Gemini is the third zodiac sign in the sun sign system and is very colorful. He's driven by the air element, which gives it speed, intelligence, variability, unpredictability, impulsivity, and agility. If there is someone next to you who is Gemini, you are truly lucky. When you become friends with him, he will bring energy into your life!

There is always something to talk to them about - talking is their strong point!

If you are looking for someone to talk to, try to catch your Gemini friend or acquaintance. Even the most introverted Gemini can talk to you early in the morning once you've found a place in his heart.

There are two types of Gemini - extroverts who can talk to anyone, with whom and whatever, and introverted Gemini who need people they trust to open themselves up. Once you have reached his heart, the talk will go on to the next life. Geminis are narrators!

In friendship, it is very important to make contact and share thoughts, feelings, experiences, opinions, and advice with each other. It is not a problem for twins to open their mouths when it is necessary to analyze and share something. It is certainly one of the greatest trumps that a representative of this zodiac sign shines with.

NB! However, the unbalanced representative of Gemini becomes gossipy, speaks out, and shares personal information. Each zodiac sign has two sides - living in either a balanced or unbalanced version.

An extroverted Gemini friend helps you connect with other people, an introverted Gemini pushes you to find connection yourself

As I mentioned above, there are two types of Gemini by nature. One who is a people person, and another who is open only to his people. However, both have the ability to connect you with the whole world. Extravert introduces you to all of his acquaintances, friends, family members, or even complete strangers if you need it. It's not a problem for him to increase your circle. He is a social butterfly that subconsciously brings people together.

An introverted Gemini representative pushes you to interact with people with his recommendations, advice, and motivation. He's the one who pushes you in a good way if you don't want to move and don't dare to communicate. He's actually a pretty good source of motivation. The extroverted Gemini can and does the same, the difference is that one arranges everything for you, the other directs you to do it all.

A Gemini friend has a very fast reaction and is very intelligent!!

He is the first to respond to your events, activities, experiences, and emotions. He immediately has his opinion, his vision and is ready to support you immediately with advice or strength. It responds at supersonic speed.

If you need someone to help you solve, arrange, or provide support for a worry, grab the phone, find your Gemini friend, and meet him. Tell him about your problem and believe me, you will not leave without a solution. He's so mettlesome that he won't be happy if you just listen to him, he needs some reassurance or assurance that you will act now. What upsets Gemini the most is not doing anything when a problem occurs. He wants to solve everything quickly and properly. Help his strong character, let him help you and solve the situation.

Gemini has an insanely fast mind, that's their strength, let him help you with it. Always keep him by your side, for better or worse. He can share his wild humor with you and be your support on even the most serious topics.

There should definitely be an Apatite crystal in a Gemini's life - it has the effect of promoting good communication and increasing prosperity.

is one of the lucky crystals for a Gemini. It's their Throat Chakra crystal, which helps Gemini be a best friend, a good companion, a great family member, and support to other people. Apatite brings out in Gemini's the ability to communicate in a positive, motivating, and inspiring way. In particular, this crystal helps those characters whose throat chakra is blocked or who have difficulty communicating due to one problem or another. Apatite is also a crystal of prosperity in Gemini.

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