If it is not a problem for you to be constantly optimistic and overcome heavy emotions, or instead you are the one who can always take everything calmly, then this is a real gift. This is a skill you have learned in the past or in this life. This shouldn't be taken for granted, it's a pretty big trump card. Unfortunately, many do not have this skill and are still on their way to learning it on a spiritual level. Everyone's path will eventually lead to the completion of this task.

Over the years, I have helped many people recover from their emotional and internal problems. During this time, I have seen people whose negative thoughts are their daily demon, over which it is difficult to control and who have even taken over life. Negative and pessimistic thinking is not uncommon, unfortunately, it is very widespread. But it doesn't have to stay that way, it can change. All you need to change is yourself. If you recognize yourself here and know that your mind is automatically negative, then my thoughts are here for you.

Everyone has negative thoughts at certain moments and no one needs to avoid them completely. They can come from intuition and gut feeling. But the problem arises when you can't turn off negativity, you're in a state where it has suffocated you, you're stressed and anxious. This is a place where you need to help yourself!


If you have disappeared into the pattern of negative thoughts, you need to shake yourself out of it. If you no longer like yourself, you feel that you are inadvertently poisoning your partner, family members and friends, now are the time to end it all. Step out of your toxicity! Be like a phoenix flying out of the grey cloud that exists around your Aura. All this is possible, all you need is your wish!

If you are not used to thinking positively, you need to make it a habit for yourself. If a negative idea arises, talk to you about it. Ask yourself right now, is it really that bad? Doubt the negativity. If you can doubt and be sceptical, please take advantage of this. Help yourself! Use your skills in the right places!

If, for example, you are overwhelmed by being very critical of yourself, you are afraid that someone is hurting you, that some people do not like you, or that you feel that you are getting the most serious illness or that something is happening to someone close to you, then ... DOUBT EVERYTHING you just thought about.

Ask yourself right away: "Do I really matter to another, stranger, so much that he should think about me? Am I really that sick? Does something bad have to happen right now?" Be sceptical of your thoughts. Don't blindly trust thoughts that pop out of your head like popcorn. The more you let those thoughts work there, the more you produce them. Instead, turn off the heat and let your mind cool down. Scepticism is the antidote to your own negative thoughts. Use it and save other people.

In all likelihood, by the end of the day, you wouldn't have received a call from an ambulance that something had happened to a family member who was actually healthy, or a call from a stranger telling you how bad you were. However, negative thoughts are mostly illusions. These are not fantasies when you are balanced, positive and happy. When you are emotionally healthy, negative thoughts are the voice of intuition, and only then do you have to take them seriously.

In order for you to fully understand me, think once about all the thoughts and fears that have befallen you. How many of them HAVE NOT materialized? I suggest that this percentage is over ninety. If you agree with me, think about the probability that the negative thoughts and fears in your head at the moment are actually true?


The next step in saying goodbye to negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones is to use as much humour as possible in your life. In addition, it is useful for you to learn something.

Humour is a great tool for you. Try to make your negative thoughts funny, turn those thoughts against themselves. This is a counterattack to negativity! Humour increases positive energy. Humour does not always come as a natural gift, but it can be learned If this is difficult for you, try, try, you will become a master! Humour comes from the Solar Plexus Chakra, the third Chakra of our Chakra system. If you're joking, enjoying humour, the Solar Plexus Chakra will start working automatically. When it works, it closes the negative energy flow to the upper Chakras. That's why it's hard to focus on the sad parts of life when you go with a joke. You know how you feel when someone makes a joke when you're very sad and you can go along with it? You feel better automatically. If the joke is very good, then you will probably forget the sadness of the current situation and you will be able to collect yourself mentally at that moment. That's why humour is so vital and needs to be produced!

When your negative thoughts revolve and revolve around a particular topic, you feel as if that negativity is the moon of the planet and exists in an endlessly dark solar system, then the words of instruction actually lie there. You have something to learn from this situation, there is a great opportunity to grow spiritually. Your main sources of negativity are your biggest places to study. To get out of this magnetic attraction, you have to learn.

To understand what you need to learn, ask yourself, "Why am I stuck on this subject? Is it a trauma? Is it an inability to deal with this situation? Is it a lesson that I need to be more confident?" Ask as many questions as you need, the main thing is that you catch the question, which you will find the answer to.

