Panic attacks are quite frightening. If this is a familiar topic for you, then you definitely don't want to experience them again. Unfortunately, if panic attacks are relevant in your life, it is not possible to get rid of them without helping yourself. You have to help yourself and I support you in that. I will help you understand three reasons why it is difficult to get rid of panic attacks. Do you have these three habits? If so, I hope you find inspiration in my words to change yourself. Just so you can stand out as the winner!

The causes of panic attacks vary and can include low self-esteem, trauma, lack of some essential nutrients, and more.


It should come as no surprise that the constant flood of social media has a detrimental effect on the nervous system. Our bodies have not adapted to the speed of modern information exchange, and in fact, it is exhausting in every way. All the more so if you are in a mental state where you are sensitive to stress and anxiety.

If you scroll on your social media timeline, read scary stories, come across anxious news, or see how other people are coping with their lives, it won't affect you well. They exacerbate panic attacks. While scrolling you come across information that may not be useful to you or that may even be harmful.

If you want to get rid of panic attacks, turn yourself off from the flood of information, where you may accidentally come across something that you cannot digest at the moment. If you are sensitive, protect yourself, stay in an environment where you can heal

Remind yourself not to grab your phone every five minutes so that you don't refresh different pages every little time. Leave this topic in place, alienate it.

The same is true of being constantly informed about work matters. Yes, indeed, work at work, do it in-depth and with dedication. When all your work is done, your work time is up, or you've done your day's tasks, turn off your computer and don't constantly check your work email on your phone. This is when you don't really have anything important to expect.

If you have panic attacks, you will be devastated by electromagnetic radiation and the rapid exchange of information. Avoid it when you don't really need to be in that flow of information.

Wearing Amazonite crystal, for example, helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Wearing it as earrings or a talisman around your neck helps to block the stress-energy caused by electromagnetic radiation. Amazonite helps protect you energetically when you're talking to someone on the phone, using headphones, or sitting in front of a computer.

By constantly migrating the flow of information on smart devices, you stimulate your brain too much and this results in anxiety. If you are sensitive to anxiety and panic attacks, it is because of this habit that it is very difficult for you to get rid of panic attacks completely.


Temporary isolation can be managed and is sometimes necessary, especially if you are ill and do not want to pass the disease on to others, such as those with a viral illness. However, constant isolation is against the nature of people. We are meant to co-exist, and there is, in fact, an important reason for that. A sense of belonging and the sharing of one's life, feelings, experiences, opinions, knowledge and emotions is important. I am not talking about sharing my life in a modern way - by phone or video. We need physical contact with other people and we should not deny ourselves that.

If you have panic attacks, it is very harmful to you to be constantly at home between four walls and alone. Environmental exchange is important, and meeting different people is important. Allow yourself to move and allow your loved ones to approach you.

If you are a single person who for some reason has no acquaintances or friends, I recommend that you take walks to places where there are people. Take a walk, enjoy what's around you, let the sun and nature heal.

Self-isolation is never useful if it lasts a long time. If you have panic attacks, think about how much time you spend at home and away from people?


Mental health is very fragile, affected by a huge number of factors. One of them is the nutrient-poor menu. If you do not get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, useful fatty acids and protein from your food, your nervous system and mental body will be hit.

Be very critical of your menu, look at it honestly and find what makes you sick. Do you consume too many sweets? Do you have a habit of drinking soft drinks? Is your only salad tomato, cucumber and lettuce? Do you drink too much coffee? These and many other habits are not helpful.

To get rid of panic attacks, you need to make your menu rich in nutrients and remove artificial and pre-prepared foods.

It is important to consume a variety of useful fatty acids, for example, using Borage oil, Omega 3, flaxseed oil and sea buckthorn oil. They can all be used together and are good for the health of your brain

In addition, regular consumption of Cytoplan protein powder helps to stay healthy. I suggest you add it to smoothies, for example. It contains many amino acids and proteins that have a beneficial effect on the recovery of the nervous system.

Use of the advice, recommendations and information set out in this article is at your own risk. The information provided is not health advice, but Tene Laul's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of food supplements is the responsibility of each person. If necessary, consult a doctor before use