If you are single, in a new relationship, are interested in a certain person with whom you have a connection, or want to better understand the relationship you are in, then this is for you. You can take a soulmate test to see if the person who is in your heart is really your soulmate.

This test starts with a breathing exercise, or meditation, to help take you to the alpha level, followed by answering questions. Before you begin, you can write the questions on a piece of paper so that you can answer more quickly after meditation. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to take the test. 

To take a soulmate test, you will need:

- At least an hour where you can be alone to take the test calmly and deeply

- A pleasant and cosy environment that will help you to immerse yourself completely.

- Love incense to burn at the same time, for example, jasmine, vanilla, lotus, orchid or cinnamon.

- Love crystals to achieve a better result.

- A love candle, for example, cinnamon, magnolia, vanilla or granadill candle.

- A4 paper and a pencil.

Start with the TEST!

Light the candle and the incenses, and focus on the right one reaching you. Ask them to get the correct answer with this test. Praying and creating the right energy and atmosphere with incense and candle is very important.

Then find a comfortable seat, pick up the paper and a pencil.

Before taking the test, close your eyes and do some breathing exercises, five to ten minutes. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply to reach a healing rhythm of breathing. It helps you relax, which in turn takes you to the alpha level. This is the level where intuition and clarity can emerge and what is needed for the test to be successful and true.

While doing breathing exercises, focus only on getting the right answers. Forward prayers to your guardian angel or universe so that the test can be done properly.

The moment when you feel that your breathing rhythm is calm and you have moved to a suitable state where there are no distracting thoughts and you can only focus on this test, it is time to pick up paper and pencil and start the test.

Draw a line in the middle of the A4 page, write the answers to the questions below from top to bottom, leaving the right side blank for the time being.

Question 1: What are my strongest traits?

During the soulmate test, you have to ask a lot of questions about yourself and the answers to those questions must be true. You must not allow your ego to speak while taking this test. Be completely honest with yourself. Don't make yourself stronger or weaker. Look at your soul and answer.  Those who can look at themselves honestly will benefit the most from this test.

Write down at least 10 different traits that are your strengths. Some have the ability to express love, some the ability to be confident, others the ability to speak clearly about their feelings. Strong is this trait that doesn't hurt others and is balanced and brings positivity.

Question 2: What are my weakest traits?

Now it is the time for the weakest traits. Write again at least 10 different traits. You can always write them down more, the more you can highlight both strong and weak traits, the more accurate the test result will be.

For example, the weaknesses of some people are jealousy, directness, which often hurts other people, or, for example, indecision. Find your weakest traits. These are the parts of you that actually cause you the most problems, drama and worry. Take the time to analyze yourself as honestly as you can.

If you have been able to identify your weaknesses, move on to the next question.

Question 3: What are my biggest fears?

Now, look at your fears. You are sure to find something that bothers you from time to time. You don't have to point out ten different fears here, name them as many as you can. If you can identify at least one or two fears, it is already very useful.

For example, some people are afraid to be alone, to be deceived, to be betrayed, to be ruined, or to be left without a family. What is your biggest fear? Write it down.

Now that you've found the answers to these three questions, move on to the next step of the test.

The first step in reaching a soulmate!

See the answers to the first question on the paper. Now write an equal sign behind your strongest traits and the opposites of those traits on the other side (the right side of the page you left blank at the beginning).

For example, if your strong trait is the ability to talk about your feelings, then the opposite is the inability to share your feelings openly. Or, if you find that your strong trait is self-confidence, mark the uncertainty on the other side.

Take the time to find the exact opposites.

The second step in reaching a soulmate!

Now move on to the next question. There you wrote your weakest traits. Do exactly the same as in the previous step – draw an equal sign behind these traits and find the opposites.

If your weakness was, for example, excessive jealousy, then the opposite is the ability to trust, if your weakness is, for example, insecurity, then the opposite of this trait is self-confidence.

The third step in reaching a soulmate!

The third stage is easy. Add an equal sign to the fears you wrote down. Write a sentence after the equal sign: "This is the person who comes and helps me get rid of these fears."


Take the paper where the answers to my questions were written. It lists your traits and fears and their opposites. Your soulmate is the person who carries all the traits you wrote on the right. The soulmate is your opposite. You are not the same, quite the contrary. This is the person who is meant to heal your weaknesses and embrace your strengths, alleviate your fears, and vice versa, you his. The only thing you can't read from this test are his fears, but you don't need to know that, because you already have the skills and strengths to alleviate them.

If you have met someone with whom you have feelings, are in a relationship or are just looking for the right soulmate, then this test will give you the answer to what it is. If the person you have feelings for has the traits on the right side of the test, you have found your soulmate. If not, you are with someone else with whom you have a different soul agreement.

I sincerely hope that this test will help you and many others. I send you love and more love!

Rhodochrosite, Garnet, Larimar and Rainbow Moonstone are four soulmate crystals.
These crystals will help you reach a soulmate if this person is not already in your life. If there is a soulmate in your life, this person will help to strengthen the bond and love you have. Keep these crystals close to you or wear them as jewellery so that they can connect you with a soulmate. These crystals increase your luck in love!

Also, read my article about soulmates, in which I have written even more thoroughly, how to recognize a soulmate, and what is the connection and purpose between you two. It will help you open your eyes even more and understand this special agreement between souls!