Clouds are related to your emotional body, your mood and how you feel. Storm clouds symbolize stress, anxiety, and extravagant and complex emotions. If you saw a storm cloud in your dream, first ask yourself, have you been moody, over-emotional, or stressed for something lately? If so, this dream is not really prophetic, but an explanation of what is going on in your subconscious and body. In this case, you do not have to be afraid of the content of the dream, but take it as a hint that you need to take more care of yourself - commit to reducing stress and creating a sense of well-being and focus on the positive.

If you feel that you have been more stressed and emotional lately than before, I suggest that you help yourself quickly so that your emotional body is not further disturbed and damaged.

I recommend starting using Hyssop essential oil. It is the number one stress reliever, anxiety reliever and irritability reliever. In addition, stimulate your body with Vitamin B complex. It is often the lack of B vitamins that causes moodiness, irritability and nervousness. I suggest you wear Girasol, it has a stress-relieving effect.

However, if you have been feeling well lately, it is a prophetic dream that foretells the next:

Storm clouds in your dream symbolize depressed thinking, feelings of irritability, melancholy, sadness, bad news, getting into trouble, having problems, focusing on them, or blowing up drama

Something like this is coming into your life. Protect yourself from this, clean your Aura Field, keep the protective crystals close while you have had such a dream. A suitable crystal is, for example, Hypersthene. It is used to protect against energies and situations that you cannot prevent or anticipate.

The darker the storm clouds, the more emotional the situation is for you. Dark clouds symbolize difficulty and stress. The brighter the storm clouds, the smaller the problem you are in.

When you dream of clouds hiding the sun, it is a call from your subconscious to be more motivated and inspired. You have everything you need to be strong, vibrant, active, and successful. Clouds indicate that you are not using your strength and skill to help you. It is a call from the subconscious that you should motivate yourself more and push yourself up before you become lazy and bored.

When you see a storm cloud in your dream, you need to focus more on how you feel. Deal with your emotional body, help yourself to find a good feeling. Meditate, practice yoga, go in the fresh air and contribute more to your health. This is a call from your subconscious

Seeing storm clouds in a dream gives you a clue that you could fall into a black hole if you do not help yourself in the situation where you are or where life is leading you. Take charge!

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