Recently, I have been constantly asked what it means to have a dream about your ex-partner? Especially in the case when the relationship with that person ended a long time ago, they have not seen each other for a long time and you haven't thought about him for a while. It actually has a deep meaning. If at some point you have also seen your loved one in a dream, then that dream has a message for you.

The interpretation for this dream is only valid if you have not thought of that person and you have not seen it recently. 

Such a dream can have two meanings. What it meant for you will be uncovered in the near future.

First of all, this dream can foretell that you may meet him in the near future. Because you have had a strong connection with this person in the past, telepathy may still exist between you. You may have had the vision of meeting him. If you were to see him any time soon, it was just a prediction. We can predict things about the people we have been connected to or with whom we are connected today. 

Secondly, this dream may let you know that there is something unresolved between you and him. This may be because when the relationship ended, the lesson was not yet learned or you missed something from each other at the time. This is most likely the reason for this dream, especially if you meet your loved one in a dream regularly.  

In the case of such a dream, you must also define what your feelings were and what the content of the dream was. If the feeling was good, loving, and warm, and you have generally good memories of him, it may indicate a spiritual connection. In this case, the relationship may still be active. You may be reunited in the future, most likely in future lives.

If the dream had a negative undertone, was stressful, and didn't make you feel good, then maybe something has not been forgiven or freed, and the subconscious mind is holding something back. In that case, I recommend meditating with Copal incense and ask for the release of the connection and understanding the lesson. Meditation helps with having clarity.

All the connections that are not broken between people are carried on to the future (generally to later lives). If you want to meet your loved one in the future, keep him in your heart. If not, then in this life, engage in pain relief, forgiveness, and energy healing. Rhodonite helps to let go of a person who has caused us heartache. Use this crystal during meditation or wear it if you want to break free from the previous relationship.

I sincerely hope that my interpretation brought you clarity.

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