In order to avoid separation, it is necessary to move forward spiritually together in a well-functioning and harmonious relationship. It means change, self-developing, lifelong learning and development. However, many relationships reach a point where one grows spiritually strongly over the other. The point maybe that one party does not want to develop spiritually, remaining, for example, who he was when the couple met and started to be together. Or it may be that one is developing spiritually in another direction, which is not in line with the development of his partner. Spiritual separation can occur in many different ways. I'll tell you how to recognize such a relationship, how to act, and what to learn from it all.

To understand if a relationship is growing spiritually apart, for a moment focus on your relationship. Try to understand what's going on in it. Is there harmony and constant movement in the relationship or...

... you feel a setback, fear, or discomfort when you want to share something you have experienced spiritually. You don’t feel comfortable sharing your dreams, sinner visions, discoveries, or anything that excites you.

... you can't do rituals that work for you at home without condemnation or laughing at you. Let it be burning candles, cleansing home with smudge sticks or charging crystals, you will be despised and ridiculed. You feel uncomfortable because you cannot practice spirituality freely.

... an extreme situation arises, for example, when you are forced into a religion that you do not want to practice or follow. Your loved one can be dominant in two ways. A loved one either imposes spiritual techniques or forbids you to practice what you believe in and love.

... your companion becomes angry or offended when you practice spirituality. He may be angry that you are devoting your time or resources to such activities.
punased roosid valgel taustal
... you are in a situation where you have to hide what you are doing. You have to hide spiritual practices and enjoyment of spirituality, and you have to find ways to do it in secret.

... you have been in a situation where your companion makes you choose between him and your spirituality, challenging you, giving you an ultimatum, or pushing you into a corner, putting you in a situation where you can't get both.

... if you want to help your partner by giving him tips on alternative medicine or some spiritual practice you have faith in, he will push you away. You feel like you can't get close to him to help him from the bottom of your heart because he doesn't trust your choices.

... you feel like you don't have anything to talk to him about anymore because he's talking about superficial things, but you want to go deeper. You feel like you want to talk about feelings, but he doesn't see the need. Maybe he can't even talk to you about his feelings.

... you are beginning to feel the need for intimacy associated with building a strong spiritual bond. You feel a longing for a relationship where there is emotional and spiritual understanding.

... you are in a situation where you enjoy being with yourself more, but not the time you spend with him. You feel how you are growing apart from him on a spiritual level.

If you answer yes to one or two of these signs then this is a dangerous sign of a spiritually detached relationship.

In this case, I suggest you sit down with your partner first and share your concerns with him. Let him know that you want more acceptance and understanding. Ask him to find something good and inspiring in your view of the world. But if he doesn't go along with it and you've even tried it many times, maybe it's a sign of fate that the relationship has actually lived its time.

Spiritual separation can be extremely toxic and can disrupt the dynamics of the relationship

Spiritual separation can also be passive, meaning that if the other party does not respond to your spirituality, it will not deny you, but it will not support you. The passive variant is, of course, less painful, and in this respect, it is possible to stay together much longer. Everyone needs to know for themselves whether it is good.

punane lagunev süda käelBefore giving up, I recommend going deeper into the relationship and answering honestly these questions: What do I get out of this relationship? What does he get out of it? Are we happy? What did we come to teach each other, and have these lessons actually been passed on? Is it wise to continue or move on?

Take the time to find answers to all of these questions. Don't rush, but don't stay in the comfort zone. In order to move on to the path of relationship improvement or a new relationship, you first need clarity. To create moments of clarity, you need yourself and a deep insight into the relationship.

Not all relationships are made to last forever. For some, the time together is five years in the book of fate, for another 15 years, and the life of a third relationship can be as long as three months or 40 years. All relationships are different and their purpose is different. It is not necessary to look at how much or how little has been spent together, but focus on the essence and depth of the relationship.

I understand how difficult it is to coexist with someone who gradually grows apart from you. It can be frustrating and cause stress. But you don't have to feel it. You are free to share yourself with who you want to do it too and at the level you want to do it. In fact, all the choices and decisions are in your hands.

Moonstone helps to bring mutual spiritual understanding into the relationship. Moonstone promotes love, tolerance, mutual understanding, getting along and support. Keep it close to you or at home so that happiness can always be with you. Moonstone helps to connect you with people who love and respect you. It is both relationship happiness and a crystal for creating a new relationship.

Burning rose incense at home will also help to improve your relationship. Rose symbolises love happiness.

Spiritual development is important. If you feel you want to do it, do it. Don't clip your wings, just fly high!