Black sheep - sounds intriguing? Everyone has an opinion on this, but I'm telling you who I consider a black sheep and what I mean by that. Believe me, there are families with more than one colour.

A black sheep in a family is one that other family members feel is unsuitable for the family because of their nature or character. For the most part, this is the opinion of parents or grandparents.

The views and nature of the black sheep seem strange to some members of the family and something that is not wanted to be accepted, be it a hobby or a principle. A black sheep is a family member who, in someone else's opinion, simply does not suit the family by nature. Others may be embarrassed or reject that person because of his or her specific nature because it is inappropriate to be who he or she is. In short, a black sheep is one who does not have exactly the same interests, morals, principles and nature as other family members.

The black sheep of the family have a very, very difficult childhood and youth. If family members keep in touch in adulthood, this time will also be difficult, especially the time spent with the family or communicating with them. He constantly has obstacles and his nature is suppressed.

Why this is being done?

The black sheep is hurt the most by a family member, who sees the greatest problem in his peculiarity. Whoever is a torturer (be it a mother, a brother or a cousin) needs to learn to release, love unconditionally and accept. Usually, black sheep torturers, mental harassers and oppressors are those family members who have not learned these important lessons in their own lives. Sounds very ugly, doesn't it? But there are such families, so why be silent. Let's talk about things with open cards.

What to learn here?

If you recognize yourself as a black sheep, you will be able to relieve that pain. How to do it? To do this, we need to learn from the whole situation. Understand that the problematic soul is the one who rejects you the most in the family and destroys your nature. You have been placed in the same family and have a lot to learn in life. He must learn to love you as you are and accept your choices. You have to take care of yourself, not be subject to manipulation, blackmail and repression. You must not let your wings be cut, you must fly, not allow yourself to be hurt.

Why do black sheep have a family where there is no acceptance and unconditional love? Why is life so difficult for some people, isn't it unfair?

No, that's not unfair. If you are special, colourful, have a personality, it means that you have come to this world to create something other than the usual shade of grey. There is something very, very special about you. In a toxic family, you can go two ways: either completely to the bottom or grow into a strong, confident, and independent person. The more talented a person is, the more he must learn to live independently and stand up for himself. Colourful souls have to stand up for their actions and words to fulfil themselves. When you are born into a family as a black sheep, you are actually taught from an early age to become stronger.

If you were born into a family as a black sheep, you are in a way in your life where you have to confirm your own path and learn to see the potential in yourself. Such a life always accompanies gifts. You got that kind of life for now, or you got it in a previous life where talent needed confirmation. I always look at the whole, we move from life to life according to certain laws. If you were born into this family as a black sheep, know that the purpose of this life is to be completely independent.

Family can be your greatest source of security, love and warmth, but it can also be toxic and cause illness.

Extremes exist everywhere you look. Life is full of extremes!

Family and home can be the best places in the world for you, but they can also be the most toxic. If you were born to one extreme or the other, then you need that kind of experience and childhood in this life. If you were born into a loving and accepting family, then according to the book of fate, you need just that experience for your future development. However, if you are born into a toxic family where you are this black sheep, then you need to grow through suffering on your own path of development. Sounds very ugly, I know. The truth is not always beautiful

For example, I read people's books of fate in my private sessions. This is part of a private seance where I read why and what you have to experience in life. You can read more about my private seance HERE.

10 signs you’re the BLACK SHEEP of the family:

- Your family is not interested in what is important to you. If you want to share your interests with them or involve them, it will leave them cold

- Your family has rejected you out a lot, you have felt an emotionally cold attitude and ignorance.

- You have experienced periods where you have been open to addictions, fallen into that trap, got rid of them.

- You have experienced mental low points, extreme stress, anxiety or even depression. Worse, suicidal thoughts.

- If there are more children in the family than just you, you may have experienced that other children were allowed more and they were not so hard on them.

- If you did something wrong or got into trouble, it was blown up big. It was something extra awful for the family. If there were other children in the family, their problems and actions were never so grandiose and extravagant.

- Every time you were happy with something or felt great, your well-being and joy were immediately taken away. You were always overflowed with toxicity. The main thing was that you don't feel happy!

- You yourself have constantly felt that you just don't fit into this family. You have come to think that you are from another era, born into the wrong family or something.

- You feel like your family has never valued you. There is always something you are doing wrong.

- Instead, everyone else around you, such as friends and acquaintances, sees the charm in you, sincerely acknowledges and praises you. You haven't experienced it with your family

Being the black sheep of a family can completely break a person or make him strong. Why am I writing about all this here? I want to help those beautiful souls who are broken or on the verge of breaking. I want you who recognize yourself here to find the power, hope, strength, and motivation to move forward.

You have not selected this route yourself. The journey was given to you according to what you have to learn in this life. It all stems from how far you are in your spiritual development. Individually, I can watch and explain it all in a private session, where I unravel the whole human spiritual journey and create clarity where you lack clarity. But there are topics that I can share more broadly, such as the embodiment of the black sheep and its definition.

My goal is to make you stronger by showing you that you are not alone. It's all a much, much bigger problem than you can imagine. Black sheep are everywhere, you just don't know what's going on in other homes. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean there's no such behaviour. There are so many of them!

I do not support or accept behaviour where the family chooses someone to constantly attack and suppress. But as a spiritual interpreter and clairvoyant, I can understand the reasons for this. My understanding does not mean acceptance. I want to make that clear.

If you are a black sheep in the family, then this life is your chance to grow spiritually dramatically. There is always a lesson in everything bad and toxic for me that is worth something great. I’m a Pisces and that sun sign helps me to see this single ray of sunshine between the darkest clouds, which offers hope and strength to grow. If you are chosen to be a black sheep, find this ray of sunshine. You are special, you have something that others do not have. Bring out that specialness, don't inhibit your own development, don't look for love where it doesn't exist. The right people will come and find you once you have learned to stand up for yourself.

The poison that is sent to you will not end until you become strong and learn to fully love and appreciate yourself. As long as it lasts, you have not yet fully learned the lesson. Learn and you will see how you gradually move away from how you once lived.

Keep a Chiastolite crystal with you. It is a cross-stone that protects its wearer from negativity, stress, malice, humiliation, repression, degrading treatment and rejection. It is a crystal that helps you gain power over yourself and your feelings. This crystal teaches you to value and establish yourself when you need to do so. Chiastolite is a crystal with full spiritual energy that helps you learn even the most difficult situations, seeing the sun's rays between the dark clouds you need to move forward

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