There may also be dreams where you see that you have feelings for several people. This kind of dream can often occur even if you don't really feel romantic about several people. This dream can have two different meanings. If you really have two loves in your heart, read the first interpretation I have written. If you dreamed of several loves, but in real life, there is only one, then there is another version for you.

First version

If you really have two loves in your heart, seeing them in a dream will actually give you a clue on how to move forward with all this. Such a dream must be worked through, the meanings of the symbols must be defined with the help of a dream interpreter and find the signs and messages there.

When you dream of both loves, your intuition will tell you who to move on with, who to let go of, who has feelings for you, and what you really expect from that relationship.

The law of karma says that we can love whoever we want, but if we want to receive complete love ourselves, we must not physically divide ourselves among several people. Here again, is a place where you have to feel what you expect from life. Whether you expect commitment, sincerity, realness and one-on-one love or not. The law of karma is very simple: if you share, you also expect the other party to share.

Second version

This dream is more common, and seeing it can frighten even the most faithful companion in the morning. I am often told that such dreams make people feel as if their partner has been deceived because they also fell in love with someone else. In general, these dreams seem very real and therefore such a reaction.

In fact, this dream shows that you are loved. This love can come from children, friends, mother/father, or someone you are close to. Love can manifest itself as a second choice, although in reality, this may not be the case.

If you see that your companion loves you less than your phantom companion, it may indicate a longing and a desire to feel loved again. It can also be a cry for help from your subconscious that wants more love.

You can analyze for yourself the state of communication between you and your partner. If it's great, you're happy with it, it's a dream that you've covered with love from other directions. If there is a distance between you, it means a dream longing for love. Sometimes it may even suggest that someone else is coming your way. It can also be a prophecy of a change in the relationship.

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