You don't have to be an arrogant or angry person to have a dominant ego, A dominant ego can also be in a person who is vulnerable, sensitive, emotional and very modest in the eyes of others. Ego is not necessarily equal to someone who is bad and evil. When the ego dominates you, it will hurt you the most. Ego is an illusion and denying.

When the ego is in a dominant position, it is very difficult for you to grow spiritually, to evolve, to become more open and stronger. This weakens and creates a standstill. Therefore, it is necessary to notice the dominant ego and start changing itself when it occurs. This way spiritual awakening can continue, not stay in stand by.


The first and most obvious sign that will help you understand if the ego has become dominant is the feeling of getting-wanting-needing to achieve something. 

Ego is in a high position if you constantly remind yourself that in order to feel something or change something in you, you must first get or possess something. Even the fact that you have to get in a relationship with him just to get somewhere on an emotional level. The desire, the need to receive and only then feel - these thoughts are constantly in you. Here are a few examples to help you better understand this point.

- "I first need a large pile of money to buy a luxury home and only then will I feel comfortable and well. Before that, I don't feel well before. "All this involves worrying about money and feeling frustrated when material luxury is not achieved quickly.

- "I need him to take the first step, my dear, to show me his feelings, to hug me, to call me, to call me out, to show me, love. Only then will I agree to answer him the same. But he definitely needs to take the first step. I'll wait (waiting is accompanied by nervousness and it makes a person angry)."

- "In order to feel happy, I first need a good and loving relationship. I'm not happy until I get the perfect partner." The ego plays with a person, making him even more unhappy, and spiritual growth cannot take place because something is expected to achieve happiness. Happiness lies within us, the other person does not have to be the creator of our happiness.

- "In order to be proud of my child, he must first bring home good grades, athletic achievements or a trophy that I can watch and show to others." Here, the ego places the value of the child in things or achievements. A spiritually mature person loves his child as he is, not because of his grades or results. In this case, the dominant ego breaks the parent-child relationship. This is another example of nothing to gain from the ego.

The problem with the dominant ego is that the ego always wants to receive something before giving up. After all, it is actually an illusion, and people who live with a dominant ego are disappointed when they finally get what they have been waiting for. It is like a vicious circle, they want to prove happiness over and over again.


The dominant ego constantly explains to you how a person or situation is to blame for your suffering, problems, obstacles and discomfort. Everyone or something is to blame all the time. Pointing a finger at someone or something is a favourite activity of the dominant ego.

When you feel that you are beginning to see in others the reason why you are unhappy, open your eyes to the ego. Let it go, explain to yourself that no one else is to blame for your accident. If you want to be happy, you have to work for yourself. If life has set in your way someone who causes drama and chaos, don't take him as an enemy. He is probably someone who has come to teach you for a greater and higher purpose. Release pointing the finger at things, live for yourself and take responsibility for your own emotions.


The dominant ego opens its mouth in situations where someone else is living the wrong life in your eyes. For example, you have decided that veganism is taboo and vegans are not right. You have gone to dinner with your acquaintances and in the company, there is an acquaintance of a friend who is vegan and eats only vegan food. The dominant ego creates in you an insane need to say everything he is doing wrong and how wrong his worldviews are. The dominant ego knows that only you are right, your worldviews are the most accurate. It creates conflicts, fights and quarrels with other people.

Of course, there is the opposite example - you are vegan yourself and you are arrogant towards those who do not delve into your own diet choices. You open your mouth during dinner and you tell everyone how wrong it is to eat meat or dairy products and eggs, causing both discomfort and strife.

However, if the dominant ego does not exist and it is in the background within you, so to speak, you can exist as a vegan with non-vegans, and conversely, if you are non-vegan, you can co-exist with vegans. A person with a dominant ego is unable to accept the choices of others and makes them extra personal and goes to war and revolts.

In fact, many different examples can be given here, but in today's world, there are big scissors between vegans and non-vegans. People are divided into four groups:

The first group - vegans who can accept the choices of others and are neutral. The second group is vegans who make fun of others and do not accept other people's choices. The third group is non-vegans, who always have something to say about vegans and who make fun of vegan choices. The fourth group is non-vegans, who are neutral to vegans and accept their choice. Each is categorized into one of these four groups. Which one are you?

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