Have you ever asked yourself this question? If so, you are in the right place - I will answer your question. I believe that after reading my thoughts, you will look at yourself, your emotions, and your emotionality from a different perspective. I promise you that you will start to feel lighter and your spiritual development and growth will begin. I wish you wholeheartedly emotional reading and profound self-discovery!

I often see that in the society we live in, emotionality and emotions are seen as something insignificant. If you are over-emotional, you are immediately considered unstable or weak. Your emotions change quickly, so you are unstable. Yes, there is instability in your emotions, but it is interpreted negatively. Have you ever thought that the same instability is perfectly acceptable? Let's look at emotions. Would you rather have fewer feelings? Does it make a person happy? Not really. Would you like to be constantly evil? Definitely not. If you were constantly in the same emotional state, you wouldn't be unstable, so to speak, would you?

All I want to say is that the play of emotions, their change, and alternation is acceptable, even necessary.

So I suggest you avoid avoiding emotional instability. Rather, delve deeper into your emotions, look at them, discover them, dive into them, and explore them! Ask yourself questions like, "Why do I feel this or that? Why does it irritate me so much? Why does it make me happy? Why can he bring it to me? " Ask questions and don't finish until you have the answers to all of them. Such answers create a wow effect in you and you can say to yourself, “Yes, exactly!" 

The emotional body is given to us for a reason. It's not for wasting, pushing down, or pointing a finger at it. What is constantly being done in society? A finger is pointed to one and the other. People are basically labeled on the basis of emotions. In fact, emotions are indicators of something we need to pay attention to ourselves. Emotions do not define our full nature, they define the moment we live in. That moment here, right now!

If an emotion comes to you, it completely captures your attention, then here you have already received the answer - you have to pay attention to it. Not just to dance to this emotion, but to react to it, learn from it and, if necessary, change something in yourself. Emotions don't just happen to you. They occur when your attention needs to be focused. Your subconscious does this so that your conscious self can work with the subconscious. The big problem is that they often do not cooperate. Emotions are allowed to dance, but no attention is paid to what the rhythm is and where it wants to take you. That's how a situation arises where emotions fly here and there and you feel like you're in complete chaos. Yes, you are if you don't pay attention to those feelings in the right way.

What is the right key to help you understand your emotions and get the most out of them?

You need to communicate with yourself, ask yourself why you feel something. For example, if you're in a state where you're afraid, ask questions like this:

- Is there anything I can do to prevent this problem?

- What makes me feel scared?

- Is there anything I can change to make myself feel safe?

If you are in a situation where your emotions are jumping up and down and the main emotion is anger or sadness, ask yourself such questions.

- Am I somehow causing this situation myself??

- How I would like to be treated?

- What is missing from my life that I feel sad about?

- Is anything missing from my life?

- What I haven't done in a long time, what has made me happy in the past?

- How I feel he should be treated

Here are just a few examples, I can keep reading them. The question must be asked according to emotion. Also, ask yourself questions about positive emotions and find answers. For example, when you're happy, ask yourself, "What makes me happy? Why am I good at being with him? What brings out the best qualities in me?"

Self-analysis is essential when emotions are up high or, the other way around, really down.

I'd like to ask you a question, and if you're willing to answer it, please do so. Do you really know what spiritual development means? If so, take a moment, close your eyes and try to explain it to yourself. I'll wait here on the other side until you get an answer.

When you have answered the question or jumped over it, I will come back to emotions. Remember - emotions are not enemies of you or anyone else. On the contrary, they are your allies. They appear just when you need them. Emotions are located in Chakras, they activate knowing and expressing emotions. The active Chakra expresses emotions physically, the passive Chakra leaves the body feeling anxious or expresses emotions particularly weakly. In the case of the active Chakra, for example, you feel angry that your whole body gets hotter and your blood pressure rises, in the case of passive, you'll lose your mood and rather shower others with bad words. At the same time, in the case of the active Chakra System, you will feel that you want to dance, jump and fold your hands, but in the case of the passive Chakra System, you will simply smile and smile gently.

Which version is better? Definitely active, because with these emotions you will be able to make changes in yourself faster because these feelings are strong. In the case of passive Chakras, it is more difficult to analyze and learn from one's emotions.

Emotions want to lead you on the right path and self-healing and direct your attention to what needs your attention. Chakras can be made active with crystals, for that wear Chakra jewelry or a crystal for a specific Chakra. All crystals are healers of one or three Chakras, and I have pointed out the effects of all crystals on the Chakras. In addition, I suggest you bring Hyssop essential oil into your life, which can heal different Chakras at once. For example, it heals your Throat Chakra, which in turn helps improve self-awareness, and activates the Third Eye, which helps you see your life more clearly. It is also a great supporter of mental health. Hyssop essential oil relaxes and improves mood, helps to cope with overthinking, panic and fear, and is a good helper in case of mood swings, mood loss, and depression.

Emotions need to be interpreted - you can do it yourself. Completely by yourself! Always, every hour! I do it and it helps me, I see no reason why it shouldn't help you either. I have always done this and that is why I am constantly changing, year after year. Interpreting emotions leads to finding the truth. I do this for myself on a daily basis, just as I interpret in private sessions everyone else's emotions.

If you consider yourself over-emotional and have been labeled an overreactor, don't let it hurt you. Don't be tagged! Rather, it's because you don't respond to your emotions. Take control! When you begin to understand your emotions, you will realize that there is not just one type of emotion in you. The more you unravel them, the more different emotions can exist in you, and the faster you can move from a negative emotion to a positive one.

The answer to spiritual development, to which I asked you to find the answer in your head, is here. These thoughts of explaining emotions are one stage in spiritual development. If you feel that you have benefited a lot from my thoughts and start to apply them, then good luck - youäre carrying out self-development

Until you respond to your negative emotions, they will fly back to you like a boomerang, and until you respond to positive emotions, you will not be able to feel complete happiness.

I sincerely hope that my thoughts opened your eyes and you are fascinated by emotions from now on!