising in moderation is extremely easy and it is also actually a free way to strengthen the immune system. However, over-doing it has the opposite effect. So, put on your running pants and go enjoy the beautiful landscape outdoors and become strong!

When exercising, remember that your body needs protein to recover and build muscle. For that, I recommend using Skinny Protein or Muscle Protein superfood mixes. I have written about the importance of protein HERE.

3. Sleep well like a little baby

Sleep is the most important healer in your daily life. Don't take away sleep, don't let TV, phone or computer replace sleep time. Your sleep is the most valuable self-healing and you have it completely free. Once you have lost your sleep rhythm, aim to restore it. If you have gone to bed too late for many years and there is a constant lack of sleep, give yourself time to recover. Not everything happens overnight, especially restoring sleep rhythm. Take small steps - try to go to bed about ten minutes earlier than you are used to every day. Do this until you have reached bedtime, which is definitely before midnight, ideally close to ten o'clock. When you reach eleven o'clock, it's already very good. The sweetest sleep hits people around ten o'clock and 90 minutes later. During sleep, your body creates a growth hormone, which is a healer of the entire system. During sleep, you recover from everything that hurt you during the day. Your immune system will also recover and strengthen.

Lemongrass, Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils will help to fight sleep problems. Burn them right before going to bed in an oil lamp or diffuser. These oils stimulate the production of melatonin. In the same way, magnesium right before bedtime will help. 

Also, Red Reishi will help you with sleep problems, which promotes sleep, soothes and reduces fatigue and exhaustion. It also supports the normal functioning of the immune system and all body systems.

4. Eat real food

Your food is the backbone of your defence mechanism, your immune system. The less fresh, unprocessed and organic food you eat, the harder it is for your body to keep its immune system strong. Do not expect to receive immunity from processed foods. Sugar, for example, is a breaker of the immune system. Each time you consume it, it slows down the healing of your whole body. I'm not just talking about the sugar you take from a packet of sugar and add to a cake or coffee. I am also talking about hidden sugar that has already been added to food. Your body actually needs unprocessed food, such as beans, tomatoes, garlic and pumpkin, not bread, pasta, sausages nor pastry products. Garlic is worth highlighting here because it also strengthens your immune system and helps prevent many diseases. Immunity comes directly from nature, not from processing nature.

I send you a lot of health, and I sincerely hope that you will all work harder for your own well-being!