For example, a very common negative pattern is focusing on one's own mistakes. The mood disappears and you become sad when you start thinking about yourself. Not satisfied with the body, eating habits or appearance. What to learn from here? That you have to deal with yourself and discipline yourself to achieve something. If you are not happy with your food choices, discipline yourself to change those choices. If you are not happy with your body, deal with it. Work out, move, pamper and love yourself. This negativity cannot disappear until you provide positive energy to its source. Your thoughts cannot become more positive than you just wait. Take care of yourself, learn to love and respect your body, treat it well and your eyes will open to look completely different. To get rid of this huge magnet of negativity, learn the lesson behind it.


I encourage you to practice positivity completely consciously

Set a goal to fight negative thoughts, turn them into something beautiful, change the environment, if the environment is what makes you negative. Take this as a workout - you need to be consistent and not give up to get a good result. Stay in rhythm and don't deviate from the road!

In order for positivity to exist in your life and negative thoughts to disappear, share positivity with other people. Tell them something beautiful, good and loving. When you see that passing kids are having fun and it makes you happy, tell them they are nice. If pleasant customer service made you feel good, tell the service representative. Make her feel good, you'll both benefit! If you feel that your partner is especially dear to you, just don't be in his company, just show him that he means a lot to you.

When you start focusing on how good people around us are and expressing those thoughts, you increase your happiness, as well as the happiness of other people. This activates good Karma.

In addition to noticing other people, practice gratitude.

With gratitude, you automatically increase the positive energy within you. Don't jump from this topic to others right away, stop here too! I know very well that when a person is negative, they are not active enough to practice gratitude, but this is one of the easiest ways to lift your spirits and wipe out bad thoughts.

Think about the dreams you have had in your life. Be grateful for that. Think of who is and has been by your side in the most difficult times. Be grateful for them. Think about what problems you have been able to overcome. Be grateful to your Guardian Angel!

Wake up in the morning with hope, wake yourself up and don't wait for the coffee to improve your mood!

Practice conscious positivity in the morning. Focus on the good.
When the weather is rainy and it is dark outside, focus on a good breakfast that you will start eating right away. If coffee doesn't wake you up, don't get grumpy. Instead, focus on the smell of the coffee and think about how good it tastes. This, of course, when you drink coffee. You can practice the same thing drinking green tea, matcha or Energy Bomb.

If you share your home with other family members or friends, smile at them in the morning. Focus on building a good bond right in the morning and your rest of the day will be more positive.

Surround yourself with positive people so that negative thoughts cannot grow inside you.

Other people can make our energies grow, both positive and negative. If you are surrounded by people who constantly click, see others badly, criticize themselves and others, then you get a decent impetus for negative thoughts to emerge. Toxic relationships are not good for anyone.

Surround yourself with positive people who do not criticize others or yourself and see only the bad in life. Surround yourself with those who are motivated and inspired. Don't be the toxic side of their company, focus on the good and don't open your mind when they are negative. Positive people do not want to be with toxic people, this way of thinking also helps them to balance. Therefore, be more like them and grow like them.

Finally, bring a lot of positive energy into your life that will help positivity grow, grow and grow again!

Positive energy can be grown by many different energy sources, such as crystals and incense. It is a breeze to cultivate positive energy with them.

Bring crystals to your home that will make it a good place, and wear those that increase positivity and increase motivation and inspiration.

I recommend using Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Rainbow Hematite, Citrine, Prenite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Quartz or Carnelian - they are great energy healers. Take at least one of them with you on a daily basis. It would be especially good to wear a talisman around your neck that would reach the Solar Plexus Chakra. Your solar plexus is just above your navel. Place your hand over your navel - this is where your third Chakra is located. If you want to wear it, for example, on a Prenite, then hang it on a necklace or band which is long enough to reach your Solar Plexus Chakra, then it directs your Chakra to heal. This Chakra is responsible for how positive a person you are.

In addition to wearing crystals, bring them to your home environment. You can keep all these crystals together so that they can actively transfer positivity to home energy.

With crystals, also use incense. There is a great selection of incense to help get you rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. I recommend: MugwortJuniper and Sage, Palo Santo, Mugwort and Sage, Vitality, Anti Stress, Monsoon Magic Good Mood Creator, Sweetgrass and Cedarwood, Citronella, Solar Plexus Chakra.

Burning incense unleashes the beneficial and healing energies of plants. They cleanse the energy that is unfavourable and replace it with its own power. No matter what incense you burn, it's always helpful If you want to heal and balance your energies, you can't go wrong with incense. Rest and let the incense fill your home with positivity!

By focusing on the good, you do not give the opportunity to grow bad energies and thoughts. Make your Aura field great, where a good mood and optimism are natural parts!