The butterfly soul totem has a very valuable message to convey to you. If you feel or have always felt a mysterious, mystical, and strong connection with butterflies, then your soul totem is a butterfly. This means that in one of your previous lives you have lived like a butterfly, and it shaped your character. I will reveal to you a very mystical knowledge that accompanies the butterfly's soul totem.

The butterfly symbolizes the complete change, transformation, movement of the soul from one phase to another.

If one of the soul totems is a butterfly, I would like to congratulate you. As you travel through your life, you have at one point undergone a complete transformation. You're born into the life of a butterfly when you have learned all the lessons in a previous life, then changed and completely recoded yourself.

All the butterflies that fly around the earth are in a phase where they fully record what they have learned in their previous life and are born in the next life as they have passed through purgatory.

If your soul totem is a butterfly, that is a great sign. This gives you a little hint that at some point in your previous life, you worked extremely hard to learn everything there was to learn from it.

It's like completing one stage and going to another stage.

Having lived like a butterfly, you will have a more sensitive, emotional, and open Heart Chakra in the next life (or even in this life).

The butterfly's life completely opens up your Heart Chakra, which in turn makes you sensitive and emotional. It opens up the ability to let the energy of love flow freely, but it does not protect you from emotional wounds. The butterfly brings out love, the need to share, experience, feel and nurture love.

If you have been a butterfly in one of your previous lives, you are emotional and your heart is easily hurt. In this life, you need to protect yourself and constantly strengthen the Heart Chakra, to create a shield for it. For example, Rhodonite crystal will help you do it, which is a great healer and protector of the Heart Chakra.

The good thing about a butterfly's life is that you can feel, see, and receive love when someone offers it to you. You can enjoy loving moments and they will make you happy. You can be grateful for the slightest gesture that is made to you.

If you have recently started to see butterflies, to notice them and they stand out as a sign to you, then it also has its own profound meaning!

If at some point you have found yourself thinking about butterflies and they are constantly appearing in your way, then you have something great to learn from it. Do not miss this moment!

Butterflies appear on your path as a sign when you need to make a bigger change right now. You need to change at some level yourself. Be it a character trait that needs to change, a place to live, a job, or anything that concerns you right now. You've thought about it, you actually know it, but you don't pay enough attention to it. Now that butterflies are speaking to you as a sign, change yourself, your course, or some situation in which you are.

Chrysocolla crystal helps to go through personal transformation. It is a crystal of strong spiritual energy that will help you understand where change is needed. Chrysocolla helps shape character for you, helping you learn and transform faster and easier.

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