Tanning symbolizes well-being, healing, rest, joy and positivity growth. In general, seeing a dream in a tanning dream has a very positive meaning, unless there is something negative in that dream or something that sounds alarming. I will help you understand what it means to dream of tanning.

Seeing tanning in a dream may indicate that you are taking more care of yourself. You're starting to notice what you need. For example, eating healthier, exercising more, exercising in the fresh air, and more. Your subconscious mind indicates that it all works in your favor, you are on the right track and should move in that direction.

A dream in which you sunbathe under a clear sky, the sun is warm and evokes positive emotions also has a very positive meaning. Such a dream points to healing, the arrival of positive times and a brighter future. This is a sign that you can finally rest. You may have a difficult time behind you when you were very tired or anxious. This dream is a sign of healing, take it as a very good prophetic vision.

A dream where you sunbathe under a cloudy sky or it becomes darker and obscures the sun has a slightly deterrent effect. This means that no matter the situation you're at, be it stressful, difficult or problematic, you can still get over it. It's a positive dream that talks about your own inner strength, power, and ability to get over a situation that is causing you stress.

It is also a hint that you need to be strong, optimistic and positive. This is a sign that this is how you will achieve the desired result. So, keep your head up

If you felt good tanning, this is a dream with a great meaning. It refers to your gut healing, strength, and that everything will be fine. If you see sunbathing in a dream at a time when your life is difficult, it is a positive prophecy. It gives hope and tells you that one day everything will be fine again.

If you felt uncomfortable sunbathing, it indicates that the good times are coming to an end Well-being, positivity, good health and happiness are starting to disappear. This is a warning from your subconscious. You should listen to it and start healing, supporting and working hard for your own well-being. During this time, offer yourself more help, eat healthily, and keep positive crystals with you, for example Sunstone, which has the effect of increasing optimism and good fortune.

To better interpret dreams and see prophetic visions in your dream, keep crystals in the bedroom to help open the dream channel. I recommend keeping Celectite geode, Scolecite and Phosposiderite.

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