Heliotherapy is one of the best ways to heal yourself, no matter what physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem you are facing. If there is something inside of you today that hurts you, makes you weak and needs to be healed, then heliotherapy is for you!

Heliotherapy = sun therapy. It is that you go to the sun completely consciously so that the sun can heal you and make you stronger on every level. I'll say something about myself - my favourite therapy is heliotherapy! Over the years, I have been asked a lot: "Tene, how do you handle everything you do? How can you help others so actively, constantly share and write so much? Won't you run out? Don't you feel spent at some point?" The answer to these questions is very simple - I heal, balance and nourish my soul and body with the right healing methods for myself. One of the healers of my body and energy is the sun. Along with veganism, spiritual practices and crystals, heliotherapy is definitely one of the builders of my strength.

Heliotherapy is very useful because when it comes in contact with the skin, sunlight activates all the hormones to work properly. Most diseases, especially chronic ones, are associated with hormonal imbalances. Sunrays can set all the hormones to work properly. It is enough if you are in direct sunlight for about 30 minutes a day. When it's cold, show the sun to your face and hands, if it's warmer, to as much of your body as possible.

Sunlight can push stress hormones into the background, bringing out hormones of well-being and happiness. In order for them to occur, stress hormones need to turn off. If you are in a positive mood, healing can begin. Heliotherapy is good for the whole body, you will find a solution to every problem. However, to see its effectiveness, you need to show yourself to the sun every day as it comes out from behind the cloud.

For example, if you have reflux, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, cysts, myoma, abdominal pain, or any other problem located in the abdomen, sunbathe so that the abdomen is bare. The sun must be shown directly in the problem area. Sunlight helps to heal the abdomen very quickly. The sun is connected to our third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. When this Chakra is weak, the disease manifests itself in the body on four different levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To help you understand this, imagine a situation where you had abdominal pain. Abdominal pain closes you on every level - you can't walk, move or think about anything else. Your abdomen is the centre of energy. The solar plexus needs to be healthy so that your body can be strong at every level.

If you are suffering from mental problems, you need to show your head and face to the sun. Do not cover your head with a hat and facial skin with strong sunscreen that will prevent heliotherapy from working. Use natural oils that protect the skin while allowing the sun's rays to reach your hormonal body. For people suffering from stress, nervousness, depression and anxiety, I always recommend looking at the sun with your eyes closed to allow the sun's rays to heat the upper Chakras and brain.

Heliotherapy is so good that it would be a sin to stay away from the sun. Remember that with strong sunscreen, solar energy cannot heal you as much as it should. I do not recommend excessive sun exposure here. Everything should be done in moderation so that it does not have a devastating effect on your skin and you only benefit from it. Use for example Mukti face cream with sun protection, use it in areas that you consciously want to protect more. It contains zinc and therefore transmits solar energy through the skin. In addition, I recommend using avocado and jojoba carrier oils or Mukti aloe vera cream, which soothes the skin after the sun.

If you are afraid that the sun will cause skin ageing and premature wrinkles, then yes, your fear is justified. But it can also be slowed down. To do this, you need to feed your body properly internally. coenzyme Q10, Your Superi super plant mix, MSM, Milk Thistle, omega 3, vitamin B complex and many other food supplements help to protect the thin from sun-induced ageing. In addition, I recommend drinking lemon or lime water, with a lot of vitamin C. In addition, I recommend drinking during the sun.

The sun is shining everywhere on our planet, although less so in the Nordic countries, and the air temperature is also lower here. This makes year-round tanning more difficult, but you can go out and enjoy it every time the sun peeks behind the cloud. Whenever possible, let the sunshine on your face, décolleté, or even part of your hands and feet. Even a small ray of sunshine is healing, remember it!

If heliotherapy is so powerful, why not talk about it? Why isn't it advertised so that everyone can benefit? The answer is again simple - it cannot be patented. No organization can take ownership of the sun. Logical, isn't it? Since I do not want to selfishly benefit from your health, I declare the beneficial properties of the sun for the sun. Go to the sun, enjoy basically the only free source of healing that is still available. Enjoy and let the sun's rays reach your skin!