Do you have a strange connection with spiders? Everyone else is afraid of spiders, but they do not evoke negative emotions in you. On the contrary, do you have warm feelings for them? If yes, then your soul totem is a spider. This means that in one past life you may have lived the life of a spider.

We do not just migrate from human to human, we have had many different lives as animals, birds and insects in our past. One such life could have been the life of a spider.

Many certainly cannot believe how anyone can like spiders and, moreover, make them feel warm. Such a feeling arises in those whose soul totem is a spider, but not in those who have had an incident with spiders in this or a past life. If you are afraid of spiders manically, read my article about what it means. You will find it HERE.

If your soul totem is a spider, then you can be gentle, loving and affectionate, but at another moment strong, stubborn and independent. There are two extremes in you - softness and iron strength.

The travelling of souls from one life to another is very important. It helps us grow, develop, learn, experience and better understand the world. For example, when we move into the life of a spider, born as a spider ourselves, we learn their characteristics. As people born again, we apply all the qualities we have learned together.

You have learned two extremes from the life of a spider and the ability to apply these extremes in time. If necessary, you will release all your loving and softer side, but it is not a problem for you to be protective and independent. You can withstand difficult situations, your head starts to work and you start to act. When needed, you fight, and when the time is right, you enjoy the closeness to your most important people.

You are unpredictable. You can be calm, balanced and peaceful, while you can be a fireball who shows his horns when needed. These qualities you have acquired from a life lived like a spider.

We make contact with animals, birds, insects or reptiles whose lives we have been in recently, and only with those whose energy still affects us. Only the information from previous lives that are still left in us or left its mark is active. All memories of what has been reshaped and healed disappear from the aura field. I read previous lives in my private seances constantly. Through it, it is possible to find out a lot of useful information about you - why you are this way, where your character, fears and much more come from. Travelling to past lives is an important part of understanding the journey of the soul.

As I write about soul totems and many other topics, I sincerely hope I can help you and many others better understand your life.

Tiger's Eye - if you want to consciously grow your independence, strength, courage while maintaining your soft and loving side, use the power of the Tiger's Eye. This beautiful crystal offers you just such energetic support. Keep it close to you, wear it as jewellery and bring it abundantly into your life. In addition, Tiger's Eye also increases prosperity.

Spider soul totem brings a balance of softness and strength. This in turn helps the wearer of this totem to achieve a lot more!

Being too soft or too harsh and strong brings with it an imbalance, which in turn brings out bottlenecks on one level or another. Not everything can be solved softly and at the same time firmly. Balance is when you know how to use softness where it needs to be used, where it brings positive results, and when you take a tough, strong, and specific attitude where it is not otherwise possible.

If you have been a spider in one of your previous lives, this is exactly how you can change your attitude, depending on the situation. This is an insane advantage that allows you to recode yourself according to the situation.

Inspiration right from the window!

The source of inspiration for this article was a large spider walking on my window in the morning. I watched this beautiful character and asked myself, "Why aren't I afraid of spiders? Why do they have a calming, even meditating effect on me?" When I ask myself questions, visions flow out of me. I got an answer about the spider soul totem, and I know that many need an answer to exactly the same question. That's why I decided to write it down here to open your or someone else's perspective on spiders. Thanks to the power of the spider, I can adapt to the situation. It is a great help to me when I help those in need. If I have to be specific, I am, if I have to offer support, I will.

In fact, all my articles have their own moment of inspiration, I don't write without it. When something speaks to me, my visions are put into words.

If you want to find your soul totem, look into nature and find the living beings with whom you have a connection and a warm feeling.

You will find all the other soul totems that I have written about before HERE. Have a nice discovery!