Hugging is healing, soothing, supportive, creates well-being and is a joyful activity that I do not recommend cutting you out of life!

However, this is not an easy or basic need or activity for everyone. Believe me, for many, hugging the closest and dearest people can also make many pull back. If you're a super-hugger, open to everyone, and greatly enjoy hugs, you might think that it's not possible!? The reality, however, is that hugging does cause tension and freezing in many. My goal in talking about this is to help those who recognize themselves here.

A hug is a pure pleasure that could be in all of your relationships. In order to accept a hug in a healing and enjoyable way, your Heart Chakra must be open, healed, or in the healing phase.

Why do so many people have trouble accepting hugs?

Because the Heart Chakra is very broken, unhealthy or closed in many people.

What is the cause for this?

The Heart Chakra is one of the weakest Chakras in general. This is our middle Chakra that needs special care and attention, especially from you. It is the centre of the Chakras, and its health determines many important skills and strengths, as well as your abilities. The unhealed Heart Chakra actually takes away half of the charm of living.

Heart Chakra becomes broken due to, for example, trauma survival, losing a loved one, betrayal or deception. It is sensitive to any kind of negative shock, criticism, exclusion and falsehood. Here are some of the things that the Heart Chakra is sensitive to. If you take a moment to stop these thoughts, you may realize how easy it is to hurt the Heart Chakra. Many of these ways are not dictated by you, life can simply throw such experiences at you. It would be wise to react to them immediately and heal yourself, but it is not always so easy.

What to do if hugging is not comfortable for you?

Pulling away from others and blocking hugs only exacerbates the problem. Of course, I do not mean here to accept with open arms anyone who wishes to hug you. Let's take a different approach.

To heal the Heart Chakra and open it to hugs, you need one person you truly care about, someone who has won your trust. Be it your sister, partner or spouse, child or good friend. He's someone you share your life with. This person is your healing soulmate, who can heal your Heart Chakra. Learn to hug that person! It may be difficult at first, but over time, this situation will become more comfortable for you. If it is so difficult for you to hug the person closest to you that it puts you in an awkward position, first try to just touch and caress him, hold his hand, for example. Restore intimacy and the ability to bring people close to you!

The easiest way to learn to hug is through your own child. Many people experience that their children have come to teach them, love. If you have a child that you gladly hug but block the rest of your loved ones, hug your child more and more. Through him, learn to release the tension in your Heart Chakra. Then move on to the next loved one with whom you feel more comfortable.

If you can be open, tell your family member or friend, for example, that you need to learn intimacy and enjoy it. If hugs aren't a problem for him, you can work together. Ask him to start hugging constantly and try to enjoy it more and more. 

Restore the ability to hug and receive love, heal your Heart Chakra!

Rhodonite is a crystal that teaches to receive love and intimacy. This helps to get rid of the tension and blockage of proximity. Many people have difficulty hugging, even the people closest to them. If you feel that you are having a cramp and become stiff, if someone close to you wants to hug you, it indicates the weakness of the Heart Chakra and the wounds in it. This is a great way to find out what the state of your Heart Chakra is.

When you recognize yourself, I inspire you to heal your Heart Chakra. Rhodonite is a wonderful crystal for you. Wear it as a talisman around your neck, as close to your heart as possible. Wearing it, you must also practice hugging to finally heal the Heart Chakra. Rhodonite makes you freer, helping you to enjoy and receive closeness. This can help release the tension that comes with being close to someone.

Use Rosemary smudge stick to cleanse and activate your Heart Chakra. Make it smoke, move it around above your Heart Chakra, or keep it upright in front of you. At the same time, focus on wishing the Heart Chakra health and function. Focus on the good, the self-healing and the desire to experience maximum love in this life. It greatly contributes to the healing of the Heart Chakra.

Hug yourself to become healthy and mentally strong!

Even to the most closed and emotionally traumatized person, I will say one thing - hugging should not be cut out of my life! It is a healing and soul-nourishing activity. The person is rightly given the instinct to hug the needy and those who suffer pain. The answers are right before our eyes, my eyes are extremely open to the search for answers.

Depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, tension, mental overload, work stress, low self-esteem and many other hauntings, harassing and harassing problems are reduced when you hug and let yourself be hugged. Offer intimacy to your dearest people and accept the energy of love from others. Believe me, one day the tension and stress in you will come out much less.

In case of stress and anxiety, I also recommend encouraging yourself alternatively with Ayurveda. Rhodiola is a great stress reliever that helps to bring you out of your stress routine over time.